All To Him (Audio) – Hillsong Worship

All To Him (Audio) – Hillsong Worship” delivers a powerful message of devotion and surrender to God. Surrender your all to Him and find rest for your fears and trust for your future.

In the enchanting melody of “All To Him (Audio) – Hillsong Worship,” Hillsong Worship delivers a powerful message of devotion and surrender to God. Led by Joel Houston, this heartfelt song calls for all majesty, praise, and authority to be given to the One who sits on the throne. The lyrics beautifully express a deep longing to offer our everlasting worship, trust, and surrender to the Lord who calls our hearts His home. As you listen to this soul-stirring worship, you are reminded of the great sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, taking down all our sins and shame. It encourages you to live a life completely dedicated to Him, where living is Christ and dying is gain. All to Jesus, the Savior of our souls, we surrender everything, acknowledging His reign above all other names and His promise to return and claim His bride in glory. Through “All To Him (Audio) – Hillsong Worship,” you are invited to lift up His name, Jesus, the light of heaven, and recognize His worthiness of eternal praise and glory. Surrender your all to Him and find rest for your fears and trust for your future. Let this captivating worship song resonate within your heart, as you choose a life that is lived all to Jesus.

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In the first verse of the song “All To Him” by Hillsong Worship, the lyrics focus on giving all honor, majesty, praise, authority, and power to God, who is seated on the throne. It emphasizes the exalted position of God and the reverence we should have for Him. The verse sets the tone for the rest of the song, reminding us that God deserves our complete worship and surrender.


The second verse shifts the focus to our personal relationship with God. It acknowledges that He calls our hearts His home and invites us into everlasting worship. The lyrics highlight the trust and surrender we should have towards God, recognizing that He is worthy of our wholehearted devotion and adoration. This verse emphasizes the intimate connection we can have with God and the importance of offering our lives to Him.


The chorus of “All To Him” exalts the transformative power of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. It proclaims that He took away our sins and shame, resulting in a heartfelt response of gratitude and praise. The lyrics express the desire for our entire being, both body and soul, to sing and worship God. The chorus reminds us of the incredible freedom we find in Christ and the joyous declaration that living for Him is our greatest purpose.


The third verse pays homage to Jesus, acknowledging Him as the Savior of our souls. It emphasizes His reign and supremacy above all other names in both earth and sky and heaven. The lyrics highlight the universal and eternal authority of Jesus, recognizing Him as the ultimate source of salvation and true greatness. This verse reminds us of the unparalleled position of Jesus as the King of Kings.


Continuing the theme of Jesus’ supremacy, the fourth verse focuses on His faithfulness and promise to return for His bride in glory. It acknowledges His word and the certainty of His return. The lyrics exalt Jesus and His eternal praise, emphasizing the everlasting nature of His presence and reign. This verse encourages us to place our hope and trust in Jesus’ promise to come again.


The second chorus builds upon the previous chorus, proclaiming the victory and life found in Jesus. It acknowledges that He lives and sets us free from our fears. The lyrics express the confidence and security we have in trusting our future to Him. It reiterates the truth that Jesus reigns beyond the grave and will ultimately bring us home. This chorus emphasizes the eternal hope we have in Jesus.


The bridge of “All To Him” highlights the magnificence and worthiness of Jesus. It encourages us to lift up His Name, recognizing Him as the light of heaven. The lyrics exalt Jesus as the risen King who reigns in grace and power. The bridge emphasizes the continuous praise and adoration that Jesus deserves. It reminds us to surrender everything to Him, recognizing that nothing less than our all is worthy of His greatness.


The alt-bridge/tag section serves as a powerful declaration of surrender and praise to God. It reiterates the theme of giving everything to Him and acknowledging His eternal reign. The lyrics proclaim that all the praise and glory should be given to God, whose Name is worthy of it all. This section emphasizes a complete surrender of our lives to Jesus, recognizing Him as the ultimate focus and purpose of our existence.

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“All To Him” by Hillsong Worship is a powerful and worshipful song that invites us to give our all to God. Through its heartfelt lyrics and powerful melodies, the song reminds us of the supremacy and worthiness of Jesus. Each verse emphasizes a different aspect of our relationship with Him, highlighting His authority, our surrender, His sacrifice, and His promised return. The song culminates in a declaration of praise and surrender, recognizing that Jesus deserves our complete devotion and that our lives should be lived all to Him. Let the words and music of “All To Him” inspire you to worship God and live a life surrendered to Him.

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