Esther Exposes Haman’s Plans to King Ahasuerus

Esther takes action against Haman by inviting both him and him (Haman) to her banquet (Esther 5:3-4). Her goal was for King Ahasuerus to hear her request to him without becoming angry like when he attacked Vashti; Esther wanted this plan foiled before it began!

At the banquet, Haman asked Esther what her request was and she told him that if he did not spare one life then none would remain alive (Esther 7:3)

The king was taken aback at this revelation. Hearing that Haman has turned against not only Jews but all of his own people as well, it left him horrified that the highest official of his kingdom could be so cruel. At this momentous realization he realized he himself authorized a plan to murder Jews – it caused great grief at his own sinfulness.

He orders that Mordecai be publicly honored, while having Haman arrested for arrest with the order that his face should be covered with cloth. When the king returns from his garden to where the banquet was taking place, he sees Haman had fallen onto Esther’s couch where she sat reclining – prompting him to ask: Will he also assault my queen now that I am present here?” As soon as these words had left his lips they were quickly covered over with cloth covering Haman’s face.

Esther exposes Hamans plans to King Ahasuerus

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