Gizmo’s daily Bible Byte – Remain in God’s Love – John 15:9

Today’s SuperVerse is John 15:9 – Remain in God’s Love

Remain in God’s Love – John 15:9

When Jesus departed from His disciples, He prepared them for the change that would occur. He connected fruit bearing with answered prayer, and He encouraged them to stay together and love one another.

The vine and the branches: Jesus used this metaphor a number of times in His teachings. It was a powerful reminder to the disciples that they needed to be dependent on Him in all circumstances.

Remain in Gods Love  John 159

They were like branches attached to the main vine (John 15:1-11). It is a wonderful image that reminds us of our complete dependency on the Savior. It also points to the fact that when Jesus leaves, we must remain connected to Him in order to receive His help.

We must trust Him in the midst of doubt, fear, and uncertainty. Our hope is not in the trials we will face but in the fact that our Father cares for us and will provide for our needs.

Remain in His Love: A Life of Self-Discipline

When we abide in Christ’s love, His words will abide in us and He will work in and through our lives to glorify Him. We will bear much fruit, and our influence in the world will bring glory to His name.

Remain in His love by staying focused on His joy, making Him a priority in your life, and obeying His commandments. Doing so will allow you to be useful, beautiful, and extend His Kingdom work in the world.

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