Joseph’s Dreams

In this engaging video by Saddleback Kids titled “Joseph and His Coat,” we delve into the fascinating story of Joseph from the book of Genesis, specifically chapter 37. Joseph, the beloved son of Israel and Rachel, was favored by his father, which led to him receiving a special, colorful coat. However, this act of love ignited feelings of jealousy and hatred among Joseph’s brothers. The story takes an intriguing turn when Joseph starts having prophetic dreams that position him as a ruler over his siblings, causing even more tension and animosity. Ultimately, this leads to a treacherous deed committed by his brothers, changing the course of Joseph’s life forever. Join us as we explore this gripping tale of betrayal, dreams, and the resilience of one young man.

In this video, you’ll witness the characters and events from Genesis 37 come to life through the creative storytelling of Saddleback Kids. It’s an opportunity to engage in a timeless biblical narrative that holds valuable lessons for us today. From Joseph’s dream interpretations to his journey as a slave in Egypt, his story will captivate you from beginning to end. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to immerse yourself in the biblical saga of Joseph’s Dreams.

Joseph’s Dreams

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Introduction of Joseph

Joseph, a significant figure in the Bible, was the beloved son of Israel and Rachel. Among his twelve brothers, Joseph held a special place in his father’s heart, becoming Israel’s favorite. Such favoritism was evident when Israel gifted Joseph with a coat to signify his deep love for him. However, this act of affection would soon lead to a series of events that would shape Joseph’s life and the fate of his family.

Joseph’s Dream #1

One night, Joseph had a vivid dream that he felt compelled to share with his brothers. In this dream, Joseph and his brothers were gathering grain when suddenly, Joseph’s bundle of grain rose up, and all his brothers bowed down to him. This dream left Joseph’s brothers filled with envy and resentment towards him. The thought of Joseph ruling over them seemed unbearable, further fueling the animosity they felt towards him.

Reactions of Joseph’s Brothers

Upon hearing Joseph’s dream, his brothers could not contain their anger. They mocked him, questioning his audacity to think that he would one day have authority over them. The dreams only intensified their frustration, causing them to despise Joseph even more. The tension between Joseph and his brothers grew, setting the stage for the subsequent events that would impact their lives forever.

Joseph’s Dream #2

Not long after the first dream, Joseph had yet another compelling dream. He shared this dream with both his brothers and his father, Israel. In this dream, Joseph visualized the sun, moon, and eleven stars bowing down to him. Upon hearing this dream, Israel rebuked Joseph, skeptical of the idea that he, along with his mother and brothers, would bow down to him. While the dreams stirred up anger and bitterness within Joseph’s brothers, Israel tried to contemplate the meaning behind these dreams.

Reactions of Joseph’s Father

Israel, also known as Jacob, recognized the significance of Joseph’s dreams. Although he was initially skeptical, he pondered over the possibility that these dreams might hold a deeper meaning. As a seasoned patriarch with an acute understanding of dreams and prophecies, Israel did not dismiss the dreams outright, unlike Joseph’s brothers. His reaction would later play a crucial role in the unfolding of events.

Reactions of Joseph’s Brothers

Joseph’s brothers, infuriated by the second dream, were unable to contain their resentment. The idea of Joseph’s superiority enraged them, causing their hatred towards him to reach new heights. The dreams seemed to cement Joseph’s position as a threat in their eyes, leading them down a dark path fueled by jealousy and revenge.

Joseph’s Brothers’ Plot

Consumed by envy, Joseph’s brothers devised a sinister plan to rid themselves of him once and for all. They conspired to kill him, hoping to silence his dreams and end the perceived threat he posed. As they plotted, one of Joseph’s brothers, Reuben, suggested an alternative. Instead of taking Joseph’s life, Reuben proposed throwing him into a pit. Although Reuben’s intention was to secretly rescue Joseph later, his plan would soon take an unexpected turn.

Selling Joseph

When Joseph approached his brothers one day, they wasted no time in attacking him. They stripped him of the robe given to him by their father and threw him into the well. However, their plan took an unforeseen twist when a group of Midianite merchants happened to pass by. Judah, one of Joseph’s brothers, saw an opportunity for financial gain and suggested selling Joseph to these traders. Succumbing to greed, the brothers sold Joseph for twenty shekels, severing the familial bond and sealing his fate.

The Deception

With Joseph out of the picture, the brothers hatched a scheme to deceive their father, Israel. They took Joseph’s colorful robe, sprinkled it with animal blood, and presented it to their father, leading him to believe that Joseph had met a tragic end. The ruse worked, and Israel was overwhelmed with grief, mourning the loss of his beloved son.

Joseph in Egypt

Meanwhile, Joseph’s journey was far from over. As a slave in Egypt, he was bought by Potiphar, a high-ranking official in Pharaoh’s court. Joseph’s exceptional skills and unwavering faith in God led him to gain favor in Potiphar’s household, eventually rising to a position of authority. Although life took a drastic turn for Joseph, causing him to be separated from his family, his resilience and trust in God’s plan would play a pivotal role in shaping his destiny.


The dreams Joseph had were not just ordinary visions; they were prophetic signs of the remarkable journey he was destined to embark on. Through the love of his father, the jealousy of his brothers, and the trials he faced in Egypt, Joseph’s story serves as a testament to the unwavering faith and resilience required to overcome adversity. Ultimately, Joseph’s dreams would lead to his ascendancy and set the stage for the reunion and redemption of his family.

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