Joseph’s Forgiveness

In “Joseph’s Forgiveness,” a video by Saddleback Kids, you will be taken on a journey through the biblical story of Joseph. Joseph, the faithful son of Israel and Rachel, faced immense hardships as he was sold into slavery by his eleven brothers who despised him. However, Joseph’s resilience and unwavering faith in God led him to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams and rise to a position of leadership in Egypt. As Joseph predicted, Egypt experienced both abundance and famine, and many people sought his help in procuring food during the desperate times. Eventually, Joseph’s brothers came to him seeking grain, and Joseph, overwhelmed with emotions, decided to test them before finally revealing his true identity and forgiving them for their past transgressions. This powerful story showcases the journey of forgiveness and highlights how God’s favor can shine through even in the most challenging circumstances.

Joseph’s Forgiveness

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Introduction to Joseph’s story

In the book of Genesis, we meet Joseph, a remarkable character in the Bible who exemplifies forgiveness. Joseph was the son of Israel and Rachel, and he had eleven brothers. However, his brothers harbored jealousy and hatred towards him, leading them to sell Joseph into slavery. Despite this betrayal, Joseph’s faith and unwavering relationship with God allowed him to endure even the darkest of times.

Joseph’s journey to Egypt

After being sold into slavery, Joseph found himself in Egypt, a foreign land with an unfamiliar culture. Through divine guidance and providence, Joseph arrived in Egypt and was purchased by a man named Potiphar. Under Potiphar’s household, Joseph’s resilience, intelligence, and integrity shone through, causing him to rise to prominence.

Joseph’s rise to power

Joseph’s rise to power can be attributed to his unique ability to interpret dreams. When Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt, experienced troubling dreams, Joseph interpreted their meaning and foresaw a period of abundance followed by a severe famine. Impressed by Joseph’s wisdom, Pharaoh appointed him as a leader in Egypt, entrusting him with the responsibility of managing the years of abundance and preparing for the coming famine.

Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s dreams

Pharaoh’s dreams of cows and grain plagued his mind, leaving him desperate for an explanation. Joseph, guided by God, provided a clear interpretation of these dreams, warning Pharaoh of the approaching famine. Witnessing Joseph’s exceptional insight and wisdom, Pharaoh recognized his capabilities and elevated him to a position of authority, making him a central figure in Egypt’s governance.

Joseph’s preparation for the famine

Understanding the urgency of the impending famine, Joseph devised a meticulous plan to store grain during the years of abundance. He established a sophisticated system to ensure fair distribution of food during the famine, thereby providing for the people of Egypt. As the famine extended beyond Egypt’s borders, Joseph’s management and provision impacted neighboring lands as well.

Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt

News of Egypt’s surplus of grain reached Joseph’s family, and in hope of acquiring sustenance, his father, Israel, sent his sons to Egypt to purchase food. However, Israel hesitated to send Benjamin, Joseph’s younger brother, fearing harm might befall him. When Joseph’s brothers arrived in Egypt, they unknowingly came face to face with their long-lost sibling.

Joseph tests his brothers

Joseph saw an opportunity to test his brothers’ character and assess whether they had changed since the time they sold him into slavery. By imprisoning his brothers for three days and demanding the presence of Benjamin, Joseph wanted to gauge their reactions and determine the depth of their remorse for their past actions.

Joseph’s brothers return with Benjamin

Upon fulfilling Joseph’s conditions, his brothers embarked on their journey back to their father’s house, seeking to reunite the family and provide food for their households. Overwhelmed with emotions upon witnessing Benjamin again, Joseph could no longer contain himself and revealed his true identity to his brothers. He shared the story of his life and all that he had experienced, ultimately forgiving them for the pain they had inflicted years ago.

Joseph’s final test

Even after revealing his identity and forgiving his brothers, Joseph decided to subject them to one final test. He sent his brothers away but secretly placed his silver cup in Benjamin’s bag. When the cup was discovered, Joseph confronted his brothers, challenging them to prove their integrity and loyalty. Through this test, Joseph sought to ensure that his brothers had genuinely changed and learned from their past mistakes.

Joseph reveals his true identity and forgives

Finally, Joseph could no longer contain his emotions and dismissed his attendants to be alone with his brothers. Breaking down in tears, he revealed to them that he was indeed their brother Joseph, whom they had sold into slavery. In that moment, Joseph forgave his brothers unconditionally, demonstrating the immense power of forgiveness and its ability to bridge even the deepest wounds.


Joseph’s story is a testament to the significance of forgiveness and its transformative power. Despite facing betrayal, injustice, and years of separation from his family, Joseph’s unwavering faith in God and his ability to forgive allowed him to thrive and make a positive impact on those around him. His story serves as a powerful reminder of the lessons we can learn from forgiveness and the importance of embracing it in our own lives. Joseph’s legacy extends far beyond his time, inspiring future generations to seek forgiveness and reconciliation in even the most challenging circumstances.

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