Mercies (New Every Morning) (Live from Trafalgar Square) – Matt Redman


Biblical Truths About Lamentations

Mercies (New Every Morning) by Matt Redman talks about the steadfast love of the Lord and they are new every morning. Not only that, but the book of Lamentations is also a collection of five separate poems, a collection of laments over the destruction of Jerusalem. This series of poetry has its origins in Sumerian and non-Biblical writings. It is read weekly at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. In the first two chapters, the prophets express their plight, while chapters three and four are full of hope for the people of God. In the last two chapters, the prophets lament over the destruction of Jerusalem.

Mercies (New Every Morning) (Live from Trafalgar Square) - Matt Redman

The text of Lamentations highlights the need to trust God, even though suffering is painful. The author explains that while he knows that God is angry and has many reasons to punish the people of Jerusalem, he still feels compassion for them. This is a message of hope because it reminds us that he will give us mercy according to his faithfulness. While the book of Genesis is a grim tale of a fallen city, the moral lesson of Lamentations is that despite its painful story, God is still our defender.

The message of Lamentations is the same for all the other prophets. The prophet’s narrative begins with the fall of Jerusalem, which the Israelites had deserved long before. It concludes with the apparent failure of God’s covenant with Israel. The Old Testament continues to work toward the fulfillment of the promises made in Genesis 12:1-3. As a result of Babylon’s destruction of Jerusalem, it appears that God has not fulfilled the promise to be the light to the nations.

His Mercies Never Come to an End

Mercies (New Every Morning) (Live from Trafalgar Square) - Matt Redman

God’s mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. This verse emphasizes the concept of God’s everlasting love and mercy. His mercy never runs out; they are renewed each morning. He is a faithful God, and His faithfulness is unending. The following are some examples of His eternal love and mercy. We can consider each one separately, and also as a whole.

His mercy will never run out, and it will be given to you on a daily basis. It is not as if He gives you fresh mercy every morning. His mercies for today were for yesterday. The same goes for tomorrow. Just as the manna did not last a day, so will His mercies for you. He will provide enough for today, and he will provide more tomorrow.

In our lives, we are blessed with running water, indoor plumbing, and running showers. We have jobs, money to buy gas, and running water. We are blessed, and we can look for mercies in our affliction. We are not in this world to earn or buy our own way. Yet, the Lord wants us to trust Him and receive His mercy. And He is the best one who can do this for us.

New Day New Mercies

Mercies (New Every Morning) (Live from Trafalgar Square) - Matt Redman

The Bible promises that God has new mercies for every day of our lives. The truth is, we do not have a limited supply of these mercy-filled acts, but God’s mercy is fresh and new each morning. Whether you’re facing a small challenge, such as a flat tire, or something life-altering, such as a cancer diagnosis, the Bible promises that you will be reminded of God’s goodness every day.

Each day, God has given us new mercies. Today is no different. As we wake up, the colors of the dawn shift from a pale orange to a peachy pink hue. As the darkness begins to give way to the bright blue of the spring morning, the colors of daybreak spread across the sky, a reminder of the grace of God. In this season of giving thanks and celebrating God’s goodness, let us consider how we are blessed.

We can begin each day with new mercies and a fresh slate. Each day brings with it a new opportunity to do what is right. We do not have to live on eggshells but can live in freedom knowing that God has mercy for us. If we just look to God, we’ll find the strength and grace to overcome our bad choices. The reservoir of mercy is infinite, so there is no reason to wait.

The Lord Is My Portion Therefore I Have Hope in Him

Mercies (New Every Morning) (Live from Trafalgar Square) - Matt Redman

The Bible says, “I have hope in the Lord, for he is my portion, and my portion is in Him.” This verse reminds us that God is part of the universe. When we are depressed, we should remember that He has provided a way out. He has promised to provide a new day. He has always been faithful and true to His Word. He does not disappoint His people.

During times of despair and grief, we must remember that God is the source of all good things. His Word brings about good things and bad things. He does not cause suffering and punishment, and living man should never complain. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by great suffering, and we can forget that God is the one who rules all things. This means that we must remember that God is the source of our hope, even when we are in great pain.

The Lord is my portion, therefore I have hope in Him. In spite of our trials and tragedies, we can always find joy and peace in Him. Our hope is based on his love and faithfulness. This is the reason why we have so much hope in Him. And the Lord is my portion! He is the source of our salvation! He is the Lord, and He is my portion, and I have faith in Him.

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