Noah Obeys God’s Instructions

Let’s talk about Noah and his incredible obedience to God’s instructions. According to the Bible in Genesis 6-7, Noah found favor with God when He looked over the earth and saw that the thoughts and imaginations of its people were filled with evil. God decided to start afresh but chose Noah to carry out His plan. He instructed Noah to build an enormous ark, providing him with detailed specifications for the construction. Noah obeyed without hesitation, building the largest boat ever known, and then filled it with two of every kind of animal. Finally, God told Noah to gather his family and enter the ark, and Noah followed every step of God’s instructions faithfully.

This amazing story of obedience has made Noah a “hall-of-famer” in the book of Hebrews 11. As we delve into this video by Saddleback Kids called “Noah Obeys (Genesis 6-7),” we can witness Noah’s unwavering trust and loyalty to God’s commands. Noah’s story is just one of the many engaging Bible stories that provide us with valuable lessons and insights.

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Noah Obeys God’s Instructions

In this article, we will explore the story of Noah and how he obeyed God’s instructions to build an ark and gather animals before the flood. We will discuss Noah’s favor with God, the specific instructions given to him, and his unwavering obedience throughout the process. Let’s dive into this captivating tale from the Book of Genesis!


The story of Noah is one of the most well-known and beloved stories from the Bible. It is a testament to the faithfulness and obedience of one man amidst a world filled with evil. Noah’s obedience to God’s instructions played a crucial role in saving humanity and preserving life. Let’s take a closer look at the background and context of this remarkable narrative.


During Noah’s time, the world had become incredibly wicked, with people indulging in evil thoughts and actions. God observed this corruption and was deeply saddened. However, Noah, a righteous man who found favor in God’s eyes, stood apart from the rest. It was from this favor that God chose Noah to embark on an extraordinary mission.

Noah’s Favor with God

God’s observation of the earth

God, being all-knowing and omnipresent, observed the state of the world and saw the evil that consumed it. The thoughts and imaginations of the people were filled with wickedness, and God’s heart was grieved by the state of humanity.

Noah’s favor

Amidst this sea of wickedness, Noah found favor with God. He was characterized as a righteous man, walking blamelessly in God’s sight. Noah’s commitment to righteousness and his unwavering faith made him a recipient of God’s favor.

God’s decision to start anew

Moved by the wickedness and corruption of the world, God made the difficult decision to cleanse the earth and start anew. However, God’s justice and mercy were simultaneously at play. He saw the potential for redemption through Noah and his obedience.

God’s instructions to build an ark

God communicated His plan to Noah and instructed him to build an ark. The specific details of the ark’s construction were shared with Noah, leaving no room for error. Noah received a clear set of instructions and prepared to carry out God’s command.

Building the Ark

God’s specific instructions

God provided Noah with precise instructions regarding the dimensions, materials, and design of the ark. Noah diligently followed these instructions, showing his obedience and commitment to fulfilling God’s plan.

The ark’s size and significance

The ark was a massive boat, designed to withstand the impending flood and house a multitude of animals. Its size was a testament to the magnitude of the task at hand and the faith required to complete it. The construction of the ark served as a physical representation of Noah’s trust in God’s guidance.

Gathering the Animals

God’s instruction to bring two of every kind

God commanded Noah to gather two of every kind of animal and bring them into the ark. This undertaking required careful planning and organization to ensure each species was accounted for. Noah’s obedience in this task demonstrated his commitment to fulfilling God’s instructions completely.

Noah’s obedience

Noah faithfully carried out God’s command, gathering the animals and ensuring their safety within the ark. His obedience extended beyond mere compliance; it displayed his unwavering trust in God’s plan and providence.

Entering the Ark

Noah, his family, and the ark

As the floodwaters began to rise, Noah, along with his family, entered the ark. They sought refuge in the vessel they had faithfully constructed, trusting in God’s promise of safety and deliverance.

Noah’s obedience

Just as he had meticulously followed God’s instructions during the building of the ark, Noah continued to exhibit obedience by entering the ark with his family. This act of faith marked another milestone in Noah’s journey and showcased his unwavering trust in God’s plan.

The Flood

The start of the flood

As Noah and his family settled into the ark, the floodwaters cascaded down upon the earth. The world as they knew it was immersed in a cataclysmic event that would reshape the face of the planet.

Life inside the ark

During their time inside the ark, Noah and his family witnessed the devastating power of the flood. They saw the destruction wreaked upon the earth, but they were also witnesses to the faithfulness and protection of God.

The end of the flood

After enduring forty days and forty nights of relentless rain, the floodwaters eventually receded. Noah and his family emerged from the ark onto a renewed earth, filled with gratitude and awe for God’s deliverance.


Noah’s obedience to God’s instructions showcases his unwavering faith and trust. Through his commitment to righteousness and his willingness to fulfill God’s plan, Noah played a crucial role in God’s divine purpose. His story serves as an inspiring example of what it means to trust and obey even in the face of adversity. May we all learn from Noah’s remarkable journey and strive to live lives of obedience and faithfulness.

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