Our Outward and the Inner – 2 Corinthians 4:16-17

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When we are under attack from the world, it’s easy to lose sight of God’s plans for us. But if we remember that our inward man is being renewed each and every day, it helps to keep our focus on the Lord instead of what’s happening around us.

The Outward and the Inward: Paul’s Body & Spirit

This passage is about the relationship between our outward man, which is being tormented by physical abuse, and our inward man, which is being renewed by God’s grace. The outward man is dying, while the inward man is being strengthened by the presence of God and by the encouragement of others.

Despite the trials of life, we are being renewed by the Holy Spirit daily. The way to facilitate this is by being committed to prayer and Bible study, and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts in peaceful and prosperous directions toward God’s blessings and plans for us.

The Outward and the Inner: Paul’s Body & Spirit

While many people have become more concerned with their spirit than their body, this is not the case for Paul. While he is subjected to physical abuse and suffering, his spiritual body continues to grow stronger, so that he can share in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is why he was able to continue his work of preaching the gospel to Corinth even when it was difficult and dangerous.

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