Paul Teaches about the Kingdom of God

In the video “Paul Teaches about the Kingdom of God,” presented by Saddleback Kids, the focus is on Paul’s journey after being taken as a prisoner in Jerusalem. While en route to Rome, Paul and his fellow prisoners faced a shipwreck on the island of Malta. After being cared for by the islanders for three months, they continued their journey and finally arrived in Rome. There, Paul was greeted by his disciples who offered him encouragement and support. Despite being a prisoner, Paul did not let that stop him from preaching the gospel and sharing his faith. In his rented house, guarded by a soldier, Paul began spreading the word of God, speaking to both Jews and Gentiles about the kingdom of God and the salvation offered through Jesus. This article explores Paul’s shipwreck and his dedication to teaching about the kingdom of God while in Rome.

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In the book of Acts, we find the account of Paul’s imprisonment in Rome and his impactful ministry during this time. Despite being under house arrest, Paul’s enthusiasm for spreading the gospel remained undeterred. Let’s explore the key events and themes during this period, including his journey to Rome, his disciples’ visit, his defense of his innocence, preaching about the Kingdom of God, the reaction from the Jews, salvation to the Gentiles, and his commitment to teaching.

Paul’s Imprisonment in Rome

Paul’s journey from Jerusalem to Rome

Paul, along with his fellow prisoners and the ship’s crew, encountered a shipwreck on the island of Malta while on their way from Jerusalem to Rome. The kind Islanders cared for them for three months until they were able to continue their journey. Eventually, they arrived in Rome.

Arrival in Rome

The news of Paul’s arrival in Rome reached the disciples, prompting many of them to go to the court and meet him. They were excited to travel back to Rome with Paul and provide him with much-needed encouragement.

Paul’s house arrest

Paul, although still a prisoner, was allowed to stay in a rented house. Even though he was under guard by a soldier, this did not hinder him from fulfilling his calling to preach the gospel. Paul wasted no time and immediately called the chief Jews to his house, eager to share his innocence and the message of hope that prompted his imprisonment.

Encouragement and Visitors

Disciples traveling to meet Paul

The disciples who journeyed to meet Paul in Rome played a vital role in providing him with encouragement during this difficult time. Their presence uplifted Paul’s spirits and strengthened his resolve to continue spreading the good news.

Thanksgiving for the encouragement

Recognizing the impact of their support, Paul expressed his gratitude to God for sending these disciples to encourage him. Their presence brought comfort and reassurance to Paul, reminding him that he was not alone in his mission.

Difficulties faced by Paul

Despite the encouragement he received, Paul faced numerous challenges during his imprisonment in Rome. His status as a prisoner brought limitations and uncertainties. However, through it all, he remained steadfast in his faith and committed to fulfilling his purpose.

Calling the Jews to his Home

Paul’s defense of his innocence

In an effort to clear any misunderstandings and false accusations, Paul explained to the Jewish leaders that he had committed no crime. He wanted them to know that his chains were a result of his unwavering hope in the promises of Israel.

Discussion about his Christian faith

Curious to hear about the Christian faith that was causing a stir among the people, the Jewish leaders expressed their desire to engage in a dialogue with Paul. They set a time to meet and discuss this further, opening the door for Paul to share his beliefs and teachings.

Prediction of reactions from Isaiah

Paul, foreseeing the mixed reactions he would encounter, referred to the prophecy of Isaiah that predicted the hardening of hearts and closed ears among the Jews. He understood that his message would not be universally accepted, but he remained resilient in his mission.

Preaching about the Kingdom of God

Large gathering to hear Paul

When the day of the meeting arrived, a significant number of people gathered at Paul’s place of residence. Eager to listen to his teachings, they were interested in hearing about the Kingdom of God and Paul’s efforts to convince them about Jesus.

Teaching from morning until evening

Paul dedicated his time and energy to teach the gathering about the Kingdom of God. From morning until evening, he passionately shared the good news, explaining the significance of Jesus and his role in the Kingdom of God.

Convincing people about Jesus

Through his teachings, Paul sought to convince the people gathered about the transformative power of Jesus Christ. Some were convinced by his message and embraced the truth, while others remained skeptical and resistant.

Reaction from the Jews

Some believed, some did not

As Paul preached, some individuals were receptive to his message and chose to put their faith in Jesus. However, others remained hardened in their hearts and resisted the truth Paul shared.

Prophet Isaiah’s prediction

The reaction of the Jews mirrored the prophecy of Isaiah, which had predicted their response to the message of salvation. Paul recognized that their rejection was not unexpected but still held hope for their eventual acceptance.

Closing their hearts and ears

Despite Paul’s earnest efforts, some Jews closed their hearts and ears to the truth. They chose to remain steadfast in their unbelief, unwilling to embrace the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Salvation to the Gentiles

God’s salvation sent to the Gentiles

Due to the rejection from the Jews, Paul proclaimed that God’s salvation had been sent to the Gentiles. The Gentiles, unlike the Jews, were open and receptive to hearing the message of salvation and responding in faith.

Gentiles being open to listening

Paul rejoiced in the fact that the Gentiles were more willing to listen, allowing him to share the good news without the constant opposition he faced from the Jews. He recognized the shifting focus of his ministry towards the Gentiles.

Shift of focus from speaking to Jews

Paul acknowledged that his primary calling was initially to speak to the Jews and share the resurrection of Jesus and the salvation available through God’s grace. However, their persistent rejection led him to shift his focus towards the Gentiles, who were receptive to his teachings.

Teaching about the Kingdom of God

Paul’s commitment to teaching

Despite his circumstances, Paul remained committed to teaching and spreading the knowledge of the Kingdom of God. His passion for sharing the gospel inspired him to devote his time and resources to educating others.

Spending time teaching for two years

Paul’s dedication to teaching was evident during his two-year stay in the rented house. He seized every opportunity to impart knowledge and help others understand the profound truths of the Kingdom of God.

Emphasis on the Kingdom of God and Jesus

Throughout his teaching, Paul emphasized the Kingdom of God and the central role of Jesus in it. He passionately explained how Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection ushered in a new era and opened the door to salvation for all who believe.


In conclusion, Paul’s imprisonment in Rome was marked by resilience, unwavering faith, and a commitment to spreading the gospel. Despite facing numerous challenges and encountering opposition from the Jews, Paul remained steadfast in his mission. He emphasized the Kingdom of God and the salvation available through Jesus Christ, shifting his focus towards the receptive Gentiles. Paul’s two-year teaching ministry in Rome serves as a powerful example of dedication and perseverance in the face of adversity.

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