The Ten Commandments

The story of Moses and the Israelites receiving God’s laws

When the Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt, they were led by Moses to the top of a mountain where God gave them The Ten Commandments. It is believed that these laws are still a part of the human experience and influence the way people live today.

The story of Moses receiving The Ten Commandments demonstrates that we are responsible to obey the laws that God has given us, even when they might not seem right or fair to others. Despite our own failings and the pressures of modern life, we must always be willing to do what is best for our own soul and the good of those around us.

Describe the story of Moses receiving The 10 Commandments to your children (age 4-5) and explain that it was an important moment in their history when they started to follow some new rules from God. After this, they could be confident that God was with them and would help them in their life journey.

Let’s start by talking about what the Bible says about the first commandment- “Don’t make idols.” This means that they should not pray to other gods or make pictures or statues of them. This was because the Lord is the only god and we should be respectful of his name.

Next, we’ll talk about the second commandment- “Do not steal.” This was because people were living in a time when it was important to respect each other’s property rights. It is bad to take someone’s things without paying them a fair price.

It is also bad to lie about someone else or try to deceive them. This is because we are all made in the image of God, so we should be honest with each other.

Finally, we’ll talk about the fifth commandment- “Do not murder.” This is because people are created in the image of God and their lives have value. This is an important rule to follow because it helps you protect your own life and the lives of those around you.

The story of Moses receiving The 10 Commandments is a powerful one, and you can see the story come to life in this film directed by Cecil B. DeMille, released in 1956.

The movie tells the story of how Moses led the Hebrew people out of slavery in Egypt and received the Ten Commandments. He also became a famous prophet and is revered in Jewish, Christian and Islamic tradition as a man of unparalleled spiritual character. This is a film that is sure to inspire children and adults of all ages. It is also a very well-made classic, with a strong performance from Charlton Heston and an all-star cast. This film is a must-watch for all fans of the Bible. It is available on DVD and multiple streaming platforms including Amazon Prime Video.

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