The Miracles of Jesus

Miracles were signs that Jesus worked, validating His ministry and showing He was God’s son. Furthermore, these miracles demonstrated He possessed power over sickness and death.

Jairus came to Jesus pleading that his daughter be healed of her condition, who was dead. Jesus assured him not to fear and touched the girl’s body and told her to stand up, which resulted in instantaneous healing.

Stopping the Storm

Jesus’s miraculous response in calming the storm is evidence that He holds power over all creation and that He does what He pleases within creation.

This Bible story can be found in Matthew, Mark, and Luke (the Synoptic Gospels). Jesus and His disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee when an intense storm suddenly hit. Waves threatened to capsize their boat, but Jesus was fast asleep! Luckily His disciples woke Him up so He could command the storm to stop – which it did immediately!

Jesus’ miracles illustrate His fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah – that He would bring salvation for his people – while they also serve as an early indication or sign of two stages in His ultimate work: first his death and resurrection, followed by His triumphant return in glory to establish new heavens and earth.

Healing Jairus’ Daughter

Jesus next performs an extraordinary miracle by raising Jairus’ daughter from the dead. Jairus was a prominent leader from their synagogue who heard of Jesus’ fame for healing, so sought His assistance for his ailing daughter.

On His way to Jairus’ house, Jesus was stopped by a distraught woman begging Him for healing by touching His garment’s hem. While conversing with her, Jairus’ friends informed Him of her daughter’s passing away.

Jesus inquires why there should be such an uproar and weeping, assuring Jairus that He has not forgotten his daughter but is on His way to save her. Though He seems insensitive towards Jairus’ family, His purpose is to demonstrate His power over death; even when demons possessed one man and insisted upon entering a herd of pigs to possess another person possessed by them (Matt 8:28-34) He told them all to leave (Matt. 8:28-344).

The Miracles of Jesus

Healing a Lunatic

One of the more remarkable events during Jesus’ ministry in Galilee was His ability to eradicate illness from society. Every time He entered a town, crowds would rush forward seeking healing; often this presented unique logistical issues.

On this particular occasion, there was so much pressure that Jesus couldn’t even reach His followers! So some of His friends took matters into their own hands by tearing apart the roof to bring a paralyzed friend directly before Him.

This miracle demonstrated Jesus’ power went beyond just saving people from physical sickness, demons, or death; rather, His work included complete physical and spiritual salvation for his followers – healings were part of this greater plan; their presence proved His divinity just like miracles like stopping storms, raising Jairus’ daughter from death, walking on water, etc. all showed that He possessed the supernatural ability.

Feeding the Five Thousand

Only two miracles appear in all four Gospels – Christ’s feeding of five thousand and resurrection. This passage illustrates Christ’s boundless compassion and absolute control of nature while attesting to His divine nature as the Son of God.

Jesus and His disciples traveled to an isolated spot for rest and restorative rest. While there, crowds began gathering around them and He felt compassion for them because it seemed they lacked an adequate shepherd to shepherd them properly.

Jesus sent out His disciples in search of food and found a boy with just enough loaves and fish to feed the crowds. Jesus multiplied these humble supplies into enough meals for thousands, with 12 baskets left over gathered up after everyone was full. Even though He could have made instantaneous provision instantly available instead of teaching His disciples how to meet people’s needs effectively; an important lesson which remains relevant today.

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