The Faithful Noah

Let’s take a moment to talk about the incredible story of Noah. This faithful individual, mentioned in Hebrews 11, holds a special place in the Hall of Fame. Why, you might ask? Well, it all comes down to one important aspect: his willingness to listen to God. In the beginning, God created the entire universe, from the majestic sun and moon to the countless stars that paint the sky. He also populated the earth with animals and people. Unfortunately, as time went on, the people on earth began to turn away from God’s guidance, choosing to do bad things instead. Amidst this darkness, however, there was one man who stood out from the rest. Noah. Out of all the people on earth, he was different because he faithfully listened to God.

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The Life of Noah

Noah is a significant figure in the Bible, known for his obedience to God and his role in surviving the great flood. His story begins with his deep faith and willingness to listen to God’s instructions.

Noah Listens to God

God’s instructions to Noah

In a world filled with wickedness and disobedience, God saw Noah as righteous and worthy of receiving a divine message. God instructed Noah to build an ark, a colossal vessel that would protect him, his family, and a remnant of the animal kingdom from the impending flood.

Noah’s obedience

Noah’s unwavering faith in God led him to faithfully carry out His instructions. Despite the enormity of the task, Noah obeyed God without hesitation. He trusted in God’s plan and dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the construction of the ark.

The Ark construction

The construction of the ark was no small feat. It required immense effort, time, and resources. Noah followed God’s specific instructions on the size, materials, and structure of the ark. Through his dedication and determination, Noah was able to build a vessel capable of withstanding the impending flood.

The Wickedness of the World

During Noah’s time, the world was immersed in wickedness. People had turned away from God and indulged in sinful behavior. Their disobedience and lack of repentance disappointed God, leading Him to decide upon a drastic course of action.

God’s Plan for a Flood

God’s disappointment with humanity

Witnessing the pervasive wickedness and corruption, God’s heart was filled with disappointment. He saw that humanity had strayed from the path of righteousness, choosing sin over obedience. God’s disappointment was a reflection of His love for His creation and a desire for them to find redemption.

The decision to send a flood

In response to the wickedness of the world, God made the difficult decision to send a catastrophic flood that would wipe out all living creatures. However, in His mercy, God chose to spare Noah and his family, recognizing Noah’s righteousness and faithfulness.

Noah’s Righteousness

Noah’s righteousness set him apart from the rest of humanity. His faith in God remained unshaken, and his commitment to righteousness was unwavering. Noah’s obedience and willingness to follow God’s instructions exemplified his faithfulness, making him a beacon of righteousness in a world filled with darkness.

Building the Ark

The size and structure of the Ark

The ark that Noah built was an extraordinary structure, designed to endure the great flood. Following God’s instructions, Noah constructed an ark with specific dimensions to accommodate all the animals and his own family. The sheer size of the ark was awe-inspiring, showcasing Noah’s commitment to fulfilling God’s plan.

Collection of animals

Noah’s task extended beyond building the ark; he was also responsible for gathering two of every kind of animal, ensuring their preservation during the flood. The process of collecting such a vast array of animals required Noah’s diligence and patience. God orchestrated this animal gathering, and Noah faithfully carried out this monumental task.

The Flood Begins

The rain starts

After Noah and his family boarded the ark, the heavens opened, and rain began to pour relentlessly. As the raindrops fell, it marked the beginning of one of the most catastrophic events in human history. The sound of thunder echoed through the skies as the earth was drenched with water.

The floodwaters rise

Gradually, the floodwaters rose, covering the entire earth. The torrential rain and the rising waters submerged cities and landmarks, erasing all traces of the sinful world that once existed. Noah and his family were safe within the sturdy walls of the ark, witnessing the destruction of all life around them.

Life on the Ark

Noah and his family on the Ark

Noah, his wife, their three sons, and their wives were the only humans chosen by God to survive the flood. For an extended period, they lived aboard the ark, completely reliant on God’s provision and protection. Their faith in God sustained them during these challenging times.

Caring for the animals

Noah and his family had a tremendous responsibility to care for the vast array of animals on board the ark. They diligently attended to the needs of each animal, ensuring their survival throughout the flood. Their commitment to caring for all the creatures entrusted to them displayed their love and respect for all of God’s creation.

Waiting for the flood to subside

As the floodwaters surged, Noah and his family patiently waited for God’s timing. Inside the ark, they remained in close communion with God, relying on His promise of deliverance. Though uncertain of the future, they had faith in God’s faithfulness and eagerly awaited the day when they could set foot on dry land once again.

God’s Covenant with Noah

The end of the flood

After forty days and forty nights of torrential rain, the flood eventually began to recede. The floodwaters gradually diminished, and the earth’s surface became visible once again. Noah and his family emerged from the ark, overwhelmed with gratitude for their survival and the fulfillment of God’s promise.

God’s promise to never flood the Earth again

In His infinite love and mercy, God made a covenant with Noah and his descendants. God promised to never destroy the earth with a flood again, sealing this covenant with a sign—an everlasting rainbow in the sky. This covenant symbolized God’s grace and His desire to offer humanity a path to redemption and restoration.


The life of Noah exemplifies the power of faith and obedience to God. In a world overcome by wickedness, Noah remained steadfast in his commitment to follow God’s instructions. His story serves as a reminder of the importance of trusting in God and living a life of righteousness. May we all strive to emulate Noah’s faithfulness and obedience, and may we find solace in God’s promises, knowing that He is always with us, guiding us through the storms of life.

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