You Are Holy – Hillsong Worship

Have you ever found yourself in a moment of deep connection and reverence? That feeling of being in a place where you truly belong, close to something greater than yourself? Well, that’s exactly what the song “You Are Holy” by Hillsong Worship captures. Released as part of their album ‘Touching Heaven, Changing Earth’ back in July 1998, this song takes you on a journey of worship, reminding you of the holiness and uniqueness of the Lord. The powerful lyrics express the singer’s deep love and devotion, as they find solace and purpose in the presence of God. It’s a song that resonates with believers, drawing them closer to their faith and to the throne of their Creator.

In this captivating video by Hillsong Worship, you’ll experience the beauty of the song visually, as the lyrics come to life through powerful imagery. The repetition of the phrase “You are holy, holy” emphasizes the awe and reverence that the singer feels, while the melody and arrangement create an atmosphere of worship. Whether you find yourself in a church setting, at home, or anywhere else, this song has the power to transport you to a place of spiritual connection. So go ahead, immerse yourself in the beauty of “You Are Holy” and let the lyrics and music carry you deeper into your love and devotion for the Lord.

You Are Holy – Hillsong Worship

Hillsong Worship’s song ‘You Are Holy’ is a powerful expression of worship and adoration to God. With its heartfelt lyrics and captivating melody, this song has resonated with countless listeners around the world. In this article, we will explore the lyrics and meaning behind ‘You Are Holy’, as well as delve into the composition and production of the song. We will also examine the message of holiness conveyed in the lyrics, the power of worship, and the impact and reach of this timeless worship anthem.

Lyrics and Meaning

The lyrics of ‘You Are Holy’ beautifully proclaim the holiness and greatness of God. As the song says, “You are holy, holy, Lord there is none like You.” These words echo the declaration found in the book of Isaiah, where the prophet encountered a vision of God and heard the angels singing, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.” (Isaiah 6:3)

The song goes on to express the singer’s desire to draw closer to God and experience His love and presence. It declares, “Deeper in love with You, here in Your courts, where I’m close to Your throne, I’ve found where I belong.” The lyrics of ‘You Are Holy’ invite the listener to enter into a place of worship and encounter with God, acknowledging His holiness and expressing a deep longing for intimacy with Him.

Composition and Production

‘You Are Holy’ is one of the tracks on the album ‘Touching Heaven, Changing Earth’ released by Hillsong Worship in July 1998. This album, like many of Hillsong Worship’s other albums, features a collection of impactful worship songs that have touched the lives of people all over the world.

Since its release, ‘You Are Holy’ has become a beloved worship song in churches and gatherings worldwide. Its popularity can be attributed to its heartfelt lyrics, engaging melody, and the anointing that is present when it is sung. The song has been sung in numerous languages and has connected with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The credits for ‘You Are Holy’ go to Reuben Morgan, who wrote both the lyrics and the music. Morgan has been a prolific songwriter and worship leader in the Hillsong Worship community for many years, and his contributions have helped shape the sound and style of the group.

Musical Style and Influences

Hillsong Worship is known for its signature sound, characterized by powerful vocals, stirring melodies, and dynamic instrumentation. ‘You Are Holy’ showcases this style, with its anthemic chorus and passionate delivery. The song employs a combination of contemporary rock elements, providing a driving rhythm and energetic atmosphere.

In terms of influences on the musical style of ‘You Are Holy’, it is evident that Hillsong Worship draws inspiration from various genres, including rock, pop, and contemporary Christian music. The dynamic and engaging nature of the song allows listeners to connect with the lyrics and engage in worship.

The Message of Holiness

At the core of ‘You Are Holy’ is a message of holiness. The song emphasizes the importance of recognizing and revering God’s holiness in our worship. It acknowledges that God is set apart and unique, with none like Him. By lifting up His holiness, we acknowledge His worthiness to be praised and adored.

Through worship, we have the opportunity to draw closer to God and experience His holiness. ‘You Are Holy’ expresses the desire to be deeper in love with God and find our place in His presence. As we enter into His courts and draw near to His throne, we find a sense of belonging and connection.

Reflecting God’s character of holiness is also a key theme in ‘You Are Holy’. As we worship Him, we are transformed to become more like Him. Our lives and actions should reflect the holiness of the God we serve. By living lives marked by holiness, we become a living testimony of His goodness and love.

The Power of Worship

Worship is a powerful means of connecting with God and experiencing His presence. ‘You Are Holy’ captures the essence of worship as a response to God’s holiness and greatness. It reminds us that worship is not merely a performance or a ritual, but a heartfelt expression of love and adoration towards our Creator.

Through worship, we have the opportunity to encounter the living God. As we lift our voices, sing, and offer our praise, we create a space for God’s presence to manifest. Worship invites us into a deep and personal relationship with God, where we can experience His love, grace, and power.

Furthermore, worship has the transformative power to change us from the inside out. When we encounter God in worship, our hearts are softened, our perspectives are aligned with His, and our lives are transformed. ‘You Are Holy’ invites listeners to experience this transformative power and to go deeper in love with God.

The Impact and Reach of ‘You Are Holy’

Since its release, ‘You Are Holy’ has made a significant impact in the world of Christian worship music. With its timeless message of God’s holiness and an engaging musical style, the song has resonated with millions of believers all over the globe.

The song is registered under the CCLI number 2336114, indicating its copyright and authorized usage. Churches and worship teams are able to legally use and perform ‘You Are Holy’ as part of their worship services, allowing the song to be embraced and sung by congregations worldwide.

‘You Are Holy’ has gained global popularity and reach, being sung and performed in churches, conferences, and gatherings across various countries and cultures. Its universal message of God’s holiness and our response of worship transcends language and cultural barriers, making it a staple in many worship settings.

Countless testimonies and stories of impact have been shared by individuals who have encountered God’s presence through the song ‘You Are Holy’. From moments of personal breakthrough to corporate experiences of revival, this worship anthem has stirred hearts and ignited a passion for God.

Hillsong Worship: A Legacy of Worship

Hillsong Worship has a long-standing history of creating impactful worship music that has shaped the landscape of contemporary Christian worship. With a commitment to writing biblically-based songs that resonate with believers, their music has become a soundtrack for worship for millions around the world.

‘You Are Holy’ is just one of the many notable songs produced by Hillsong Worship. Other songs, such as ‘What A Beautiful Name’, ‘Cornerstone’, and ‘Mighty to Save’, have become anthems of worship within the global church. Hillsong Worship continues to be at the forefront of worship music, consistently releasing songs that inspire and engage worshippers.


‘You Are Holy’ by Hillsong Worship is a timeless worship song that has impacted the lives of many. Its lyrics, music, and overall message of holiness and worship have resonated with believers around the world. The song invites listeners to draw closer to God, experience His presence, and reflect His character of holiness. Through worship, we can connect with God, encounter His transforming power, and find our true belonging. Hillsong Worship’s legacy of worship continues to influence and shape the way we engage with God in worship, and ‘You Are Holy’ stands as a testament to the power of worship to transform lives. Whether we are singing in a church service, listening on our own, or joining in with believers across the globe, ‘You Are Holy’ calls us to lift our voices in praise and adoration to the One who is holy, holy, holy.

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