Here We Are – Don Moen | Acoustic Worship Sessions Psalm 141:2

Here we are lifting our hands to You: We give thanks for what you do. We praise Your holy name. As we give thanks to You, we are also being tested by life and the enemies around us. As we give thanks to You, we are dwelling within Your praise. And all this is possible because of your power and grace. Your mercy and love are limitless. Whether we can do it or not, we can rest assured that we can always count on You.

About The Composer

Don Moen is an American singer/songwriter and music producer. A native of Minnesota, he is best known for his praise and worship music. He has been associated with some of the most iconic songs in contemporary Christian music. Moen studied at Oral Roberts University, Oklahoma. He has produced eleven worship albums and sold hundreds of thousands of copies of Hosanna! Music: Give Thanks. Throughout his career, he has been a leading voice in contemporary Christian music.

The lyrics of “Here we are” talk about praising the Lord through song. The song begins in a prayer-like style, acknowledging our trials and pleading for God’s grace. As the song continues, the tone becomes more solemn and reverent. The song ends in a solemn tone, expressing gratitude for God’s blessings. The lyrics in this praise song are a testament to the power of praise.

Here we are giving You thanks for all You do

The psalmist’s prayer reflects his tenderness, his vulnerability, and his concern for the evil within himself. The great preacher of the early church, John Chrysostom, says that this psalm was part of the Greek evening liturgy and refers to an evening sacrifice. It is an excellent prayer that we can all aspire to perform.

Here We Are - Don Moen | Acoustic Worship Sessions Psalm 141:2

As we learn in the previous Psalms, the text is filled with distress and vehemence of spirit. We can see the psalmist’s distress and his desire for prayer and sacrifice to be part of the evening sacrifice. Jewish expositors speculate that this allusion refers to his exclusion from the holy service. Psalm 141:2 is a prayer about temptation. It includes petition vocabulary, and David asks for God’s attention and restraint. It is also a prayer for deliverance.

Here we are praising and worshipping Your holy name

Here We Are - Don Moen | Acoustic Worship Sessions Psalm 141:2

The lyrics of the song “As we praise and worship Your holy name” point to God and Jesus. The content is focused on God, who is slow to anger, kind, and good. In the end, Jesus is the object of worship. But the song doesn’t stop there. There are a lot of other qualities that point to God. Let us consider them. As we praise and worship Your holy name, we will be renewed like an eagle.

Here we are lifting our hands to You

The entire psalm is a very short prayer, but its words are full of rare expressions. It contains many coincidences with other psalms by David. De Wette proclaims it as one of the earliest psalms in the collection. Psalm 141:2 can also be interpreted as a prayer for deliverance, although the text doesn’t specifically address it.

Here We Are - Don Moen | Acoustic Worship Sessions Psalm 141:2

David is seeking help from God by lifting his hands in prayer toward the Holy of Holies. In this lament, he is crying out to God, asking for salvation, fearing that he will go down into the pit. As he sings, he is exuding his fear of death and despair. He is longing to experience more abundant life and is anxious not to be “like those who go down to the pit.”

Reference Bible Verses:

Psalm 141:2 ESV

Let my prayer be counted as incense before you, and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice!

Psalm 63:4 ESV 

So I will bless you as long as I live; in your name, I will lift up my hands.

Psalm 134:2 ESV 

Lift up your hands to the holy place and bless the Lord!

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