The Holy Spirit Arrives – Acts 1:8

The Holy Spirit comes to the disciples in Acts 1:8. This is the key to understanding the book of Acts. It tells the story of Jesus continuing his work on earth.

When the Holy Spirit arrives, the disciples will have the power they need to be Jesus’ witnesses. In other words, they will have the power to perform miracles. They will also have the power to teach others about Jesus.

These disciples had a mandate from Jesus to spread the gospel to all people. To accomplish this, they would need to preach about the risen Christ.

However, there was a problem. These disciples didn’t know that the risen Christ was going to leave the earth. So, they needed to wait until the Holy Spirit arrived.

Before the Holy Spirit came, the disciples were not sure how to go about their mission. They had been given some instructions, but they weren’t aware of Jesus’ upcoming departure.

Jesus explained to the disciples that they needed the Holy Spirit to carry out his ministry. He also promised that when the Holy Spirit came upon them, they would have the power to testify about his power.

Once the disciples received the power they needed, they began their mission. They started in Jerusalem. As a result, the gospel was spread from Jerusalem to Samaria and Judea. During the time of the early church, real churches gathered together to worship God and to fellowship with other Christians.

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