Greater Than All – Hillsong Worship

In the captivating song “Greater Than All” by Hillsong Worship, you will be taken on a powerful journey of faith and worship. This track, featured on the album ‘Cornerstone’ released in July 2012, showcases the incredible talent and devotion of Hillsong Worship. As the lyrics unfold, you will be immersed in the awe-inspiring experience of calling out to God in the darkness, witnessing His glory, and recognizing the immeasurable power that He holds. The song beautifully highlights the virtues of justice and truth that define God, reminding us that His splendor is beyond our comprehension. With a chorus proclaiming the greatness of our God and a bridge inviting us to lift His name higher, this song is a heartfelt tribute to the magnificence and faithfulness of our Creator.

As you listen to “Greater Than All,” you can’t help but be moved by the assurance of God’s presence and His ability to perform miracles. The song embraces the promise of wonders to come, reminding us that God is the author of our lives and He completes all that He starts. The passionate vocals and uplifting melody will leave you inspired and uplifted, encouraging you to give all of the praise unto His name. With the timeless message that our God is greater than all, this song is a powerful reminder of His greatness and a call to worship with all our hearts. Stay connected to Hillsong Worship and let the music of “Greater Than All” lead you into a deeper understanding and appreciation of our incredible God.

Verse 1

In the darkness, when everything feels uncertain and unclear, we have the power to call out to God. His name holds an incredible weight, and as we cry out to Him, we can witness the unfolding of His glory. There is no measure or end to the power that He holds. It surpasses our understanding and transcends our limitations. We can find comfort and hope in knowing that His power is limitless and everlasting.

Verse 2

Justice and truth are inherent in God’s character. These virtues define who He is, and they are too vast for our words to adequately describe. We cannot comprehend the magnitude of His splendor and greatness. God is beyond our understanding, and yet His presence is undeniable. His essence is awe-inspiring, and we can’t fully grasp the depth of His being. He is so much more than what our minds can contain.


Our God, the one we call upon, deserves all the praise and honor. He has done great things, far beyond what we can imagine or comprehend. His power and goodness exceed our expectations. We can have confidence in Him knowing that, even in the face of uncertainty or doubt, He is greater than all. There is no one else who can compare to His majesty and might. He is the one we can trust and rely on, even when everything seems overwhelming.

Verse 3

When we witness miracles, they serve as a reminder of God’s faithfulness. These miraculous acts are like memorials that point to His power and His promise of wonders yet to come. He is the divine Author of our lives, and He is in control of every detail. Nothing is too difficult for Him, and He is able to bring things to completion. The wonders He has done in the past are just a glimpse of what He is capable of doing in the future. We can place our hope and trust in Him because He is faithful.


All of the praise belongs to God alone. There is no one else who deserves the honor and adoration that we offer to Him. We lift His name higher because He is worthy of our praise. His name is eternal, and our worship of Him extends beyond our temporary circumstances. We pour out our praise to Him, knowing that He is forever deserving of our adoration and gratitude.

All of the praise

Unto Your Name, we declare our praise. We lift Your name higher because You are worthy of it all. Our praise is not limited to one moment or one song. It extends forever, acknowledging Your greatness and Your power. You have done great things, and Your name is above all names. We join in the chorus of worship, magnifying Your name and exalting You above all else.


In this song, we are reminded of the greatness of our God. He is beyond our comprehension, and His power is limitless. We can call upon His name in the darkness, knowing that He holds the power to bring light and hope. His justice and truth are virtues that define Him, and His splendor is far greater than what our minds can contain. We can trust in Him, for He has done great things and is greater than all. Let us unite in offering all of our praise and worship to Him, lifting His name higher and declaring His greatness for all eternity.

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