I Love You Lord + I Exalt Thee | Live at Gateway Church | Gateway Worship

Join us for a soul-stirring worship experience with Gateway Worship as they perform “I Love You Lord + I Exalt Thee” live at Gateway Church. Let the powerful songs and heartfelt worship uplift your spirit. Follow Gateway Worship on Instagram and Facebook for more inspiring music.

Discover the powerful worship experience captured in the live video, “I Love You Lord + I Exalt Thee | Live at Gateway Church | Gateway Worship.” This captivating video, produced by Gateway Worship, allows you to join in a moment of worship from their weekend service at Gateway Church. Led by worship leader Michael Bethany, this video features the uplifting songs “I Love You Lord” and “I Exalt Thee.” Connect with Gateway Worship on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on their inspiring music. Immerse yourself in this soul-stirring worship experience and let the music touch your heart.

Get ready for a truly moving worship encounter as you watch the live video, “I Love You Lord + I Exalt Thee | Live at Gateway Church | Gateway Worship.” Created by Gateway Worship, this video captures the essence of their weekend service at Gateway Church, where they sing the heartfelt songs “I Love You Lord” and “I Exalt Thee.” With Michael Bethany leading the worship, the atmosphere is filled with the power of praise and worship. Connect with the talented team at Gateway Worship through their social media profiles on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and be inspired by their musical journey. Experience the beauty of worship through this incredible video and let the melodies uplift your spirit.


Welcome to this article about the live worship performance of “I Love You Lord” and “I Exalt Thee” at Gateway Church by Gateway Worship. Join us as we dive into the incredible worship experience led by worship leader Michael Bethany. Get ready to be uplifted and inspired as we explore the power of worship through these two beautiful songs.

About Gateway Church

Gateway Church is a vibrant and dynamic church located in Southlake, Texas. Known for its passionate worship and powerful teaching, Gateway Church has become a hub for individuals seeking a deeper connection with God. Led by Pastor Robert Morris, Gateway Church is committed to creating an environment where people can encounter God’s presence and experience life-transforming encounters with Him.

The Worship Experience

At Gateway Church, the worship experience is immersive and unforgettable. Every weekend service is filled with powerful moments of worship that draw people closer to God. From intimate acoustic sets to energetic and joyful anthems, Gateway Worship crafts an atmosphere that invites everyone to lift up their voices and hearts in praise.

Songs: I Love You Lord; I Exalt Thee

During this live performance, Gateway Worship led the congregation in singing two timeless worship songs: “I Love You Lord” and “I Exalt Thee.” These songs are well-known and beloved by Christians around the world, and they have the power to stir the soul and draw worshippers closer to God.

“I Love You Lord” is a heartfelt expression of love and adoration towards God. The lyrics declare the singer’s devotion and desire to worship God for His goodness and faithfulness. It’s a beautiful reminder of the intimate relationship we have with our Heavenly Father.

“I Exalt Thee” is a powerful anthem that magnifies the greatness and majesty of God. Through soaring melodies and heartfelt lyrics, this song invites worshippers to exalt and lift high the name of Jesus. It’s a declaration of surrender and praise to the One who is worthy of all honor and glory.

Worship Leader: Michael Bethany

Leading the congregation in this powerful worship experience was worship leader Michael Bethany. Michael has a genuine passion for leading God’s people into His presence through music. His soulful voice and authentic worship style resonate with worshippers, creating an atmosphere of unity and reverence.

Michael Bethany’s ability to connect with the congregation and lead them in a powerful worship experience is evident in this live performance. His anointed vocals, combined with his sincere heart for worship, create a space where worshippers can encounter God in a personal and meaningful way.

Connect with Gateway Worship

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The live worship performance of “I Love You Lord” and “I Exalt Thee” at Gateway Church is a testament to the power of worship in bringing people closer to God. Led by worship leader Michael Bethany, this heartfelt and inspiring experience reminds us of the beauty and significance of worship in our lives.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to check out Gateway Worship’s social media platforms on Instagram and Facebook. Stay connected with the worship community, engage with their content, and continue to be inspired by their music.

May these songs and the worship experience at Gateway Church continue to draw you into a deeper relationship with God, and may you be reminded of His love and faithfulness as you worship Him.

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