God’s Promises For Children and Family

God’s Promises For Children and Family: Parents are responsible for bringing up their children in the way they should go, and having children is God’s design. Children absorb the strength and care of their parents. If they grow up in a Christian home, they will also absorb that strength. Children learn to trust in the Lord by imitating their parents’ behaviors and attitudes. Therefore, parents must teach their children to trust in God’s word and focus on His promises.

Having children is God’s design

The sanctity of marriage and having children lies in God’s grace. As the sovereign over our fertility and reproduction, He is compassionate with those who are unable to bear children. However, the norm for marriage and family life is having children. This includes the adoption of children when the circumstances are appropriate. The plan of God for marriage and family life is to nurture children of both biological parents and adoptive parents.

Proverbs 29:17Discipline your son, and he will give you rest; he will give delight to your heart.


God's Promises For Children and Family

The primary job of parents is to raise their children in the faith and the ways of the Lord. The Bible mentions that children should obey their parents and their teachings. Paul also emphasized that dads have a leading role in this matter so that their children will learn the wisdom of the covenant relationships from their parents. Therefore, it is essential for both parents to live up to their role as parents.

Parents are responsible for bringing up their children in the Lord

Paul tells the party of responsibility in 1 Corinthians that “parents are to bring up their children in the way they should go.” He emphasizes that parents are to do this now because the time will pass quickly and it is too late to wait. It is hard to believe that time is already flying by, yet God still holds parents responsible. This verse also teaches that we are to give our children physical needs, like food, water, shelter, clothing, and other things. This means that we must give up some of our own desires in order to give our children the proper basic needs.

God's Promises For Children and Family

Parental responsibility involves loving and disciplining children. Parents are not to provoke their children into anger. Over-discipline could make a child bitter and hostile and lead him to give up life. Nurturing children is the most important thing that parents can do for them, and they need to be shown this tender care. But parents also must exercise the corrective discipline of the Lord. By doing this, we can help our children grow spiritually and mentally.

Children absorb from parents’ strength

Strength-based parenting is a relatively new concept, but it has real practical value. Strengths are the qualities or characteristics that your child has – kindness, perseverance, and self-control are all attributes underpinning their positive behaviors. You can tap into these strengths and use them to reinforce and strengthen your child’s own inner resources. Strength-based parenting is a great way to build your child’s energy and intrinsic motivation.

Parents should recognize their children’s unique strengths, then encourage them to explore these strengths. For example, the mother of Steven Spielberg encouraged him to create a home movie set, experiment with baked beans, and film the exploding volcanoes in their backyard. If your child shows any of these traits, you can leverage them to help them develop their abilities. Your own strengths will lead to greater achievements in life. You may be surprised how much you have in common with your child.

Parents’ care

The Bible says that parents’ care is vital for the spiritual life of their children. Fathers are the spiritual leaders of their families, and they should exercise their parental authority wisely. They should not provoke their children. God’s promises to marriage, children, and the family are based on the father’s example. Parents must respect the authority of their children and nurture them in the right ways.

God's Promises For Children and Family

In the Bible, children are to honor and obey their parents. God made this commandment one of the Ten Commandments, and we are reminded of it often in the Bible. In the New Testament, the commandment is especially emphasized. It is the first of God’s promises to the family. The Bible also promises eternal life to the family if parents honor their children. Parents should teach children to respect their authority and be gentle and disciplined.

Father’s leadership

Fathers must take up their vocation as spiritual leaders for their children and for their marriage. God has designed women to be a help and companion to men in matters of the spiritual. Husbands have a responsibility to disciple their wives and children. Abandoning that responsibility will lead to disaster. Fathers must also learn to accept responsibility for their actions and seek God’s forgiveness in good times. While mistakes happen, God will still bring good out of them.

God's Promises For Children and Family

For this reason, the role of a father is crucial. Every group needs a leader and the family is no exception. The Father’s role in the family is explicitly assigned by God in His Word. In this book, Jerrad Lopes provides insight into how the Father is called to lead the family in this age of change and challenges fathers to embrace God’s grace.

Things To Ponder

Justice and love

As parents, you have a unique role to play in the raising of your children. You are a husband and wife before you are a parent, and you are part of a drama that represents God’s covenant-keeping love for the church and His people. Children are meant to see their parents love each other and absorb the wisdom of this covenant relationship from the moment they are born.

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