Isaac Asks Where’s the Sheep

Isaac asks Abraham where’s the sheep for the burnt offering

When Isaac asks Abraham where’s the sheep for the burnt offering, he is expressing confusion. As they are walking toward Mount Moriah, Abraham explains that God will provide the lamb for their sacrifice.

What’s more, he is revealing his faith that the Lord has a plan, behind the scenes.

He understands that the Lord will do whatever He wants to do and that the situation will work out for His good, even if it means going against his own inclinations.

It was this belief that led Abraham to respond with absolute obedience when God commanded him to kill his only son, whom he loved.

The Bible calls this story the akedah, or “binding,” and scholars, rabbis, and students of Scripture view it as one of the most important stories in the Old Testament. It is a test of Abraham’s faith and obedience, and it is a demonstration that what God says He will do He will do.

Abraham tells Isaac that the Lord will provide the sheep

Isaac Asks Wheres the Sheep

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