Talk To God, PRAY (Whiteboard Animation) | Benefits of Prayer | God’s Love Animation | EP 83

When we talk to God and pray, we will experience the benefits of prayer. Praying is talking to god. He wants us to talk to Him and He always listens to us when we pray.

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Foreign [Music] Meaningful benefits of Prayer God our loving heavenly father wants us To communicate with him through prayer He always listens to us when we pray Daily prayer can bless you your family And those you pray for It can also invite more peace into your Life help you learn more about God’s Plan for you and more Here are 10 ways prayer can improve your Life starting today One Prayer helps you develop a relationship With God Just like your parents here on Earth Your heavenly father wants to hear from You and talk to you When you pray he listens then he answers Your prayers in the form of thoughts Spiritual feelings scripture or even the Actions of other people Who Prayer helps you gain an understanding Of God’s loving nature The scriptures teach God is love in 1 John verse 4 chapter 8. You can feel that love as you speak Daily with him through prayer seeking His guidance in your life Three Prayer provides answers Praying and listening to the answers God

Gives you can help you better understand Your purpose in life God will help you understand why you are Here and what you can do to return to Live with him after this life 4. Prayer helps you find direction in your Life When you privately pray to God you can Work through serious decisions in your Life God always listens and often provides The specific answers and guidance we Seek Even when he chooses not to answer Immediately or in the way we might have Hoped prayer itself is a way to find Peace Five Prayer gives you strength to avoid Temptation Jesus counseled his disciples Watch and pray that ye enter not into Temptation in Matthew verse 26 chapter 41. Prayer we can overcome Temptations to Sin Pray for God’s help to keep you from Making wrong choices This will give you the strength to do What is right 6. prayer aligns your will with God’s Will The purpose of prayer is not necessarily To tell God how you want him to do

Things Rather it’s to better understand him and His ways bringing yourself into Alignment with his will Prayer doesn’t change God It changes me Seven Prayer and regular fasting can help you Accept God’s will This fasted for 40 days and 40 nights Before he began his ministry on the Earth As he did this he communed with his Father in Heaven in prayer Likewise if you pray and fast you can Feel closer to God and better understand The things he wants you to do Eight Prayer can work miracles Throughout the scriptures we see many Examples of the Lord working miracles as An answer to prayer In Old Testament times the Prophet Daniel was thrown into a lion’s den Because he refused to stop praying When he prayed to God in the Lion’s Den Angels appeared and closed the mouths of The Lions through daily prayer you can Also experience personal Miracles such As healing peace and forgiveness for Sins Invites the Holy Spirit into your life As you pray daily you invite the Holy Spirit to be with you and to comfort and

Direct you The Holy Spirit can give you answers Help you feel God’s love and bring Feelings of peace and joy into your Heart 10. Prayer helps you become more like Jesus Jesus set the perfect example of Prayer If you try to follow his example through Prayer you will become more like him and Develop a better relationship with him And Heavenly Father Thank you for watching If you love this video please hit the Like and the Subscribe button And see you on our next episode [Music] Thank you

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