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Join Gizmo each day for fun and exciting Bible lessons! Today’s SuperVerse is John 15:9 – Remain in God’s Love. In this video by Superbook, Gizmo reminds us to stay close to God and remain in His love by obeying His commandments. Jesus has given us the rule to love others the way He has loved us, with sacrificial love. By being humble, compassionate, and willing to share, we can reflect God’s love in our actions. So how can you show God the Father’s love today? Download the Superbook Bible app to read more about God’s love, watch free Superbook episodes, and play games. Don’t forget to hit like and subscribe, and come back tomorrow for another Bible Bite. Goodbye!

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Join Gizmo for daily Bible lessons!

Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to learn about the Bible? Look no further! Join Gizmo for daily Bible lessons filled with excitement and adventure. Each day, Gizmo will take you on a journey through the Word of God, helping you grow in your understanding and faith.

SuperVerse: John 15:9 – Remain in God’s Love

Today’s SuperVerse is John 15:9 – “Remain in my love”. These powerful words were spoken by Jesus himself, reminding us of the importance of staying close to God and living in His love. It is through His love that we find strength, guidance, and fulfillment in our lives.

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Remain in God’s love by obeying his commandments

How do we remain in God’s love? Jesus gives us a clear answer – by obeying His commandments. While the word “commandment” may sound intimidating, it simply refers to the rules that God has given us to live by. One of the most important commandments is to love others, just as Jesus has loved us. This sacrificial love is a powerful way to reflect God’s love in our lives.

Love others sacrificially

Jesus loved us so much that He gave up everything for us, including His own life. He demonstrated a sacrificial love that knows no bounds. In the same way, we are called to love others sacrificially. This means putting their needs before our own, being willing to give up our time, resources, and even our comfort for the sake of others. When we love sacrificially, we become a living testimony of God’s love in action.

The importance of humility and compassion

Humility and compassion are two key characteristics that reflect God’s love in our lives. When we humble ourselves and treat others with compassion, we show them the love and kindness that God has shown us. It’s easy to get caught up in our own desires and ambitions, but true love requires us to set aside our pride and genuinely care for others. Through humility and compassion, we can make a positive impact on those around us and bring glory to God.

Showing God’s love through small actions

You don’t have to perform grand gestures to show God’s love. Often, it’s the small and seemingly insignificant actions that make the biggest impact. Simple acts of kindness like sharing your toys, letting someone go in front of you in line, or doing your chores without being asked can demonstrate God’s love to others. These small actions may seem insignificant to us, but to someone in need, they can speak volumes about the love and care of our Heavenly Father.

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If you prefer visual learning, we have a treat for you! Superbook offers a collection of free episodes that bring the stories of the Bible to life. Through stunning animation and compelling storytelling, these episodes make the Bible come alive and capture the hearts of viewers of all ages. By watching these episodes, you can deepen your understanding of God’s love and the incredible stories of faith found within the pages of the Bible.

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Learning about God’s love doesn’t have to be boring. With Superbook’s collection of games, you can have fun while increasing your knowledge and understanding of the Bible. These games are designed to be both educational and entertaining, allowing you to learn about various aspects of God’s love in a fun and interactive way. From trivia games to puzzle challenges, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


Daily Bible lessons with Gizmo provide a valuable opportunity for spiritual growth and learning. By joining Gizmo on this journey through the Word of God, you will gain a deeper understanding of His love and how to apply it to your life. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the transformative power of God’s Word.

We encourage you to apply the lessons you learn to your everyday life. Whether it’s loving others sacrificially, showing humility and compassion, or performing small acts of kindness, each action can make a difference in the lives of others and reflect God’s love. Embrace the teachings of Gizmo and let them shape the way you live and interact with the world around you.

To further your learning and exploration of God’s love, we recommend taking advantage of the Superbook resources available to you. Whether it’s downloading the Superbook Bible app, watching free episodes, or playing games, these resources provide an immersive and engaging way to deepen your understanding of the Bible and cultivate a heart of love.

Join Gizmo for daily Bible lessons and embark on a life-changing journey of faith and discovery. Let God’s love guide you and empower you to make a difference in the world. Get ready to experience the incredible love of our Heavenly Father like never before.

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