Peter Escapes from Prison

In this exciting video by Saddleback Kids, you’ll witness the thrilling tale of Peter’s daring escape from prison. Peter, one of Jesus’s disciples, found himself arrested by King Herod for spreading the word about Jesus. Just as Peter was about to face execution, the people of the church prayed earnestly for his safety. And lo and behold, a miraculous event took place that night! An angel of the Lord appeared before Peter, commanding him to wake up and be ready to leave. The chains that bound him suddenly fell off, and he followed the angel, thinking it was all just a vision. Together, they passed by the guards effortlessly, and even the iron gate of the prison opened by itself. Full of astonishment, Peter and the angel continued walking through the streets until the angel suddenly vanished. Peter finally realized that this was no mere vision; it was a true intervention from God to save him from King Herod’s plans. Seeking refuge at the home of Mary, where many believers were gathered in prayer, Peter knocked at the door only to have a servant girl assume he was his own angel. After the confusion was cleared up, Peter recounted his incredible escape and how God had sent an angel to rescue him from the clutches of imprisonment.

In this riveting episode of Slapstick Theater, Saddleback Kids brings to life the thrilling story of Peter’s escape from prison. Known as one of Jesus’s devoted disciples, Peter fearlessly preached about the love and teachings of Jesus to others. However, the tyrant King Herod sought to silence Peter and those who shared his message. Peter was arrested and thrown into jail with imminent execution looming over him. Yet, in the face of this perilous situation, the church fervently prayed for Peter’s deliverance. The night before his trial, an angel of the Lord appeared before him, urging him to rise quickly. To Peter’s astonishment, the chains around his wrists fell off in a flash. He followed the angel, initially believing it was merely a vision. Along their journey, they easily passed by the guards, and even the prison’s iron gate swung open, seemingly by divine command. Peter finally realized that this was no vision, but a true miracle orchestrated by God to save him from the clutches of King Herod and the Jewish leaders. Seeking safety and support at the home of Mary, where many believers were assembled in prayer, Peter knocked on the door only to be mistaken for his own angel by a servant girl. However, after the mix-up was resolved, Peter joyfully shared his incredible story of deliverance, testifying to the power of God’s intervention in his life.

Peter Escapes from Prison

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In this article, we will explore the incredible story of Peter’s imprisonment and miraculous escape, as recounted in the Bible. It is a tale of faith, prayer, and divine intervention that has inspired believers for centuries. Through Peter’s journey, we will learn about the power of community support, the importance of faith and hope, and the profound impact of God’s intervention in our lives.

Peter’s Imprisonment

Peter, one of Jesus’s disciples, found himself arrested by King Herod. The reason for his imprisonment was his unwavering commitment to spreading the teachings of Jesus. King Herod wanted to suppress any efforts to share the message of Jesus with others, and thus, Peter became a victim of his persecution. While imprisoned, Peter faced the terrifying prospect of execution, with a trial scheduled for the next day.

The Power of Prayer

As Peter languished in jail, the believers in the early church rallied together and prayed fervently for his release. This collective prayer not only demonstrated their unwavering support for Peter, but it also showcased the power of a community united in faith. The church understood the significance of prayer as a means to communicate with God and invoke His divine intervention. Their prayers were not in vain, as it was their steadfastness that paved the way for the miraculous events that followed.

The Intervention of an Angel

Amidst Peter’s despair and uncertainty, an angel of the Lord appeared before him. This divine presence was both astonishing and comforting. However, Peter’s initial reaction was one of disbelief. He could hardly fathom that what he was experiencing was real and not simply a fantastical vision. The angel reassured him and instructed him to get up, get ready, and follow him. It was at this moment that Peter realized God had sent this angel as a savior, protecting him from the imminent danger posed by King Herod and the Jewish leaders.

Peter’s Escape

Peter Escapes from Prison

As Peter obeyed the angel’s instructions, he witnessed the miraculous power of God at work. The chains that had bound him fell off his wrists, setting him free from physical captivity. He stealthily passed by the guards, who remained oblivious to his presence, and made his way towards the exit. Unbelievable as it may sound, the iron gate leading out of the prison swung open all by itself, allowing Peter to step into his newfound freedom.

Realization and Gratitude

Throughout his incredible escape, Peter gradually realized the astounding reality of his circumstances. This was not a mere figment of his imagination; it was a genuine divine intervention orchestrated by God Himself. Peter grew increasingly aware of God’s plan to rescue him from the clutches of the powerful who sought to harm him. Deep gratitude welled up within him as he recognized the overwhelming love and protection showered upon him by his Creator.

Arrival at Mary’s Home

Finding his way to the home of Mary, Peter discovered a gathering of believers engaged in fervent prayer. Here, he encountered a community of support and love, ready to welcome him with open arms. The presence of other believers provided him with solace and a renewed sense of purpose. Peter was aware that his miraculous escape was not solely for his benefit but also meant to strengthen the faith of those who witnessed and experienced God’s power firsthand.

Misunderstanding at the Door

As Peter knocked at the door of Mary’s home, a servant girl came to answer. Overwhelmed with excitement upon realizing it was Peter, she left him waiting outside while she rushed inside to deliver the thrilling news. However, the people inside doubted the servant girl’s claims and suggested that it might be Peter’s angel at the door. This confusion and speculation inadvertently prolonged the period of anticipation before the door was finally opened.

Peter Escapes from Prison

Peter’s Testimony

Once inside, Peter shared his awe-inspiring experience with those gathered. His testimony confirmed, without a shadow of a doubt, that God had indeed intervened in his life and orchestrated his escape from prison. His story served as a powerful reminder to the believers of God’s faithfulness and omnipotence. The impact of Peter’s testimony on the believers was immeasurable, reinforcing their own faith, and inspiring them to continue trusting in God’s provision and protection.


Peter’s escape from prison stands as a powerful testament to God’s unwavering power and sovereignty. This incredible story showcases the importance of faith and prayer in the face of adversity and the incredible impact that God’s intervention can have on our lives. Just as the early believers drew strength from witnessing Peter’s miraculous escape, we too can find inspiration and encouragement in the knowledge that we serve a God who is capable of the extraordinary. May Peter’s journey remind us of the significance of unwavering faith, fervent prayer, and the transformative power of God in our lives.

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