The Importance of Staying in Touch With the Why

Today’s Superverse is Ephesians 4:29 – The Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

Certain Church office-bearers had the responsibility of making sure members were being educated, guided, and cared for properly – especially those involved with mobile ministries.

They were advised against corrupt communication and instructed on ways they can use language for the betterment of others. All speech should aim to lift others up.


Stealing is an act of great evil. Even if someone only steals an orange every now and again, that counts as theft as they deprive another of something that belongs to them.

Understanding that theft is wrong is of utmost importance, as well as teaching our children this message from Scripture. A child who views stealing as acceptable will find it more challenging to develop honesty as an adult.

Thieves should refrain from stealing; rather, they should work hard, using their hands to create something useful that they can give to those in need. Corrupt communication should also cease; no vulgar speech should come out of your mouths; only those which enhance and give grace should come from them.

Hard Work

Hard work often requires sacrifice. This may mean forgoing sleep, food, exercise, nature, and even loved ones so as to dedicate more of your time towards something you truly believe in. One key way of staying motivated during these challenges is having a clear and compelling vision of what your goal should be; having such an image can provide energy and inspiration that keeps the motivation levels up and flowing!

Work hard by not offending the Holy Spirit through lasciviousness, filthiness, or lying. Instead, we should display humility, temperance, and longsuffering – qualities made possible only through having an intimate relationship with Christ that we must nourish by studying his Word, praying, and worshipping him regularly – this will enable us to bear fruit that lasts both here on Earth and for eternity – this is what Ephesians calls spiritual growth!

Ephesians 429

Corrupting Speech

Corruption translates to “rottenness”. Imagine biting into an apple only to discover an overwhelming mouthful of fermenting, black, worm-ridden rot. A Christian who uses corrupt speech can have similar outcomes – any speech which hurts others or spreads gossip is corrupt and can also include swear words, blasphemy, and profanities against God’s name.

Paul instructed us to speak only words that will bring grace and edification. With His help, we should strive daily to recognize when our speech becomes foul or offensive and to ask Him for graceful responses instead. Gracious speech is both sweet to the soul and healthy for the body – the opposite of offensive language, bitter ranting or banality – it lifts others and encourages others as an expression of our hope in Christ.


As Christians, it is our responsibility to uphold fellow believers by supporting and upholding them verbally. It’s vitally important that we show our love to our mates, children, coworkers, and everyone around us; encouraging words should be spoken over them when possible as well as praise them on any areas they excel at – this will not only build them up but bring glory to God too!

Paul encourages us to put aside our old natures – described by him as corrupt communication in this passage – and “clothe yourselves with the new man created according to God in true righteousness and holiness”. Salvation provides the foundation for this transformation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Christians should make sure not to allow feelings of bitterness or revenge to arise, being quick to forgive and promote unity within the Church through operating gifted offices and equipping saints appropriately.

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