Romans 12:2 – Be Transformed

Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed Romans 122

The word of God, the Bible, tells us that we must be transformed if we are to please God and be made more like Him. This transformation takes place when we feed on the word of God, meditate on the perfections of Christ, and worship His glory.

Studying the word of God

Studying the word of God to be transformed involves knowing your Bible well. It takes a lot of time to become familiar with it. However, the effort pays off. When you obey, God’s power is able to regenerate and restore you.

The Bible is full of situations that are applicable to the present day. A study of the Scriptures can help you find a solution to a difficult situation. Also, it gives you the opportunity to reflect on your own life. You will learn to renew from the inside out.

If you are studying the Scriptures alone, you will not be able to fully understand what you are reading. That’s why you need to ask the right questions. As you study, you may be prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray or worship. These activities can lead to a deeper faith and belief.

When studying the Scriptures, you will be able to meditate on the Word of God and see what is good in His sight. This can help you gain insight into God’s plan and His ways.

Feeding on the word of God

Feeding on the word of God is the best way to transform your life. You may have heard the saying that the Bible is “infallible” or that it is the “spiritual food that sustains us”. The word is a literal anointing from the Holy Spirit and has the power to transform your life.

In the Christian world, one of the most common reasons for a lack of growth is a failure to feed on the Word of God. It’s a tragic situation.

There are several ways to feed on the word of God. One of the easiest is by reading. Simply by sitting down to read a passage, you are feeding on the Word of God. Read a few chapters a day, and you’ll have the whole Bible at your fingertips in a year’s time.

Another easy way to feed on the word of God is to meditate on the scripture. Meditation is a deliberate focus on a specific passage.

Worshiping the glory of Christ

In Romans 12:2 apostle Paul calls for a renewal of our lives. The renewal is a process that entails the reversal of the devastation of sin. And it is also a process that will take place as we walk with Christ.

Firstly, Paul calls for a life of holiness. This is in direct response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He also calls for us to present our bodies as living sacrifices.

Secondly, there are certain gifts that God has given His followers. These gifts serve to strengthen the Church as a whole. They are bestowed by the Holy Spirit according to a person’s spiritual maturity. Moreover, the gifts are meant to be exercised in tandem with the other gifts of the Spirit.

Furthermore, there are a few things that we can learn from the biblical definition of the word. For example, the Bible refers to a “spiritual” as being intelligent worship.

In a similar vein, the Old Testament describes several types of offerings. One of the most important was the blood sacrifice, which re-established communion with God. However, the only way to truly offer our bodies as a sacrifice to God is to surrender our bodies to God.

Meditation on the perfections of Christ

Meditation on the perfections of Christ – Romans 12:2: The word “meditation” is derived from the Greek language, which means “to cause something to change.” Paul uses this term only twice in the NT. It refers to the inward and outward character of the believer.

A person’s meditation must be accompanied by prayer. He or she should ask God to impress the truth of the verse onto their mind. Once a believer is able to understand the meaning of a passage, it is a good idea to memorize the scripture.

When Christians read and meditate on Scripture, they have the opportunity to replace their old values with God’s. They also have the chance to guard against the lies of the enemy.

As a result, they will begin to see life in a new light. They will gain insight into God’s will, which will help them to live in a way that is pleasing to Him.

As a result of their meditation, Christians will develop a deep love for the Lord. This love will transform their will into harmony with God’s will.

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