Joseph from the Bible becomes the chancellor of Egypt

Welcome to an exciting journey where you, as a young reader, will be transported to ancient Egypt. In this captivating Bible story, you will discover how Joseph, a remarkable character, becomes the esteemed chancellor of Egypt. So, get ready to immerse yourself in an engaging tale that not only teaches valuable lessons but also sparks your imagination. Dive into Joseph’s extraordinary journey and witness how faith, resilience, and wisdom can pave the way to greatness. Let’s embark on this adventure together!


Have you ever heard the engaging and fascinating Bible story of Joseph becoming the chancellor of Egypt? This captivating tale is sure to captivate the minds of kids and adults alike. In this article, we will delve into the story of Joseph, a Hebrew prisoner who rises to prominence in Egypt through his unique ability to interpret dreams and be a trusted advisor to the Pharaoh. So grab a cup of tea, sit back, and let’s embark on this extraordinary adventure.

  1. The Pharaoh of Egypt is Troubled by Dreams and Seeks Interpretation

Our story begins with the Pharaoh of Egypt, a powerful ruler who is troubled by a series of ominous dreams. These dreams stir up a sense of unease within him, as he senses that they hold significant meaning. Intrigued and desperate for answers, the Pharaoh seeks the interpretation of his dreams.

       2. A Hebrew Prisoner Named Joseph is Recommended for Dream Interpretation

Word of the Pharaoh’s dreams reaches the ears of Joseph, a Hebrew prisoner who possesses a reputation for accurately interpreting dreams. Recognizing Joseph’s unique ability, one of the palace officials recommends him to the Pharaoh. Impressed by Joseph’s reputation, the Pharaoh sends for him immediately, hoping to find clarity in his troubling dreams.

       3. Joseph Explains that God Reveals the Meaning of Dreams

Upon meeting the Pharaoh, Joseph humbly explains that it is not he who possesses the ability to interpret dreams but rather God who reveals their meaning. This revelation showcases Joseph’s unwavering faith and his belief that divine intervention plays a crucial role in guiding our lives.

       4. The Pharaoh Shares Two Dreams: One About Cows and One About Grain

The Pharaoh proceeds to share his dreams with Joseph. In one dream, he envisions seven healthy cows grazing by the Nile when suddenly, seven gaunt and sickly cows emerge from the river and devour the healthy ones. In another dream, the Pharaoh sees seven plump and ripe ears of grain being devoured by seven thin and withered ears. These dreams leave him perplexed and concerned about their significance.

        5. Joseph Interprets the Dreams as Seven Years of Plenty Followed by Seven Years of Famine

With divine guidance, Joseph begins to unravel the symbolism within the Pharaoh’s dreams. He explains that the dreams represent two distinct periods – seven years of abundance and prosperity followed by seven years of severe famine and scarcity. Joseph foresees that the fertile years will be essential to prepare for the upcoming hardship.

        6. Joseph Advises Saving Grain for the Famine Years

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Joseph offers practical advice to the Pharaoh. He suggests appointing overseers to collect and store surplus grain during the years of abundance. By doing so, Egypt will be prepared to face the impending famine, ensuring the survival and well-being of its people.

        7. The Pharaoh Appoints Joseph as Chancellor and Grants Him Authority

Impressed by Joseph’s wisdom and foresight, the Pharaoh recognizes his unparalleled abilities and appoints him as the Chancellor of Egypt. With this newfound authority, Joseph is entrusted with the task of overseeing the collection and distribution of grain throughout the land. This appointment solidifies Joseph’s rise from a Hebrew prisoner to becoming a central figure in Egypt’s governance.


The story of Joseph becoming the chancellor of Egypt is a remarkable tale that showcases his unwavering faith, wisdom, and rise to power against all odds. His ability to interpret dreams accurately and provide practical solutions brings prosperity and security to Egypt during a time of imminent famine. This engaging Bible story provides an invaluable lesson about the importance of trust, resilience, and divine guidance. So, remember to support the creators who bring these stories to life, and let’s continue to appreciate and learn from these captivating tales from the Bible.

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