Secret Place / Waiting (Spontaneous) [Audio] – Hillsong Worship

Experience the power and beauty of worship in the Secret Place! Join Hillsong Worship in their captivating live performance of “Secret Place / Waiting (Spontaneous)” and connect with God in a sacred space.

Imagine finding a secret place, a space that feels familiar and comforting, where you can escape from the world and immerse yourself in worship. That’s exactly what Hillsong Worship invites you to experience in their live album, “These Same Skies.” In their song, “Secret Place / Waiting (Spontaneous),” led by Chris Davenport and Brooke Ligertwood, they beautifully express the power and beauty of finding that special place where you can connect with God. As you listen to their heartfelt words and melodies, it becomes clear that the secret place is not about hiding or playing religious games, but rather about finding a sacred space where you can freely worship and sing along. Whether you’re feeling distant or overwhelmed, the secret place is waiting for you, ready to bring you closer to the presence of God.

Under the same skies that unite us all as God’s children, the mandate of Hillsong Worship continues to flourish. Their mission is simple yet powerful: to glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to build His Church, and to serve His Church with their new songs. Through this album and their song “Secret Place / Waiting,” they remind us that there is no need for pretense or impressiveness in worship. Instead, in the secret place, you are welcome just as you are, no matter where you are in your journey of faith. So take a moment, put your trust in Jesus, and allow yourself to be swept away in the melodies that connect heaven and earth. Discover the joy and freedom of worshiping in the secret place, where the worries of the world fade away, and you can truly experience the presence of God.

Check out the Secret Place / Waiting (Spontaneous) [Audio] - Hillsong Worship here.

Secret Place / Waiting (Spontaneous) [Audio] – Hillsong Worship

Video By Hillsong Worship

Hillsong Worship presents the audio for “Secret Place / Waiting (Spontaneous)” from their live album “These Same Skies.” Led by Chris Davenport and Brooke Ligertwood, this powerful and intimate worship song captures the essence of finding solace in the secret place of God’s presence. The video captures the raw emotion and spontaneity of the moment, allowing listeners to connect with the lyrics on a deeper level.

Context of the Song

“Secret Place / Waiting (Spontaneous)” is part of Hillsong Worship’s live album “These Same Skies.” The song speaks to the universal experience of seeking refuge and finding solace in the secret place of God’s presence. It emphasizes the idea that regardless of our geographical location, we are all under the same skies and united as God’s children. The song reflects the mission of Hillsong Worship to glorify the name of Jesus Christ and build His Church through worship.

Verse 1

Finding the Secret Place

The lyrics of “Secret Place / Waiting (Spontaneous)” describe the journey of finding the secret place. It is a place of refuge and intimacy with God, where we can experience His presence on a deeper level. The song captures the nostalgia and familiarity of discovering the secret place, a place that feels like home even though it may be unfamiliar at first. It speaks to the profound connection and sense of belonging that comes from finding this sacred space in the presence of God.

Familiarity and Uncertainty

The secret place is described as both simple and uncertain. There are moments when it seems easy to access, and other times when it feels elusive. Despite the uncertainty, every moment spent in the secret place is never wasted. Even in moments of doubt and insecurity, kneeling behind those closed doors brings a sense of peace and purpose.

Verse 2

Understanding the Secret Place

The lyrics of the second verse clarify the nature of the secret place. It is not about hiding or seeking recognition from others. The secret place gets its name from its hidden nature, far from the religious games and superficiality often associated with worship. It is a sacred space where the melody of worship is genuine and heartfelt, devoid of any ulterior motives. In the secret place, true worship is born.

Not About Hiding or Recognition

Contrary to its name, the secret place is not about hiding or seeking recognition. It is a space where one can sing and worship freely. There is no need for validation or the applause of a crowd. The focus is on the sacredness of the melody and the genuine connection with God. In the secret place, we can pour out our hearts without fear of judgment or expectations.

Verse 3

Invitation to the Secret Place

The third verse extends an open invitation to the secret place. There are no specific methods or guidelines to follow. It is a personal journey where each individual can find their unique path. The invitation is inclusive, open to anyone who desires to enter the secret place. There are countless ways to access this sacred space, and no single method is superior to another.

No Specific Method

Unlike other religious practices that rely on specific rituals or traditions, the secret place is characterized by its lack of a prescribed method. It is not about adhering to rigid rules, but rather about putting one’s trust in Jesus and allowing the melody of worship to flow naturally. Each person’s journey to the secret place is unique, reflecting their personal relationship with God and their individual expression of worship.

Verse 4

Welcoming All to the Secret Place

The lyrics of the fourth verse emphasize the inclusivity of the secret place. It welcomes everyone just as they are, without requiring them to play a specific role or meet certain expectations. There is no need for impressive performances or grand gestures. The simplicity of worship is embraced and cherished in the secret place.

The Simplicity of Worship

In a world that values complexity and showmanship, The Secret Place reminds us of the beauty found in simplicity. It is a place where extravagant displays are unnecessary, where the focus is solely on connecting with God in an authentic and pure way. In the secret place, the melody of heaven resounds, and true worship emerges from the depths of the heart.

Verse 5

Challenges in Accessing the Secret Place

The lyrics of the fifth verse acknowledge the challenges that can arise in accessing the secret place. There are days when it feels distant, beyond reach, and our failures seem to lock the entrance. We may feel disconnected from God’s presence and struggle with doubts and insecurities. However, the beauty of the secret place lies in the fact that it does not depend on us to open its doors.

The Dependency on God’s Presence

The secret place is not contingent upon our abilities or our worthiness. It exists independently of our circumstances and failures. We do not need to kick down an open door to experience God’s presence. Instead, we recognize that His presence does not require our efforts. It is a humbling realization that fosters gratitude for the grace and love of God, even in the face of our shortcomings.

Verse 6

Running to the Secret Place

The final verse of the song expresses a deep longing and determination to run to the secret place. There is an urgency to worship and reconnect with God. Worshipping without hindrance and embracing uninhibited expressions become a priority. In the secret place, there is no room for inhibitions or worrying about what others might think. It is a space free from judgment and filled with the purest form of worship.

Uninhibited Worship

True worship is not confined by societal norms or expectations. It cannot be limited or restrained. In the secret place, there is freedom to worship with abandon, to pour out one’s heart in complete surrender. The lyrics of the song urge the listener not to waste another minute but to fully embrace the beauty of worship and experience the transformative power of the secret place.


The Impact of the Secret Place

“Secret Place / Waiting (Spontaneous)” by Hillsong Worship signifies the impact of finding the secret place in one’s spiritual journey. It is a place of connectivity and worship where individuals can experience the intimate presence of God. The song encapsulates the essence of worship in its truest form, devoid of superficiality and religious expectations.

Connectivity and Worship

In a world filled with distractions and noise, the secret place provides a sanctuary for believers to connect with God. It is a reminder that regardless of our geographical location, we are all under the same skies, united as God’s children. The lyrics of the song evoke a sense of unity and purpose, calling believers to glorify the name of Jesus Christ and serve His Church with a new song.

In conclusion, “Secret Place / Waiting (Spontaneous)” is a powerful worship song that invites believers to seek the secret place, where they can find solace, connection, and authentic worship. It emphasizes the simplicity and inclusivity of worship, encouraging individuals to embrace their unique journey and find their own path to the secret place. Through heartfelt lyrics and spontaneous melodies, the song resonates with listeners, reminding them of the beauty and transformative power found in the secret place of God’s presence.

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