Staying Positive in Difficult Times

Staying Positive in Difficult Times








Staying Positive in Difficult Times, As the ship’s owner and pilot debated what to do, Paul interjected. He warned that leaving Fair Havens would cost them the ship and cargo as well as their lives.

Paul’s advice was based on his own experience as well as God’s promise that all things would work together for good (cf. Romans 8:28+).

1. Focus on What You Can Control

If you spend too much time worrying about things that are out of your control, you can become overwhelmed and pessimistic. But if you take the time to focus on what you can control, your mindset will change and it’ll help you stay positive.

In the story of Paul’s ship, the owner and pilot wanted to leave Fair Havens to escape a fierce storm but Paul warned them they would lose their cargo and lives if they did. Julius listens to Paul, and sends his soldiers to cut the boat loose. The crew then focuses on eating and staying together (Acts 27:32).

It is important to recognize what you can control in difficult times. This can help you feel less chaotic and empower you to make changes to ensure that life works out the way you want it to.

2. Make a List of Things You’re Grateful for

There are days when everything goes well and life feels easy, but there are also times where you can’t seem to catch a break. When this happens, it’s important to remember all the good things in your life. One of the best ways to do this is by making a list of things you are grateful for.

It doesn’t have to be a long list, and you can even make it into a daily habit! Some of the “little” things you can be thankful for include having a roof over your head, the ability to see (even if you need glasses), a hot meal, and a warm hug from a friend. These little things are sometimes the most meaningful and comforting. They can even help you turn a bad day around!

3. Make a List of Things You Can’t Control

There are some things that will just not be within your control. This doesn’t mean you should let it get you down, but rather that you should learn to recognize these things and move on from them as quickly as possible.

For instance, you may not be able to control whether a friend or family member’s illness gets better or worse, but you can choose to spend time with them, listen, and be present in the moment. You also can’t control a negative reaction to something someone else has said or done, but you can control your own internal response and how you manage conflict in relationships.

A great way to help put this into perspective is to make a list of the things that are outside your realm of control. This will give you a visual reminder and a place to start focusing your energy.

4. Take a Break

Taking breaks (even short ones) helps you feel more rested and alert. It also allows your brain to consolidate what you’ve just learned, so it is more likely that you will remember it.

Paul tries to warn Julius about what will happen before they set sail. It appears he is speaking both from God’s word and his own experience. He was a man who had traveled widely and had been shipwrecked three times.

However, Julius ignores Paul and orders the ship to set sail. Soon, a storm blew in with merciless fury. The ship and cargo were lost, but everyone survived. God’s word and Paul’s experiences helped save them. It is wise to listen to both!

5. Focus on the Positive

The apostle Paul was a man who stayed positive even in difficult times. It is important to keep a positive outlook and to remember that God is always in control, no matter what happens.

He warned them of the dangers of allowing themselves to be persuaded into believing that God’s decrees could cause them to neglect the means of salvation and fall into licentiousness. Paul’s admonishment shows that he was a wise man and was willing to share his opinion with others.

Trying to stay positive can be difficult, especially if you are a person who thinks negatively most of the time. Try to find activities/occasions that you look forward to, and focus on them. This will stop you from dwelling in the negative space and help to turn your thoughts into reality.

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