Surrounds Me (Audio) – Hillsong Worship

Experience the powerful and uplifting worship of Hillsong Worship with “Surrounds Me (Audio)”. This captivating song from their album “These Same Skies” reminds us that we are all united under the same skies, no matter where we are. Trust in God’s goodness and let His love and grace surround you always.

In this captivating audio, titled “Surrounds Me (Audio) – Hillsong Worship,” the talented music group Hillsong Worship leads us in a powerful live worship experience. This song, featured in their album “These Same Skies,” is a beautiful reminder that no matter where we are, whether in the northern or southern hemisphere, we are all united under the same skies. Inspired by God’s promise to Abraham, this song reflects on the unity of God’s children and the presence of Christ’s church on earth. Despite the physical barriers of oceans and borders, Hillsong Worship’s mission to glorify the name of Jesus Christ and build His Church continues strong. Through heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring melodies, “Surrounds Me” invites you to trust in God’s goodness and faithfulness, knowing that His love and grace surround you always. So, allow the captivating sounds of this worship song to uplift your spirit and draw you into a deeper connection with God.

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Surrounds Me (Audio) – Hillsong Worship

If you’re looking for a song that showcases the powerful and uplifting music of Hillsong Worship, then “Surrounds Me” is a must-listen. This song, featured in Hillsong Worship’s live album “These Same Skies”, is led by the talented Mi-kaisha Rose. Whether you’re in the northern or southern hemisphere, these same skies unite us, all of God’s children, just as the Lord promised Abraham. It is under these same skies that Christ’s church exists today, separated by oceans and borders yet unified in mission and cause.

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About the Song


“Surrounds Me” is a song that encapsulates God’s all-knowing nature and His amazing grace. Every detail and every thought in our hearts are known by Him, and He reveals His grace to us in profound ways. The song also emphasizes the importance of trusting in God’s goodness, knowing that He will never leave our side and that His love for us never changes.


The meaning behind “Surrounds Me” is rooted in the idea of finding comfort in God’s presence. The song acknowledges that in times of trouble or darkness, God is always there to meet us. His light illuminates every path we take, and His plans for us are always good. It’s a reminder that we can trust in His faithfulness and experience His goodness in our lives.


The lyrics of “Surrounds Me” beautifully express the themes of God’s knowledge, grace, and goodness. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key verses and chorus:

Verse 1 You have searched my heart, oh God You have known my ways Every detail and every thought You reveal Your grace And call me deeper

These lyrics depict the intimate relationship between God and His creation. He knows us deeply, even the intricacies of our hearts and thoughts. Through His grace, He calls us to go deeper in our faith and relationship with Him.

Chorus You will be the one I trust You will be the one I love Your goodness surrounds me Your goodness surrounds me You will never leave my side You will never change Your mind Your goodness surrounds me Your goodness surrounds me

The chorus highlights the unchanging nature of God’s goodness and our trust in Him. It reassures us that His presence is constant, and His love for us remains unwavering. His goodness becomes our shield and comfort in every aspect of our lives.

Hillsong Worship’s Mission

Hillsong Worship has a clear and focused mission that drives its music ministry. Let’s explore their core objectives:

To Glorify the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

At the heart of Hillsong Worship’s mission is the desire to bring glory to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Their music serves as a medium to lift His name high and honor Him. Through their songs, they aim to create an atmosphere where people can connect with God and worship Him wholeheartedly.

To Build His Church

Another significant aspect of Hillsong Worship’s mission is to build the Church. They believe in the transformative power of worship in uniting believers and building a strong community of faith. Their music is an invitation for people to come together, grow in their relationship with God, and actively participate in the Church’s growth.

To Serve His Church with the New Song

Lastly, Hillsong Worship’s mission involves serving the Church with new songs. They strive to create music that is relevant, authentic, and speaks to the hearts of believers worldwide. Their commitment to producing fresh, powerful worship songs helps provide churches with a rich repertoire to draw upon in their services.

Surrounds Me – Song Credits

“Surrounds Me” is a collaboration between two talented songwriters, Reuben Morgan and Sarah Griffiths. Let’s take a look at the credits for this impactful song:

  • Words and Music by Reuben Morgan & Sarah Griffiths
  • © 2021 Hillsong Music Publishing Australia & Universal Songs Of PolyGram Int., Inc.
  • CCLI: 7184445

These song credits acknowledge the contributions of Reuben Morgan and Sarah Griffiths in creating this inspiring worship anthem. The copyright information ensures that proper recognition is given and allows others to use the song for their own worship services.

Verse 1: God’s Knowledge and Grace

The first verse of “Surrounds Me” highlights God’s all-encompassing knowledge and His amazing grace. It acknowledges that God intimately knows every aspect of our hearts and thoughts. His grace is revealed to us in abundant ways, calling us to go deeper in our relationship with Him. This verse serves as a reminder of His omniscience and the personal connection He has with each of His children.

Chorus: Trusting and Experiencing God’s Goodness

The chorus of “Surrounds Me” centers around the theme of trust and experiencing God’s goodness. It declares that God is the one we trust and love. His goodness serves as a constant presence in our lives, surrounding us and guiding us through every situation. The chorus reassures us that God will never leave our side, and His love for us will never change. It’s a powerful proclamation of faith and a reminder of the unwavering nature of God’s goodness.

Verse 2: Finding Comfort in God’s Presence

The second verse of “Surrounds Me” speaks to finding comfort in God’s presence, especially in times of trouble or darkness. It acknowledges that the night may bring a troubled heart, but it also affirms that God will meet us there. His light illuminates every road we run, and all His plans for us are good. This verse serves as a reminder of the faithfulness of God and His ability to bring comfort and peace in the midst of challenging circumstances.


“Surrounds Me” by Hillsong Worship is a powerful worship song that captures the essence of God’s knowledge, grace, and goodness. It serves as a reminder of our connection to Him and the comfort we find in His presence. Hillsong Worship’s mission, grounded in glorifying the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, building His Church, and serving His Church with new songs, is evident in the impact of songs like “Surrounds Me”. To stay connected and experience more of Hillsong Worship’s music, be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Their commitment to creating authentic and relevant worship anthems continues to inspire believers worldwide. Let “Surrounds Me” be a source of encouragement and a reminder of God’s unchanging goodness in your life.

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