Philippians 4:19-23

Paul offers a distinctive greeting to the church at Philippi. Instead of individually addressing individuals as is often done in his letters, he greets “all the saints,” emphasizing how far-reaching Paul’s gospel had spread even into Rome’s highest authorities and their servants; furthermore, it shows that these Philippians stood by Paul even though many themselves were impoverished.

At this point in his imprisonment in Rome, Paul is still receiving and sending mail, thanks to being considered a Roman citizen. On one such day, he receives a hand-delivered letter from Philippi church’s Epaphroditus with an offering from them.

Paul was greatly touched by this gift from an obscure Christian community in an unfamiliar city, which came from far away but yet had such an effect on him personally. He wants them to know they will not be forgotten for their generosity and wants them to know they won’t go unappreciated.

Paul wrote, “For I have received from the Lord what I also sent to you: that my spirit and soul have become united in one mind for unity and love among you as it is with me.” Paul saw their common ground — their unity in Christ — and was able to set aside their differences for peace and love.

Though they were poor communities, the people still gave generously to Paul and his ministry. Paul thanked them and assured them that God will reward their generosity by saying: “In every way you have done well and are doing good; He blesses those who give freely.”

At the conclusion, he states: “And my God will provide for all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” This promise of abundant blessing goes far beyond anything we could ask or imagine; rather it satisfies only what is necessary.

Today we can apply this scripture to our lives by understanding that God doesn’t want only enough money for survival; He wants generous givers instead and will provide for all their needs. When we give with generosity in mind, He rewards that giving with far more than anticipated! That also holds true with other spiritual blessings that He provides His people.

Philippians 419

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