The God of gods & King of kings

In this captivating video, titled “The God of gods & King of kings,” the Endless Love of Jesus Ministries presents the message of I AM GOD – FATHER JESUS CHRIST IN THE FLESH. The video explores the powerful and divine nature of God, emphasizing His omnipotence and infinite love. It highlights how God created and sustains the entire universe, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy, and proclaims His sovereignty over all the kings of the earth. The video also conveys that God is the Prince of Peace, the King of Kings, and the Holy One who offers healing, salvation, and eternal life to all who believe in Him. Throughout the video, viewers are invited to know and experience the limitless love, grace, and power of God.

The God of gods & King of kings

The God of gods King of kings


In this article, we will explore the many titles and attributes of the mighty God, the Father Jesus Christ in the flesh. From being the God of gods to the King of kings, there is no end to the glory and power of our Lord. As we delve into each aspect of His divine nature, we will come to understand the depth of His love and the magnitude of His authority.

The Endless Love of Jesus Ministries

The Endless Love of Jesus Ministries is a platform dedicated to spreading the message of God’s love and the salvation offered through Jesus Christ. Through their videos and teachings, they aim to inspire and guide individuals towards a personal relationship with the heavenly Father. It is through this ministry that we come to know the endless love and grace of our Lord.

The Creator of the Universe

Before the creation of the heavens and the earth, God existed. He holds the entire universe in His hands, from the tiniest particle to the grandest galaxy. Everything is under His control, and even the sun hides in His shadow. The earth rests upon the foundation established by Him, and He shapes the mountains with His own hands. Truly, He is the all-powerful Creator of the universe.

The All-Powerful God

God is not just powerful, but He is the epitome of power itself. There is nothing before Him, and nothing can compare to Him. He is beyond human comprehension and His ways are unfathomable. His kingdom is eternal and will endure forever. As the ruler of all kings on earth, He is the Prince of Peace and the righteous King. He is the King of kings, the King of the Jews, and the King of Glory. His reign knows no end, and His authority is unmatched.

The Holy God

God is pure and Holy. He is set apart from all that is impure and sinful. His holiness is perfect and untainted. In His presence, there can be no impurity, for He is the essence of purity itself. We are called to worship and revere Him as the Holy God.

The Eternal King

God’s kingdom is everlasting, and it will never come to an end. His reign is eternal, and His dominion knows no bounds. He is the Lord of lords, surpassing any earthly ruler or authority. His kingdom is beyond this temporal world, and it will continue for all eternity. How blessed are we to be part of His eternal kingdom!

The Prince of Peace

In a world plagued by conflict and unrest, God offers the gift of peace through His Son, Jesus Christ. He is the Prince of Peace, bringing calm amidst the storm. He is our refuge and safety, shielding us from harm. In times of temptation and trials, He offers us His peace that surpasses all understanding. We are called to trust in Him and find solace in His presence.

The King of Kings

God’s rule extends over all earthly kings and rulers. He is the ultimate authority, and every king pales in comparison to His majesty. As the King of kings, He governs all nations and directs the affairs of the world. His wisdom and guidance surpass human comprehension, and His hand orchestrates the course of history.

The King of the Jews

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the Messiah and the King of the Jews. He came to fulfill the prophecies of old and to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth. Through His sacrificial death and resurrection, He offered salvation not only to the Jews but to all humanity. He is the long-awaited King, and His reign transcends all earthly kingdoms.

The King of Glory

God’s glory is unmatched, and He is the source of all glory. He is adorned with splendor and majesty, deserving of all honor and praise. His glory radiates throughout the heavens and the earth. When we worship and exalt Him, we lift our voices to the King of Glory.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

God is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the patriarchs of the Israelite people. He made a covenant with them, promising to be their God and the God of their descendants. Through His faithfulness, God fulfilled His promises to the Israelites and continues to guide and bless His chosen people.

The Lord of Lords

As the Lord of lords, God’s authority surpasses that of any earthly ruler or leader. He is above all powers and dominions, and His sovereignty is unchallengeable. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is the Lord of lords, acknowledging His supremacy over all.

The God of Healing

God is our healer, both in body and in spirit. Through His divine power, He can restore health and wholeness. His love and compassion extend to those who are suffering, and He longs to bring healing to their lives. We can trust in His healing touch and seek Him in times of sickness and pain.

The God of Protection

In a world filled with danger and uncertainty, God is our protector. He shields us from harm and guides us through the storms of life. His presence is our refuge and fortress, offering us safety and security. We can find solace in knowing that our God is a mighty protector.

The Alpha and Omega

God is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega. He existed before time and will continue to exist for all eternity. There is nothing beyond Him, and His presence fills all of creation. He is the source of all things, and His plan encompasses the entirety of human history.

The Only God

There is no other God besides the one true God. He stands alone in His divinity, and there is none like Him. He alone is worthy of our worship and adoration. He is the God who deserves our wholehearted devotion.

The God of Grace

God’s grace is boundless and limitless. There is no end to His overflowing grace and mercy. He extends His forgiveness and love to all who seek Him. In His grace, He offers us salvation, redemption, and reconciliation. We can never exhaust His abundant grace.

The God of Holiness

God is holy, and He calls us to live holy lives. He sets us apart to live in righteousness and purity. Through His Spirit, He empowers us to live according to His holy standards. As the God of holiness, He transforms us to reflect His character and shine His light in the world.

The God of Miracles

God is a miraculous God, capable of performing wonders beyond our comprehension. He has the power to heal the sick, raise the dead, and perform miracles beyond our wildest dreams. His miracles are a testament to His authority and supremacy. We can trust in His ability to work miracles in our lives.

The God of Justice

God is a just God, upholding righteousness and fairness. He detests injustice and advocates for the oppressed. He is the ultimate Judge, and His judgments are perfect and just. We can find solace in knowing that God will bring justice to every situation and hold all accountable.

The God of Salvation

God offers salvation to all who believe in Him. Through His Son Jesus Christ, He provided the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. His love and mercy opened the door for us to experience redemption and eternal life. We are saved by His grace and restored to a relationship with Him.

The God of Love

Above all, God is the God of love. His love is unfailing, unconditional, and everlasting. He demonstrated His love by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. His love reaches to the depths of our souls and transforms our lives. We are called to love Him and to love others as He has loved us.

The God of Unlimited Goodness

God’s goodness knows no bounds. He is the source of all that is good and perfect. His abundant goodness extends to every aspect of our lives. We can trust that His plans for us are good, and He delights in showering us with His blessings.

The Merciful God

God is full of mercy and compassion. He forgives our sins and offers us a fresh start. His mercies are new every morning, and His grace is sufficient for us. We can approach Him with confidence, knowing that His mercy and compassion are always available to us.

The God of Infinite Blessings

God is the giver of every good and perfect gift. His blessings are abundant and limitless. He delights in lavishing His blessings upon us and meeting our every need. We can trust in His provision and recognize that every blessing comes from His hand.

The God of Possibilities

In God, all things are possible. There is no problem too big for Him to solve, no obstacle too great for Him to overcome. His power and wisdom surpass our understanding, and He is able to accomplish the impossible. We can have faith and trust in Him to bring about the impossible in our lives.

The God of Unchanging Glory

God’s glory is unchanging and eternal. It cannot be diminished or tarnished. His glory is a reflection of His divine nature and character. As we worship and glorify Him, we acknowledge His unchanging glory and surrender ourselves to His majesty.

The God of Life and Breath

God is the giver and sustainer of life. He breathed life into all of creation, and it is through Him that we have our being. He intimately knows every detail of our lives and holds our very breath in His hands. We can trust in His provision and guidance, knowing that He has our best interests at heart.

The God of Revelation

God reveals Himself to us through His Word, the Bible. Through His divine revelation, we gain knowledge and understanding of His character and will. He guides us through His Spirit, revealing His truth and wisdom. We can seek Him in His Word and experience the transformative power of His revelation.

The God of Unlimited Power

God’s power knows no limits. He is all-powerful and can do all things. There is nothing too difficult or impossible for Him. His power is beyond human comprehension and encompasses every aspect of creation. We can trust in His power to work in our lives and accomplish His purposes.

The God of Infinite Wisdom

God’s wisdom is infinite and surpasses human understanding. He is the source of all wisdom and knowledge. His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. We can seek His wisdom and guidance in every aspect of our lives.

The God of Worship

God is deserving of our worship and adoration. He alone is worthy of our praise. We are called to worship Him with all of our being and to magnify His name. As we worship Him, we enter into His presence and experience His power and glory.

The God of Eternal Kingdom

God’s kingdom is eternal and will never end. His reign extends beyond this temporal world into the realm of eternity. In His kingdom, there is no sorrow or pain, only joy and peace. We are called to be citizens of His eternal kingdom and to live in light of His truth.

The God of Compliance and Fear

God is the God we should fear and tremble before. His presence evokes both reverence and awe. He is a jealous God who demands our complete obedience and devotion. We must submit ourselves to His authority and live in compliance with His commands.

The God of Victory

God is the ultimate victor. He has overcome sin, death, and the power of darkness through the victory of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. In Him, we find victory over every battle we face. We can trust in His strength and power to lead us to triumph.

The Protector in the Storm

God is our refuge and safety in times of trouble. He protects us from the storms of life and offers us peace amidst chaos. He is our shelter and shield, and in Him, we find true security. We can rest assured knowing that He is with us, even in the midst of the storm.

The Giver of Freedom

God is the one who sets us free from the bondage of sin. Through Jesus Christ, He offers us freedom and liberation. He breaks the chains that bind us and calls us to walk in the freedom He has provided. We can enjoy the freedom found in a relationship with Him.

The Healer of the Broken

God is the healer of the brokenhearted and the wounded. He tenderly mends our brokenness and offers us healing and restoration. His love and compassion pour out upon us, bringing comfort and wholeness. We can find healing and restoration in His presence.

The Light of the World

God is the light of the world, shining amidst the darkness. In Him, there is no darkness, and His light penetrates every aspect of our lives. His truth dispels the darkness of ignorance and deception. We can walk in His light and be guided by His truth.

The Bringer of Eternal Life

Through Jesus Christ, God offers us eternal life. He is the source of life, and in Him, we find true life and fulfillment. He promises us eternal life with Him, free from the shackles of sin and death. We can have hope and assurance in the promise of eternal life through our faith in Him.

The Judge of the Unbelievers

God is the righteous Judge who will bring judgment upon the unbelievers. He holds every person accountable for their actions and decisions. Those who reject Him will face His judgment, while those who accept His salvation will be granted eternal life. We must be mindful of His judgment and strive to live according to His will.

The God of Everlasting Kingdom

God’s kingdom is everlasting, and it will endure for all eternity. His reign is eternal, and His dominion knows no end. He is the King of kings and the ruler of all nations. In His eternal kingdom, we will find true joy, peace, and fulfillment.

In conclusion, the God of gods and the King of kings, the Father Jesus Christ in the flesh, is beyond our comprehension. From His endless love and mercy to His infinite wisdom and power, there is no end to His glory and greatness. Through exploring the various titles and attributes of God, we come to know Him more intimately and discover the depth of His love for us. May we worship Him, obey Him, and seek Him with all of our hearts, for He alone is worthy of our praise and adoration.

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