Love Knows No End – Hillsong Worship

In this article, you’ll find the powerful song “Love Knows No End” by Hillsong Worship. Released in July 2012, this song is part of the album “Cornerstone.” The video features beautiful lyrics that speak to the faith and hope we find in the love of Christ. The song emphasizes the unwavering nature of God’s love, the strength it provides, and the hope it brings to our lives. With heartfelt verses and a captivating chorus, “Love Knows No End” will surely uplift your spirit and inspire you to embrace the boundless love that knows no limits.

Hillsong Worship, known for their heartfelt and powerful music, delivers yet another inspiring and soul-stirring worship song with “Love Knows No End.” The touching lyrics remind us that no matter what we face, God’s love is always there to guide and sustain us. Through this song, we are reminded of the unbreakable bond we share with Christ and the depth of His love that truly knows no end. So, sit back, relax, and let the captivating melodies and empowering lyrics of “Love Knows No End” wash over you, leaving you with a renewed sense of hope and faith in the endless love of our Savior.

Love Knows No End – A Beautiful Expression of Divine Love


In the realm of music, there are songs that capture the essence of profound emotions and touch the depths of our souls. One such song is “Love Knows No End” by Hillsong Worship. Released in July 2012 as a part of the album “Cornerstone,” this powerful composition resonates with people across the globe. The lyrics, penned by Ben Fielding, Harrison Wood, and Reuben Morgan, beautifully express the boundless nature of divine love. Let’s dive deeper into the verses, chorus, bridge, and the profound message behind this enchanting piece of music.

Verse 1: A Glimpse of Transcendence

“I lift my eyes to see Your face In everything Held by hands of mercy.”

The opening verse sets the tone for the entire song. By lifting our eyes to see the face of God, we acknowledge His presence in every aspect of our lives. The profound truth that we are held by His hands of mercy fills our hearts with hope and reassurance. It is a reminder that no matter what challenges we face, His loving embrace will guide and sustain us.

Verse 2: Empowered by Faith

“I will run and not grow weary I will rise in God my strength My heart will trust For all my hope Is Christ alone.”

In times of weariness and struggle, we often look for sources of strength. This verse reminds us that true strength lies in God. By placing our trust in Him, we find the strength to persevere and overcome any obstacle. Our hope rests solely in Christ, who is our unwavering foundation. With these words, the song encourages us to keep running the race of life, knowing that God’s strength will sustain us.

Chorus: Boundless Love

“Your love it knows no end Your love it knows no end Your love it knows no end.”

The chorus acts as a powerful declaration of the boundless nature of divine love. It reflects the eternal and unconditional love that God has for us. In a world where love is often conditional and transient, this chorus reminds us that God’s love is limitless and everlasting. It invites us to revel in the overwhelming depth of His love and to live in the certainty of His faithfulness.

Verse 3: Emulating Divine Love

“I will love for You have loved I will forgive as You forgive Your love prevails You fill my life with hope again.”

The third verse calls us to emulate God’s love and forgiveness in our own lives. By loving as He has loved us and forgiving as He forgives, we become vessels of His love in the world. The verse assures us that His love prevails, even in the face of pain and adversity. It is through this love that our lives are filled with hope once more, rekindling the flame of purpose and joy within us.

Bridge: The Eternal Reign and Light

“You reign forever You reign forever You are the light unto this world.”

The bridge lifts us to a place of reverence and awe. It affirms the eternal reign of God and the radiance of His light. By acknowledging His sovereignty, we find solace in the knowledge that He is in control, and His light leads us through the darkest of times. The bridge serves as a reminder of His unwavering presence and illuminates the path of our journey.

Now my soul sings: Infinite Love

“Your love it knows no end Your love it knows no end Your love it knows no end.”

The repetition of these heartfelt lines in the final section of the song emphasizes the infinite nature of God’s love. As our souls sing these words, we join with countless others in expressing our gratitude for the boundless love that surrounds us. It is a powerful affirmation of faith, a testament to the enduring impact of divine love in our lives.

Conclusion: A Timeless Anthem of Love

“Love Knows No End” is more than just a song. It is an anthem that resonates with the deepest yearnings of our hearts. Its verses, chorus, and bridge beautifully capture the essence of divine love and inspire us to embrace and share that love with others. As we lift our eyes to see His face, run with unwavering faith, and love as He loves, we find ourselves enveloped in the limitless love of our Heavenly Father. In a world often marked by division and strife, this timeless message reminds us that true love knows no end.

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