The Wise Men Follow the Star to Bethlehem

“The Wise Men Follow the Star to Bethlehem” is a video created by Saddleback Kids, telling the story of the wise men from the Bible, Matthew 2:1-14. In this captivating tale, we learn about the time of Jesus’s birth and the arrival of wise men from the East in Jerusalem. These wise men seek the newborn King of the Jews, as indicated by a star they witnessed rising, and their intention is to worship Him. However, their inquiry angers King Herod, who calls a meeting with religious leaders to inquire about the Messiah’s birthplace. They inform him that the Messiah is to be born in Bethlehem, prompting King Herod to secretly meet with the wise men and request them to inform him once they find the child. The wise men set off to follow the star, eventually finding Jesus and His mother, Mary, in Bethlehem. Overjoyed, they offer gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, and worship Him. In a dream, they are warned against revealing Jesus’s location to King Herod, leading them to return to their home country through a different route. This powerful tale is a part of the Bible Stories collection, providing insight into the history and significance of the Wise Men’s journey.

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The Wise Men’s Journey

The Arrival of the Wise Men in Jerusalem

The journey of the Wise Men began when they arrived in Jerusalem from the east. These wise and learned men were guided by a remarkable star that they believed to be a sign of the birth of a new King of the Jews. Their arrival in Jerusalem caused quite a stir, as people were curious about their purpose and the significance of the star they followed.

The Question to King Herod

Upon arriving in Jerusalem, the Wise Men sought an audience with King Herod himself. They asked him a simple yet profound question: “Where is the newborn King of the Jews? We saw his star as it rose, and we have come to worship him.” This question not only intrigued Herod but also threatened his grasp on power and authority.

King Herod’s Reaction

Upon hearing the question from the Wise Men, King Herod was filled with anger and jealousy. The idea of another King of the Jews, especially a newborn one, threatened his own reign over the land. It is important to note that King Herod was an evil and tyrannical ruler who would stop at nothing to maintain his power. Herod’s reaction set the stage for a series of events that would unfold in the days to come.

Consultation with the Leading Priests and Teachers

In order to provide an answer to the Wise Men’s question, King Herod called a meeting with the leading priests and teachers of religious law. He wanted to know where the Messiah, the long-awaited Savior, was supposed to be born. The religious leaders informed Herod that according to prophecy, the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, a small town in Judea.

The Prophecy of the Messiah’s Birthplace

The prophecy regarding the birthplace of the Messiah had been written by the ancient prophets. The leading priests and teachers of religious law explained to King Herod that Bethlehem, though a small town in Judah, held great significance. From Bethlehem, a ruler would emerge who would govern Israel. This ruler was not an ordinary leader but one whose origins traced back to ancient times. This revelation added weight and importance to the quest of the Wise Men.

King Herod’s Secret Meeting with the Wise Men

After consulting with the religious leaders, King Herod secretly met with the Wise Men. In this private meeting, he shared with them his own desire to find the newborn King and worship him. However, it is important to note that Herod had ulterior motives. He saw an opportunity to eliminate any potential threat to his rule by using the Wise Men as unknowing informants.

Following the Star

Setting Off to Bethlehem

Following their meeting with King Herod, the Wise Men set off from Jerusalem to continue their journey. They were once again guided by the star, which led them to Bethlehem, fulfilling the prophecy they were aware of. Their faith and determination remained steadfast as they embarked on a search for the newborn King.

The Arrival at Jesus’ Location

The star that the Wise Men followed led them to the exact location where Jesus was. Arriving at the house where the family resided, they found the promised child, Jesus, along with his mother Mary. The fulfillment of their journey and the sight of the newborn King brought immense joy and fulfillment to the Wise Men.

Entering the House and Meeting Mary

With reverence and awe, the Wise Men entered the house where Jesus was. They were humbled by the presence of the promised Savior and deeply respectful of his mother, Mary. The encounter with Jesus and his mother was a significant moment that affirmed their mission and purpose.

Offerings of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

In a beautiful display of reverence and adoration, the Wise Men presented Jesus with offerings of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These precious and symbolic gifts represented the recognition of Jesus’ kingship (gold), his divinity (frankincense), and the foreshadowing of his sacrificial death (myrrh). The Wise Men’s offerings were not only a gesture of worship but also a symbolic declaration of who Jesus was and what he would accomplish.

Overjoyed by the Fulfillment of the Promise

The Wise Men were overwhelmed with joy as they realized that their journey had led them to the fulfillment of God’s promise. Seeing the promised Messiah in person, they were filled with a sense of awe and wonder. The star that had guided them served as a witness to the faithfulness of God, and the Wise Men were overjoyed to have been a part of this extraordinary moment.

Bowing and Worshiping Jesus

In an act of deep reverence and worship, the Wise Men bowed before Jesus. Their hearts and spirits were moved by the presence of the promised Savior. They recognized his divine nature and honored him as the newborn King of the Jews. In their worship, they acknowledged the fulfillment of God’s plan and the extraordinary gift that Jesus was to the world.

The Warnings and Divergent Path

The Warning in a Dream

Following their encounter with Jesus, the Wise Men were warned in a dream not to return to King Herod. This dream served as a divine intervention, a way for God to protect Jesus from the evil intentions of Herod. The Wise Men took this warning seriously and believed it to be a clear message from God.

Herod’s Plot to Kill Jesus

The warning in their dream revealed the true intentions of King Herod. Herod, feeling threatened by the news of a newborn King, devised a plot to eliminate Jesus and protect his own power. This revelation highlighted the extent to which Herod was willing to go in order to maintain his reign, even resorting to violence and murder.

The Departure of the Wise Men

Heeding the warning in their dream, the Wise Men chose to depart from Bethlehem without informing Herod of Jesus’ exact location. They understood the danger that Jesus faced and prioritized his safety above all else. Their departure marked a turning point in their journey, as they were now faced with the challenge of finding a different route back to their home country.

Returning to Their Home Country

The Wise Men began their journey back to their home country, carrying with them the profound experience and encounter they had with Jesus. While the path they had chosen would be longer and more challenging, they embraced it willingly, as they knew they were following the guidance of God. Their faith was strengthened by the journey and the fulfillment of God’s plan.

Choosing a Different Route

Knowing that Herod posed a threat to Jesus’ life, the Wise Men decided to choose a different route for their return journey. This decision was a practical one that aimed to protect the child and thwart any attempts of Herod to harm him. The Wise Men’s willingness to alter their plans demonstrated their unwavering commitment to ensuring Jesus’ safety as they journeyed back home.


The Wise Men’s Faithful Journey

The journey of the Wise Men was not just a physical pilgrimage; it was a testament to their faith and devotion. Guided by the star and propelled by their belief in the prophecy, the Wise Men displayed unwavering dedication to finding the newborn King. Their journey serves as a reminder of the power of faith and the rewards that come with following God’s leading.

The Significance of the Star

The star that the Wise Men followed held great significance throughout their journey. It served as a celestial guide, leading them to the very presence of Jesus. The star represented the divine hand at work, orchestrating events and aligning the heavens to fulfill the prophecies. It symbolized God’s faithfulness and the fulfillment of his promises.

Herod’s Fear and Jealousy

King Herod’s reaction to the news of a newborn King revealed his fear and jealousy. He could not bear the thought of another ruler who could potentially challenge his authority. Herod’s response serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the dangers of unchecked power and the lengths some individuals will go to maintain it.

The Wise Men’s Reverence and Worship

The Wise Men’s encounter with Jesus and their subsequent worship reveal their deep reverence for the promised Messiah. They recognized the significance of his birth and came to honor him as the King of the Jews. Their worship was an act of submission and humility, acknowledging Jesus’ divinity and authority.

The Importance of Following God’s Word

The story of the Wise Men underscores the importance of following God’s word and being attentive to his leading. Their obedience to the dream warning them of Herod’s intentions demonstrated their trust in God’s guidance. The Wise Men teach us that when we listen to God and follow his leading, he will guide and protect us through any challenges or adversities we may face.

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