The Wise Men and the Savior’s Birth

In “The Wise Men and the Savior’s Birth,” this heartfelt video by Saddleback Kids tells the beautiful story of Jesus’ birth and the journey of a group of wise men who were guided by a miraculous star. These wise men, captivated by the night sky, stumbled upon a new star that revealed to them the birth of the savior of the world. With unwavering faith, they followed this celestial guide until it led them to the humble abode where Jesus lay. Overwhelmed with joy, they worshipped him and bestowed upon him precious gifts, acknowledging his divine purpose as the savior of mankind. This touching account from Matthew 2:1-12 reminds us of the incredible power of faith and the profound impact one small act of worship can have on the world. So, embark on this spiritual journey, as we explore the significance of Jesus as our Savior and the timeless wisdom woven within this biblical tale. Let us delve into the enchanting depths of the story, one that resonates with believers from all walks of life.

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The Wise Men’s Discovery

The appearance of a new star intrigued the group of wise men. As they gazed at the night sky, they noticed a radiant star that seemed unfamiliar to them. Little did they know that this star would lead them on a life-changing journey to the birth of the Savior of the world.

Interpreting the significance of the star

Being knowledgeable in astrology and ancient prophecies, the wise men realized that this star held great significance. They believed it to be a celestial sign indicating the birth of a significant figure, perhaps even the long-awaited Messiah. Filled with curiosity and excitement, they sought to understand the message behind the star and their role in this divine plan.

Following the star’s guidance

Guided by their intuition and faith, the wise men embarked on a daring journey to follow the star’s path. They set off on a quest through unfamiliar lands, traversing deserts and mountains, driven by their unwavering belief in the star’s purpose. Even though they faced countless challenges and uncertainties, their trust in the star’s guidance never wavered.

The Journey to Savior’s Birth

Preparing for the journey

Before setting off on their journey, the wise men made careful preparations. They assembled provisions, gathered valuable gifts fit for a king, and sought wisdom from fellow scholars. Their meticulous preparations reflected their determination and reverence for the task at hand.

Traveling through unfamiliar lands

Traveling through unknown territories brought its own set of challenges. The wise men encountered harsh weather, treacherous terrains, and communication barriers. Yet, fueled by their unyielding belief, they pressed on, relying on their instincts and the star as their guiding light, leading them closer to their destination.

Facing challenges on the way

Throughout their journey, the wise men encountered various obstacles that tested their resolve. Their commitment was put to the test as they encountered adversity, encountering bandits, exhaustion, and the risk of losing their way. However, their unwavering faith in the star’s divine guidance propelled them forward, overcoming each hurdle with determination and steadfastness.

Arrival at Jesus’s Location

The star guides them to the specific house

Miraculously, the star led the wise men directly to the exact house where Jesus lay. Their journey, filled with uncertainty and challenges, was rewarded as the star stopped above the humble dwelling. This divine guidance reassured the wise men that they were on the right path and that their purpose was about to be fulfilled.

Meeting Mary and Joseph

Upon their arrival, the wise men were greeted by Mary and Joseph, the parents chosen to raise the Savior of the world. Overwhelmed with awe and reverence, the wise men understood the significance of the moment. Their encounter with the holy couple affirmed their belief in the star’s message and their devotion to the newborn King.

Experiencing awe and reverence

In the presence of Jesus, the wise men were filled with an indescribable sense of awe and reverence. Their encounter with the divine changed them forever. They could sense the magnitude of Jesus’s presence, recognizing His divinity and the profound impact He would have on the world.

Worshipping the Savior

Recognizing Jesus’s divinity

The moment they beheld Jesus, the wise men knew they were in the presence of greatness. They recognized His divinity and understood that He was no ordinary child. Their hearts overflowed with love and devotion as they worshipped the newborn King, humbling themselves before His majesty.

Offering gifts in reverence

To honor Jesus and express their reverence, the wise men presented Him with precious gifts. Each gift carried symbolic meaning, representing different aspects of Jesus’s identity and mission. Their offerings of gold, frankincense, and myrrh were laden with deep significance, demonstrating their understanding of Jesus’s royal lineage and sacrificial purpose.

Expressing their faith and gratitude

The wise men expressed their gratitude to God for bringing them to Jesus. They offered prayers of thanksgiving, pouring out their hearts with faith and trust in the divine plan. Their faith journey had led them to the Savior, and they knew they were witnessing a moment of unparalleled grace and salvation.

The Significance of the Gifts

Gold symbolizing kingship

The gift of gold symbolized Jesus’s kingship. It acknowledged His royal lineage as the long-awaited King of Israel, a descendant of the great King David. The wise men recognized that Jesus would reign over a spiritual kingdom, guiding and leading His people with justice and love.

Frankincense representing deity

The gift of frankincense represented Jesus’s divine nature. Used in ancient religious rituals, frankincense signified the offering of prayers and worship to God. The wise men acknowledged Jesus as the Son of God, fully divine and worthy of adoration. They understood that He would bridge the gap between humanity and the divine, offering salvation and eternal life.

Myrrh foreshadowing Jesus’s death

The gift of myrrh held a solemn foreshadowing of Jesus’s sacrificial death. Myrrh was often used for embalming and symbolized death and burial. The wise men recognized that Jesus would give His life as a sacrifice for the sins of humanity. Their offering of myrrh was an acknowledgment of the difficult path that lay ahead for the Savior, demonstrating their understanding of His mission.

The Wise Men’s Message

Spreading the news of the Savior’s birth

Having witnessed the miraculous birth of Jesus, the wise men felt compelled to share the news with others. They understood the profound implications of the Savior’s arrival and knew that this moment was meant to be shared with the world. Their message carried the weight of divine revelation and inspired hope in the hearts of those who heard it.

Sharing their personal experience

To make their message more relatable and impactful, the wise men shared their personal experience of following the star and encountering Jesus. They spoke of the challenges they faced along their journey and how their faith never wavered. Their firsthand account resonated with others, igniting curiosity and stirring hearts towards seeking the Savior.

Inspiring others to seek the Savior

The wise men’s message served as a catalyst for others to seek out Jesus. Their testimony of the star’s guidance, their encounter with the newborn King, and the significance of His birth inspired countless individuals to embark on their own spiritual quests. The wise men’s story became a beacon of hope, urging others to seek the Savior and experience the transformative power of faith.

The Impact on the Wise Men

Deepening of their faith

The journey to Jesus deepened the wise men’s faith in profound ways. Through every challenge and setback, their belief in the star’s divine guidance grew stronger. Witnessing the fulfillment of ancient prophecies and experiencing the presence of the Savior firsthand fortified their faith, leaving an indelible mark on their spiritual journey.

Transformation of their lives

Encountering Jesus transformed the lives of the wise men in unimaginable ways. The truth and love radiating from the infant Messiah touched their souls and reshaped their understanding of the world. Their encounter with Jesus redirected their paths, leading them to a life of service, worship, and devotion to God’s kingdom.

Becoming witnesses of Jesus’s birth

The wise men became eyewitnesses to the birth of the Savior, entrusted with the sacred duty of sharing their firsthand account with others. Their lives became a testament to the power of faith and the transformative nature of encountering Jesus. Through their experiences, they became ambassadors of hope, testifying to the universal significance of Jesus’s birth.

The Significance of the Star

The star as a divine sign

The appearance of the star was a divine sign, a celestial marker pointing to the birth of the Savior. It served as a guiding light, leading the wise men to Jesus and signaling the fulfillment of God’s promises. The star’s brilliance and unique presence in the night sky captured the attention of the wise men and drew them into the unfolding drama of God’s redemptive plan.

Fulfillment of ancient prophecies

The appearance of the star heralded the fulfillment of ancient prophecies foretelling the coming of the Messiah. Throughout the centuries, prophets had spoken of a future King who would bring salvation and establish God’s kingdom on earth. The wise men’s discovery of the star confirmed the authenticity of these prophecies, causing belief and anticipation to swell among those who awaited the Messiah’s arrival.

Symbolizing Jesus’s role as the Light of the World

The star’s radiance symbolized Jesus’s role as the Light of the World. Just as the star illuminated the path for the wise men, Jesus would illuminate the way to salvation and eternal life for all humanity. The star’s presence in the sky served as a tangible reminder that Jesus’s birth was a pivotal moment in human history, ushering in a new era of hope and redemption.

Lessons from the Wise Men

Importance of seeking spiritual guidance

The wise men’s story teaches us the importance of seeking spiritual guidance in our own lives. Just as they followed the star, we are encouraged to trust in a higher power and allow divine guidance to lead us on our own journeys. By seeking and being open to spiritual direction, we can navigate the complexities of life with clarity and purpose.

The value of worshipping and offering

The wise men’s act of worship and the presentation of their gifts exemplify the value of worship and offering in our relationship with God. Through worship, we express our adoration, gratitude, and reverence for the divine. Offering our gifts, whether material possessions or acts of service, demonstrates our willingness to offer ourselves fully in devotion to God.

Being open to the unexpected

The wise men’s journey to Jesus reminds us to be open to the unexpected. They were astronomers, expecting to observe the celestial wonders, but they found themselves embarking on a pilgrimage of faith and encountering the Savior of the world. By staying open to new possibilities and embracing divine interventions, we may find ourselves on unexpected paths that lead to profound transformation.


The timeless story of the Wise Men and the Savior’s birth continues to inspire faith and hope in people across the globe. Their journey reflects the universal longing for a higher purpose and the pursuit of truth. As we reflect on the Wise Men’s unwavering faith, their encounters with Jesus, and the profound symbolism surrounding their visit, we are reminded of the universal significance of Jesus’s birth and the transformative power of His presence in our lives. May their story continue to inspire hearts, igniting a desire to seek the Savior and experience the abundant blessings that flow from encountering Him.

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