A young new pharaoh faces tradition and family to find her place as a ruler

In the animated short film “Pharaoh” by Derrick Forkel and Mitchell Jao, a young and determined pharaoh must navigate the challenges of tradition and familial expectations in order to establish her rightful place as a ruler. The film, created at the School of Visual Arts, explores the protagonist’s journey as she faces the consequences of a man slandering her name and her decision on how to handle the situation. With stunning animation and a powerful storyline, “Pharaoh” showcases the struggle of a young leader finding her voice and making difficult choices in the face of adversity.

Throughout the film, viewers are captivated by the visually striking visuals and the emotional depth of the storyline. As the young pharaoh grapples with the conflicted dynamics of power and familial responsibility, she must ultimately decide what course of action aligns with her own values and aspirations. With its powerful message and impressive animation, “Pharaoh” is a must-watch for anyone interested in exploring themes of leadership, tradition, and personal growth.

The young new pharaoh

Facing tradition and family

The journey to finding her place as a ruler

As a young new pharaoh, you are faced with the daunting task of stepping into the shoes of your ancestors and ruling over your people. The weight of tradition and the expectations of your family hang heavily upon you. It is a journey of self-discovery and finding your place as a ruler.

The discovery of her role

The weight of tradition

The expectations of her family

Discovering your role as a pharaoh is not an easy task. You are born into a world that expects you to carry on the traditions and beliefs of your ancestors. The weight of these traditions can be overwhelming, as you are expected to rule with the same wisdom and authority as those who came before you.

On top of that, your family holds high expectations for you. They have invested their hopes and dreams in your ability to rule effectively and honor the legacy of your lineage. It can be challenging to navigate these expectations, especially when you may have your own ideas and aspirations.

A young new pharaoh faces tradition and family to find her place as a ruler

Challenges faced by a young ruler

Balancing tradition and progress

Navigating family dynamics

As a young ruler, you face numerous challenges in finding your place and establishing your authority. One of the key challenges is striking a balance between upholding tradition and embracing progress. You want to honor the customs and values of your people, but at the same time, you understand the need for innovation and adaptation in order to meet the changing world.

Furthermore, navigating family dynamics adds another layer of complexity to your journey. Your family members may have their own opinions and agendas, and it can be difficult to find common ground and make decisions that are in the best interest of your people.

The struggle for acceptance

Proving herself to the people

Gaining the respect of her advisors

In order to establish yourself as a credible and capable leader, you must prove yourself to the people you govern. It is not enough to simply inherit the title of pharaoh; you must earn the respect and trust of your subjects through your actions and decisions.

Additionally, gaining the respect of your advisors is crucial. These experienced individuals have valuable knowledge and expertise, and their support is essential in helping you navigate the challenges of ruling. Building strong relationships with your advisors is key to successfully leading your kingdom.

A young new pharaoh faces tradition and family to find her place as a ruler

Making difficult decisions

Learning from the mistakes of her predecessors

Challenging the status quo

As a young ruler, you will inevitably be faced with difficult decisions that will have far-reaching consequences. It is important to learn from the mistakes of your predecessors and avoid repeating their errors. However, it is also crucial to challenge the status quo when necessary, as progress cannot be achieved without questioning and pushing boundaries.

Making these difficult decisions requires courage and the ability to weigh the pros and cons. It is not an easy task, but it is essential in governing effectively and leading your people towards a better future.

The search for identity

Defining her own path

Finding her own voice as a leader

Amidst the pressures of tradition and the expectations of your family, it is important to embark on a search for your own identity as a ruler. You must define your own path and find your own voice in order to lead authentically.

Exploring your heritage can be a valuable part of this journey. Embracing the unique perspectives and experiences of your ancestors can provide insight and wisdom in navigating the challenges ahead. At the same time, breaking free from societal expectations allows you to forge your own destiny and make meaningful contributions to your kingdom.

A young new pharaoh faces tradition and family to find her place as a ruler

Overcoming obstacles

Resisting pressure and resistance

Fighting for her rightful place on the throne

As a young pharaoh, you will inevitably face numerous obstacles and setbacks. It is crucial to resist pressure and resistance from those who may question your abilities or stand in your way. Your rightful place on the throne is not given, but earned through hard work, determination, and resilience.

Dealing with dissent and confronting opposition is part of the path towards establishing your authority. It requires strength and conviction to face these challenges head-on and prove your worth as a ruler. Overcoming internal doubts and fears is also essential in finding your place and asserting your leadership.

The journey of a young pharaoh

Finding her place as a ruler

Defying tradition and family to create her own destiny

The journey of a young pharaoh is not an easy one, but it is a journey filled with growth, self-discovery, and triumph. Finding your place as a ruler requires navigating the expectations of tradition and family while carving out your own path.

By defying tradition and embracing your unique perspective, you have the opportunity to create your own destiny and leave a lasting legacy. It is a challenging but rewarding journey that ultimately shapes you into the leader you were destined to be.

A young new pharaoh faces tradition and family to find her place as a ruler

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