Arise (Live) – Don Moen

Imagine yourself in a lively concert, surrounded by a crowd of passionate worshippers. The atmosphere is electric, and the music is uplifting. In this concert, Don Moen takes the stage and begins to sing “Arise (Live)” at First Baptist Jacksonville. The song is filled with powerful lyrics, inviting the Lord to come and change our lives as we lift Him up through our praises. Don Moen’s passionate performance and the enthusiastic response of the audience create a truly uplifting experience, reminding us of the power of worship and the presence of God amongst His people.

As the music continues, Don Moen encourages the crowd to sing along, reminding them that God is enthroned on the praises of His people. The audience enthusiastically joins him, lifting their voices and praising God together. This powerful moment connects the crowd to the presence of God as they declare their devotion and love for Him. It is a reminder that through worship, we can experience a rise in our spirit and a transformation in our lives. The video captures not only the beauty of Don Moen’s performance, but also the unity and joy that comes from worshipping together as a community.


In the realm of Christian worship music, few names have achieved the level of recognition and impact as Don Moen. With his powerful and heartfelt lyrics, Moen has touched the lives of millions of believers around the world. One of his most iconic songs is “Arise (Live),” a beautiful anthem that invites listeners to lift their voices in praise and surrender to God. This comprehensive article will explore the background of Don Moen, analyze the significance of worship in Christianity, and delve into the impact and importance of “Arise (Live)” as a transformative worship experience.

Background of Don Moen

Early Life and Career

Don Moen was born on June 29, 1950, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Growing up, he was raised in a musical household and developed a passion for playing the piano and singing. Moen’s musical journey began when he joined his church choir, where he honed his vocal abilities and started composing songs. His deep Christian faith and love for music eventually led him to pursue a career in the music industry.

Moen’s professional journey began in the late 1970s when he joined the Integrity Music label, a pioneering company in the contemporary Christian music genre. Throughout his career, Moen recorded numerous albums and penned many popular worship songs. His musical contributions have had a profound impact on Christian worship, making him one of the most influential worship leaders of his time.

Musical Style and Influence

Don Moen’s musical style can be described as contemporary Christian music with a strong emphasis on worship. His songs often feature simple yet impactful melodies and lyrics that resonate with listeners on a deep spiritual level. Moen’s music draws inspiration from various genres, including gospel, pop, and traditional hymns, creating a timeless and inclusive sound.

Moen’s influence extends far beyond the music industry. As a renowned worship leader, he has traveled the world, leading worship services and conferences, inspiring believers to encounter God through music. His warm and friendly demeanor, combined with his undeniable talent, has made him a beloved figure among Christians worldwide.

Overview of the Song ‘Arise (Live)’

Lyrics and Meaning

The lyrics of “Arise (Live)” center around the desire for God’s presence and transformation in the lives of worshippers. The song opens with the heartfelt request for God to change and shape lives through worship. The repeated phrase “arise” serves as a call to action, inviting believers to invite God to take His rightful place in their hearts.

The chorus further emphasizes the exaltation of God, recognizing Him as the King of kings and emphasizing His holiness. The lyrics encourage listeners to lift up their praises, acknowledging that God is enthroned on the praises of His people. Through the lyrics of “Arise (Live),” Don Moen seeks to inspire a spirit of surrender and devotion in worshippers, inviting them to experience God’s transformative power.

Performance at First Baptist Jacksonville

One notable performance of “Arise (Live)” took place at First Baptist Jacksonville, where Don Moen led a powerful worship session. The performance was characterized by a vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere, with the audience actively engaging in worship. The rendition of the song showcased Moen’s dynamic stage presence and his ability to inspire and connect with the audience.

Significance of Worship in Christianity

Enthroning God through Praise

Worship holds a significant place in Christianity, as it serves as a means for believers to honor and glorify God. In Psalm 22:3, it states that God is enthroned on the praises of His people. This verse highlights the importance of worship as a way to acknowledge and exalt God. When believers engage in worship, they invite God’s presence and allow Him to assume His rightful place in their lives.

The Power of Corporate Worship

Corporate worship, where believers gather together in a communal setting, holds a special significance in Christianity. It offers a unique opportunity for believers to join their voices and hearts, creating a powerful and unified expression of faith. In such gatherings, the collective energy and devotion of the worshippers create an atmosphere that is conducive to encountering God’s presence and experiencing spiritual breakthroughs.

The Impact of ‘Arise (Live)’

Positive Reception and Feedback

“Arise (Live)” has garnered widespread acclaim and positive feedback since its release. The song’s powerful message, coupled with Don Moen’s heartfelt delivery, has resonated deeply with listeners. Many believers have reported experiencing a sense of awe and intimacy with God through the song, testifying to the transformative power of its lyrics.

Influence on Christian Worship

“Arise (Live)” has had a significant influence on Christian worship, both in congregational settings and individual devotion. Churches across the globe have incorporated the song into their worship services, recognizing its ability to stir hearts and lead believers into passionate and heartfelt worship. The timeless message of surrender and exaltation found in the song continues to inspire worshippers to this day.

The Importance of Worship in Personal Transformation

Connecting with God

Worship serves as a bridge between believers and God, providing an avenue for connection and intimacy. Through the act of worshipping, individuals can quiet their hearts, set aside distractions, and cultivate a deeper awareness of God’s presence. This connection allows for a transformative encounter, bringing about spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Experiencing Spiritual Renewal

Engaging in worship can have a profound impact on an individual’s spiritual well-being. It serves as a time of refreshment and renewal, allowing believers to cast their burdens upon God and find solace and restoration in His presence. Through worship, individuals can experience a renewal of their faith, a deepening of their relationship with God, and a rejuvenation of their spiritual walk.

The Role of Music in Worship

Music as a Medium for Expressing Faith

Music has long been hailed as a powerful medium for expressing one’s faith and emotions. In the context of worship, music provides a language through which believers can articulate their love, adoration, and surrender to God. The melodies and rhythms of worship songs can evoke deep emotions, transcending the confines of the spoken word and allowing individuals to connect with God on a profound level.

Music’s Effect on Emotions and Spirituality

The impact of music on human emotions is well-documented. Worship music, in particular, has the ability to stir the soul and evoke a range of emotions, from awe and reverence to joy and surrender. This emotional journey allows individuals to engage with their spirituality in a unique and transformative way. By combining powerful lyrics with captivating melodies, worship music facilitates an emotional and spiritual experience that transcends the bounds of everyday life.

Analyzing the Lyrics of ‘Arise (Live)’

Exploring the Theme of Surrender

The lyrics of “Arise (Live)” primarily revolve around the theme of surrender. Through the repeated phrase “arise,” the song invites believers to relinquish control and open themselves up to God’s transformative work in their lives. The act of surrendering to God’s will and authority is seen as essential for experiencing His presence and the change that worshippers desire.

Emphasizing God’s Kingship and Holiness

The chorus of “Arise (Live)” highlights God’s kingship and holiness. By proclaiming Him as the King of kings, the song acknowledges God’s ultimate authority and sovereignty. The emphasis on His holiness invites believers to approach Him with reverence and awe, recognizing Him as the holy and untouchable God. These lyrics serve as a reminder of believers’ need for humility and the recognition of God’s majesty.

The Performance of ‘Arise (Live)’ at First Baptist Jacksonville

Details of the Live Performance

The live performance of “Arise (Live)” at First Baptist Jacksonville was characterized by an energetic and engaging atmosphere. Don Moen led the congregation in worship, guiding them through each powerful lyric. The performance featured a full band and a choir, creating a rich and dynamic sound that enhanced the impact of the song. Moen’s passionate and heartfelt delivery, coupled with the enthusiastic response of the audience, made for a memorable and inspiring worship experience.

Audience Response and Engagement

The audience’s response to the performance of “Arise (Live)” was overwhelmingly positive. The congregation actively participated in worship, lifting their voices and engaging with the lyrics and melodies. The atmosphere was filled with reverence, passion, and a sense of unity as believers joined together in exalting God. The impact of the song and the powerful worship experience created a lasting impression on both Don Moen and the audience.


In conclusion, Don Moen’s “Arise (Live)” stands as a powerful anthem that has touched the hearts and lives of countless worshippers around the world. Through its heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, the song invites believers to surrender, exalt, and encounter God in worship. The significance of worship in Christianity, both in corporate settings and personal devotion, cannot be overstated. It offers believers a transformative experience, connecting them with God, fueling their spiritual growth, and providing a pathway to personal transformation. “Arise (Live)” has left an indelible mark on the realm of Christian worship, influencing countless individuals and congregations, and continuing to inspire believers to this day. As we continue our journey of faith and worship, let us not forget the power and importance of songs like “Arise (Live)” in drawing us closer to God and experiencing His transformative love.

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