Inspiration Film: Put God First

Introducing “Inspiration Film: Put God First,” a Christian animation film created by Vivia Christian Inspiration. This captivating religious film aims to inspire and uplift through its powerful storytelling and deep-rooted messages from the Bible. With a focus on the importance of putting God first in our lives, this inspirational film serves as a reminder to seek wisdom, follow His instructions, and trust in His ultimate plan. Join us on this enlightening journey, as we explore the meaning of the Bible, the significance of prayer, and the power of faith. Tune in to this soul-stirring video that encourages us to embrace a life of devotion and reverence towards our Creator. Remember, with God, all things are possible, and by following His lead, we can find fulfillment, blessings, and true happiness in our paths. Watch, subscribe, like, and share this film to spread the message of putting God first in all that we do. May God bless you abundantly as you embark on this transformative experience


Welcome to this comprehensive article on the importance of putting God first in your life. In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to lose sight of our spiritual connection and focus solely on worldly pursuits. However, by prioritizing our relationship with God, we can experience a profound sense of peace, purpose, and guidance in our everyday lives. In this article, we will explore the significance of putting God first, integrating faith into our daily routine, fostering a relationship with God, making decisions with the guidance of faith, overcoming challenges with faith, recognizing God’s role in achieving success, and finding peace in surrendering to a Higher Power.


Before delving into the importance of putting God first, let’s briefly touch upon Christian animation films and the video titled “PUT GOD FIRST” by Vivia Christian Inspiration. Christian animation films have gained popularity over the years as a medium to share Christian values, stories, and messages with audiences, especially children. These films often aim to entertain while also imparting important life lessons and promoting Christian principles.

The video “PUT GOD FIRST” by Vivia Christian Inspiration centers around the idea of placing God as the top priority in our lives. It highlights the significance of seeking guidance from a Higher Power and the role of Christian faith in our daily lives. The video underscores the impactful and transformative power of making God the focal point of our lives and illustrates how doing so can lead to a fulfilling and purpose-driven existence.

Inspiration Film: Put God First

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Heading 1: Importance of Putting God First

The significance of prioritizing spirituality

Putting God first means consciously prioritizing our spirituality and nurturing our relationship with the Divine. By recognizing God’s role in our lives and making Him the cornerstone of our existence, we can experience a sense of purpose, meaning, and direction.

The role of faith in everyday life

Faith is not merely a belief system; it is a way of life. By putting God first, we acknowledge the importance of aligning our thoughts, actions, and decisions with our faith. Integrating our faith into our everyday lives allows us to live with integrity, compassion, and love towards ourselves and others.

Benefits of seeking guidance from a Higher Power

When we put God first, we open ourselves up to the guidance, wisdom, and peace that can only come from a Higher Power. By seeking God’s counsel, we can make informed decisions, navigate challenges with grace, and experience a sense of security knowing that we are not alone on our journey.

Heading 2: Integrating Faith into Daily Routine

Starting the day with prayer

One powerful way to integrate faith into our daily routine is to begin each day with prayer. By taking the time to connect with God and offer our gratitude, worries, and aspirations, we set a positive and spiritually-aligned tone for the day ahead.

Embracing religious rituals and practices

Religious rituals and practices, such as attending church services, observing Sabbath, or engaging in rituals specific to your faith, can help deepen your connection with God. These rituals serve as reminders of our devotion, provide opportunities for communal worship, and offer moments of reflection and spiritual growth.

Aligning actions with religious principles

Putting God first requires us to align our actions with the principles and teachings of our faith. By embodying qualities such as love, forgiveness, honesty, and kindness, we demonstrate our commitment to living a life that is in accordance with God’s will.

Inspiration Film: Put God First

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Heading 3: Fostering a Relationship with God

Understanding the essence of prayer

Prayer is not solely about making requests or asking for blessings. It is a means of establishing a deep and personal relationship with God. Through prayer, we converse with the Divine, share our joys and sorrows, and seek spiritual guidance and support.

Studying religious texts for spiritual growth

Studying religious texts, such as the Bible, is an essential part of fostering a relationship with God. These texts offer guidance, wisdom, and insights into the teachings of our faith. By delving into the scriptures and reflecting on their lessons, we can deepen our understanding of God’s love and His plans for our lives.

Building a personal connection with the Divine

Just as we nurture our personal relationships with loved ones, we must actively seek to build a personal connection with God. This involves spending time in quiet reflection, engaging in acts of worship and devotion, and cultivating a heart and mind that is open to receiving God’s messages and blessings.

Heading 4: Putting God First in Decision-Making

Seeking divine guidance for major life choices

When faced with major decisions, putting God first means seeking His guidance. By approaching decision-making from a place of faith, we invite God’s wisdom, discernment, and clarity into our lives. Trusting in His plan and seeking His will can lead us to make choices that align with our higher purpose.

Considering religious principles when faced with dilemmas

Putting God first entails considering religious principles and teachings when faced with ethical dilemmas or challenging situations. By consulting our faith and asking ourselves, “What would God want me to do in this situation?” we can align our actions with our beliefs and uphold the values that are dear to us.

Trusting in God’s plan

Putting God first means surrendering our desires, worries, and plans to His divine will. Trusting in God’s plan requires faith, patience, and humility. By acknowledging that God’s timing and plan are always perfect, we relieve ourselves of unnecessary burdens and find peace in knowing that He is in control.

Inspiration Film: Put God First

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Heading 5: Overcoming Challenges with Faith

Finding solace and strength in spirituality during difficult times

Life is full of challenges, but putting God first can provide us with solace and strength in times of adversity. By turning to our faith and seeking comfort in prayer and scripture, we can find the resilience and peace we need to navigate difficult circumstances.

Using prayer as a tool for resilience

Prayer is not only a means of communication with God but also a powerful tool for resilience. By pouring out our concerns, fears, and anxieties in prayer, we allow God to carry our burdens and grant us the strength to persevere in the face of challenges.

Finding meaning and purpose through faith

Putting God first gives our lives a sense of meaning and purpose. By embracing our faith, we recognize that our trials and tribulations serve a greater purpose in God’s plan for our lives. Our faith empowers us to find meaning in our suffering and grow stronger spiritually as a result.

Heading 6: The Role of God in Achieving Success

Recognizing God’s role in personal achievements

When we put God first, we acknowledge that our personal achievements are not solely a result of our efforts alone. By recognizing God as our ultimate provider and guide, we cultivate an attitude of gratitude and humility, attributing our successes to His blessings and grace.

Gratitude and humility in the face of success

Putting God first means approaching success with gratitude and humility. It means recognizing that our talents, skills, and opportunities are gifts from God and should be used to honor and serve Him rather than simply for personal gain or recognition.

Using talents and skills as a means to honor God

By putting God first, we understand that our talents and skills are not meant to be used selfishly but as tools to honor and glorify God. Whether through our chosen profession, creative pursuits, or acts of service, let us use our abilities in ways that bring honor and light to God’s name.

Heading 7: God’s Final Say

Understanding the concept of divine intervention

Putting God first means acknowledging His sovereignty and His ability to intervene in our lives. Divine intervention refers to God’s direct involvement in the affairs of His creation. By recognizing that God has the final say and that He can work miracles in our lives, we find hope, comfort, and reassurance.

Trusting in God’s plan and timing

Putting God first also means trusting in His plan and timing, even when things may not go as we initially desire or expect. By surrendering our desires and wishes to God, we put our faith in His wisdom and understanding, knowing that He orchestrates every aspect of our lives perfectly.

Finding peace in surrendering to a Higher Power

Putting God first ultimately leads us to find peace in surrendering to a Higher Power. When we release our need for control and place our trust in God, we can find tranquility and contentment in knowing that He is taking care of us. By surrendering to God, we invite His love, guidance, and peace into our lives.


In conclusion, putting God first in our lives is not just a religious concept; it is a transformative way of living. By recognizing the importance of spirituality, integrating faith into our daily routines, fostering a personal relationship with God, making decisions with His guidance, overcoming challenges with faith, acknowledging God’s role in success, and finding peace in surrendering to a Higher Power, we can experience a deep sense of fulfillment, purpose, and connection in our journey of faith. So let us make a conscious effort to put God first in all that we do, trusting in His plan and finding comfort in His everlasting love.

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