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Because He Lives

Because He Lives By Bill and Gloria Gaither is a popular gospel song written by the Gaithers and released by Singspiration in 1972.

Because He Lives By Bill and Gloria Gaither is a popular gospel song written by the Gaithers and released by Singspiration in 1972. The words and tune of this song are inspired by the Gospel. Its title is a play on the phrase “be strong and courageous.” The lyrics of the song are based on John 3:16 and were written by Gloria Gaither. The hymn is about Jesus’s sacrifice and resurrection to save his followers from sin. The song is about how He has defeated death, and how the gospel is a victory for those who believe.

Because He Lives By Bill and Gloria Gaithers was released on October 18, 1971. It was later covered by other artists, including the Statler Brothers and Elvis Presley. The lyrics and music of this song were written by William J. Reynolds and Carlton R. Young, and are considered a classic in Christian music. Their songs have won more than 800 awards and have been performed by many of today’s top acts.

The song has been a hit for the Gaithers for more than 40 years. It first appeared in 1974’s Let’s Just Praise the Lord songbook. It originally featured only the refrain, and a W. Elmo Mercer arrangement. The song was included in several hymnals in 1975. It was also included in the Homecoming Souvenir Songbook series. It is a timeless classic and has become a staple in gospel music.

God sent His Son They called Him Jesus

The opening phrase of the book of John 3:16 is “God so loved the world that He sent His Son.” This is commonly translated as “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.” The wording of the scriptures is ambiguous, but the emphasis is clearly on what God did, rather than what He said. The Bible teaches that God’s love for mankind is expressed in His son, Jesus. The phrase “God so loved the world” explains that God acted by sending His only begotten Son to die on the cross to make it possible for a man to know the truth about sin.

In Genesis 3:15, God described the birth of Jesus as unique and a one-of-a-kind creation. The birth of Jesus was unlike any other human being in the history of the world. He was created, not made. That means that He was truly and seriously given to save us. He came when the world was ready, and the world was ready for him. So, when God sent His Son to earth, He did it with a clear purpose: to save all men.

John the Baptist, who was the forerunner of Jesus, wanted people to know where He came from. He was the one who gave us salvation from our sins. This is what God did in the beginning when He gave His only begotten Son. He was conceived and born to be unique, just as we are, with unique parents. The word ‘only’ means “only’ in all three translations, and it means “only” in the Greek language.

Jesus Came to Love Heal and Forgive

Because He Lives By Bill and Gloria Gaither is a popular gospel song written by the Gaithers and released by Singspiration in 1972.

It is said that Jesus came to heal the sick and cast out demons. The Pharisees were angry when they saw Him eating and drinking with sinners and tax collectors. They thought that He might get a “bad reputation” by rubbing off on them, but they didn’t understand why He spent time with people like them. Those Pharisees missed an opportunity to experience true forgiveness.

One of the first miracles that Jesus performed in the Bible is the healing of the woman who was taken in adultery. This woman was brought to Jesus to be healed. The accusers expected judgment, but when Jesus came to help the woman, he rebuked them and told them to stop sinning. The man was guilty of adultery, but he trusted in the One who could heal him.

After healing the man, Jesus told him not to sin again. It was evident that his condition had been caused by his sin, and Jesus knew this. He told him to stop sinning so that he could forgive his fellow man. After the healing, Jesus also asked the man to stop sinning. As a result, the infirmed man began to walk again. This man was no longer a cripple, but he knew that he was completely helpless and needed a Savior who would heal him.

Jesus Bled and Died To Buy Our Pardon

Because He Lives By Bill and Gloria Gaither is a popular gospel song written by the Gaithers and released by Singspiration in 1972.

The doctrine of election has confused people in the past, and some have even rejected the concept of Jesus dying for our sins. While many of us are convinced of Christ’s death, others are not so sure. The question is, how do we know the Lord’s sacrifice was truly for our sins? We can take comfort in the fact that Jesus died for all mankind, including us. Though some theologians have said that Christ’s death was necessary to achieve remission, they still reject the idea of a special election.

In the first place, the atonement of Christ was a propitiation for sin 1 John 2:2. By faith in His Blood, we are justified before God and are pardoned. He is the perfect and only way to obtain forgiveness for sins. He is the only One who can buy our pardon. He has fulfilled our sins, and that is why He is the only one who can.

In addition, this atonement is universal. Because Christ died for everyone, we are never separated from God and can never be forgiven. The atonement of Christ was a propitiation because He poured out His Blood to purchase our forgiveness. Thus, through his blood, we are redeemed from our sins. It is this atonement that saves us from our guilt and eternal punishment.

The Empty Tomb Is There to Prove That My Savior Lives

There are numerous arguments for and against the belief that Jesus is alive, but there is no doubt that the empty tomb is one of them. The grammatical relationship between the two statements indicates that they are a single account. However, the fact remains that there are a number of contradictions between the two statements. For example, if Jesus was not dead, he would have been resurrected if he had been buried. Therefore, this theory cannot explain why the tomb is empty.

Empty Tomb, Nazareth, Israel, Nazareth Village, Jesus

In the first place, the empty tomb is evidence that Jesus lived Luke 24:1-3. The apostles also witnessed the resurrected Jesus Christ. He appeared in a physical human body, allowing his followers to handle His body and verify that He was alive. He was able to eat with them and he allowed them to touch his face. All these facts show that He lived and that He is still alive.

There are several reasons why the empty tomb is evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. For one, the empty tomb story has a strong historical base. It was created within a couple of decades after Jesus’ death, so it was already considered ancient by the time of its publication. If the body of Jesus had not been resurrected, critics could have produced it. Nonetheless, the earliest disciples of Jesus could verify the fact that his body was not buried in it.

Because Jesus Lives I Can Face Tomorrow

because Jesus lives I can face tomorrow

If you have had to face a medical procedure, you may have felt utter hopelessness and despair. God knows that we need His strength and guidance. That’s why He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to take our place in this world. If you’ve ever felt this way, remember that you’re not alone. The only way to overcome this feeling of despair is to turn to God and trust Him. Through His Son, we have eternal life and His promise of a better future.

Because Jesus lives I can face tomorrow. The words of this timeless Christian song are a reminder of how we can overcome our challenges in life. The lyrics were written by Bill and Gloria Gaither, famous Christian leaders. They wrote this song during a particularly difficult time when Bill was suffering from physical ailments and his wife was receiving belittling comments. In response to this, the couple realized that they must share the truth about God, which they believed to be true.

If you feel guilty for a past wrong decision, remember that Jesus’ resurrection has wiped out all those regrets. This victory shows us that God can make anything right again. Even when we’ve messed up, we can give them to the risen Christ, who is our greatest God. Then, we can accept that forgiveness and move on with our lives. We’ll have the peace of mind we need to face tomorrow.

Because Jesus Lives All Fear is Gone

Many Christians are encouraged by this song. It has helped them to overcome fear and live their life to the fullest. It is an encouragement to many who have walked the path of righteousness. God has delivered many people from evil. Psalm 34:19 lists the troubles of the righteous. Yet, God delivers His people. All fear is gone because Jesus lives and He is coming again.

Because Jesus lives All fear is gone

Because Jesus lives All fear is gone. It is a great comfort to know that the Lord has conquered death. He will enter into the glory He has wrought. You can be free of fear. It is not easy to face the fear of others, but it is possible to let God remove the pain and uncertainty in your life. You need to remember that you have nothing to lose by trusting in Him. If you have ever faced the same thing, you are not alone.

We all suffer from fear. This fear can be acute or mild. For example, if you are afraid of a contagious disease, you might be very scared. But if your fear is more subtle, you might be worried about your career. In any case, it is straight from the devil and is a sign of weak faith in God. Instead of worrying, look to Jesus and let Him take your fear away.

Because I Know Jesus Holds the Future

Because I know Jesus holds the future, I can have peace in my heart and be confident that my life is secure. While we are prone to fear the future, our faith is based on a God who knows everything. He created the universe and oversees its events. He knows the events that will happen in the world, and He knows what will happen in your life. He knows what will happen, so you can have peace in your future.

Because I know Jesus holds the future

As a Christian, I believe that Christ holds the future. Because He knew the future, I am confident in my future. I know I can trust him completely. His teachings and his works demonstrate this. As a Christian, I want to trust in that truth. This is the foundation for my life and my future. Let me explain why I believe this. I know that God is in control of every detail of my life, including my future.

If you’ve read the Bible, you know that Jesus is the one who holds the future. Many prophecies in the Old Testament were fulfilled in Christ’s life. Micah 5:2 clearly states that a Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, and Jesus was born in Judea. This is because Christ is in control of our future. We can trust that He is in control, and we can trust that our future is secure.

Life Is Worth Living Because Jesus Lives

We have eternal life in Him and His Son. And, as a result, we can live abundantly. Every aspect of our lives can be made more valuable by allowing Jesus to influence our lives. The good news is that He does it, and you can experience it as well. Let’s look at a few ways in which He can influence our world. First, we should realize that we cannot save ourselves, but we can choose to follow His example.

The verse also reminds us of God’s extravagant love. In the first verse, Adam and Eve had intimate knowledge. And this intimacy produced children. Christ also said that knowing God is the key to eternal life, which is what we want in this life. And that’s why He came that we would experience His extravagant love and abundant life. Life is worth living because Jesus lives. 

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