Beloved King David: An Epic Bible Story in English

In the video titled “Bible story: Beloved King David movie full English HD” created by Joyful Sound, you will witness the epic tale of the beloved King David from the Bible. Set in English, the story follows Samuel’s journey to Bethlehem to anoint the chosen one, who turns out to be David from the descendants of Judah. David receives God’s blessing and becomes the ruler of Israel, which leads to King Saul becoming jealous and attempting to harm him. However, David’s triumph over Goliath gains him popularity among the people and eventually leads to him marrying King Saul’s daughter. The story intensifies as King Saul becomes more determined to kill David, resulting in a battle between their armies and the eventual rise of David as the new king of Israel, who rules for 40 years.

Beloved King David: An Epic Bible Story in English

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The Story of King David


Welcome to the captivating tale of King David, a beloved figure from the Bible. In this article, we will delve into the life of this remarkable individual, exploring his anointing, the challenges he faced, his victory over Goliath, his marriage to Michal, his escape from King Saul, and his coronation as the new king of Israel. Join us on this journey as we uncover the story of King David and the legacy he left behind.

Anointing of David

Samuel’s Instructions to Anoint the Chosen One

The story of King David begins with the prophet Samuel receiving instructions from God to anoint the chosen one from the descendants of Judah. Samuel is led to Bethlehem, where he discovers David, a young shepherd boy. This humble and unassuming individual is chosen by God to be the ruler of Israel, a destiny that Samuel imparts to him.

David’s Anointing and God’s Blessing

When David is anointed by Samuel, the power and blessing of God are bestowed upon him. This act marks the beginning of a divine plan for David’s life, setting him on a path that will lead to his ultimate destiny as king. The anointing serves as a symbol of God’s favor and protection, as well as a confirmation of David’s role as the chosen one.

Jealousy and Harm

King Saul’s Jealousy towards David

As David begins to gain prominence and favor among the people of Israel, jealousy takes root in the heart of King Saul. Seeing the adoration and admiration bestowed upon David, Saul becomes consumed by envy, fearing that David will usurp his throne. This jealousy sets the stage for a series of events that will test David’s faith and resilience.

King Saul’s Attempts to Harm David

Driven by his jealousy, King Saul makes numerous attempts to harm David, seeking to eliminate the perceived threat to his rule. From hurling spears at him to sending him on dangerous military missions in the hopes that he will be killed, Saul’s malevolence towards David knows no bounds. Yet, despite these trials, David remains steadfast in his trust in God, finding strength in his unwavering faith.

David’s Victory over Goliath

David’s Encounter with Goliath

One of the most iconic moments in the story of King David is his encounter with the giant warrior, Goliath. Armed with nothing more than a slingshot and unwavering faith in God, David steps forward to face the seemingly insurmountable challenge. Against all odds, David’s aim proves true, and he defeats Goliath, thus securing a tremendous victory for the people of Israel.

David’s Courage and Popularity

David’s triumph over Goliath propels him into the spotlight, capturing the hearts and admiration of the Israelite people. His immense courage and unwavering trust in God become a source of inspiration for the nation. David’s popularity continues to grow, setting the stage for his future endeavors and cementing his reputation as a formidable leader.

Beloved King David: An Epic Bible Story in English

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Marriage to Michal

David’s Marriage to King Saul’s Daughter, Michal

As a gesture of appreciation for David’s victory over Goliath, King Saul offers his daughter Michal’s hand in marriage to David. Michal, the princess of Israel, becomes David’s wife and a symbol of their union. Their marriage serves as a powerful bond, bridging the divide between David and Saul, at least momentarily.

Chased by King Saul

King Saul’s Determination to Kill David

Despite the temporary peace brought about by David’s marriage to Michal, King Saul’s jealousy and hatred toward David only intensify. Saul becomes obsessed with eliminating David, relentlessly pursuing him, and leaving no stone unturned in his quest for his destruction. David finds himself constantly on the run, fearing for his life and relying on God’s protection.

David’s Escape and Evasion

David’s evasion of King Saul’s relentless pursuit showcases his resourcefulness and reliance on God. From hiding in caves to seeking refuge among foreign lands, David manages to elude capture, all the while demonstrating his unwavering trust in divine providence. These years of fleeing and surviving in the face of danger shape David’s character and fortify his resolve.

Battle and Tragedy

Battle Between David and King Saul’s Armies

As tensions escalate between David and King Saul, their conflict culminates in a battle between their respective armies. David’s troops square off against King Saul’s forces, representing a pivotal moment in the power struggle between the two leaders. This clash of armies serves as a turning point in the story, leading to both victory and tragedy.

Death of King Saul and Jonathan

Tragically, the battle between David’s forces and King Saul’s armies ends in the deaths of both King Saul and his son, Jonathan. This bittersweet victory leaves David in a unique position, as he mourns the loss of his friend Jonathan while simultaneously ascending to the throne of Israel. The events that unfold solidify David’s position as the chosen king and mark the end of King Saul’s troubled reign.

David’s Coronation

David Becomes the New King of Israel

With the passing of King Saul, David assumes the position of king of Israel, bringing an end to years of adversity and uncertainty. David’s anointing, his unwavering faith, and his displays of leadership and courage have all culminated in this moment. As the new king, David faces the enormous responsibility of guiding and governing the nation, a role he embraces with humility and strength.

David’s Rule for 40 Years

David’s reign as King of Israel spans an impressive forty years, during which he establishes himself as one of the most successful and beloved rulers in the nation’s history. His rule is marked by military victories, the establishment of Jerusalem as the capital city, and a commitment to justice and righteousness. David’s legacy as a wise and compassionate king endures long after his passing, shaping the future of Israel.


The story of King David is a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and loyalty. From his humble beginnings as a shepherd boy to his ascension as the chosen king of Israel, David’s life is a testimony to the ways in which God can work through ordinary individuals to accomplish extraordinary things. His journey is one of triumph over adversity, illustrating the transformative power of trust in divine providence.

Legacy of King David

King David’s legacy extends far beyond his time on earth. His story serves as a timeless example of courage, faith, and leadership, inspiring generations to come. The Psalms, poetic expressions of David’s intimate relationship with God, continue to offer solace, guidance, and inspiration to countless individuals around the world. David’s life serves as a reminder that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, one can find strength, purpose, and fulfillment through unwavering trust in God.

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