Experiencing Divine Reflections: A Journey with Hillsong Worship’s “Remembrance”


Picture a special part of my life painted with the beautiful music and meaningful words of Hillsong Worship’s “Remembrance.” This song is like a secret language between my heart and something divine. When the music starts playing, it’s like I’m having a heartfelt conversation with something much bigger than myself.

“Remembrance” was released in 2018 as part of the “There Is More” album. It’s not just any song; it’s a musical journey that makes me feel something beyond the everyday. The words of the song, like a dance between deep respect and thankfulness, ask us to think about why Jesus sacrificed himself. What makes this song so special is that it goes beyond just being music – it connects with us on a personal level, making us think about things that matter.

Feeling moved by the emotions and spiritual insights this song has brought me, I want to share it with others. “Remembrance” isn’t just a song to me; it’s an opportunity to think, remember, and feel a connection with something bigger than our normal lives. In this article, I’d like to take you on a journey to understand why “Remembrance” is so special and how it can bring a special kind of magic to those who listen to its amazing melody.


“Remembrance” first made its way into the world in 2018 as part of Hillsong Worship’s album, “There Is More.” This collection of songs, including the featured melody, was released as a way to explore the deeper dimensions of the Christian faith through music. The album resonated with many listeners, and “Remembrance” quickly emerged as a standout piece for its ability to touch the hearts of worshipers around the globe.

The song’s release didn’t just mark another addition to Hillsong Worship’s impressive discography but became a beacon of spiritual reflection and worship. Over time, “Remembrance” has garnered recognition for its emotive power and its ability to foster a sense of connection between the listener and the divine. Its impact has been felt not only in churches but also in personal moments of prayer and contemplation, making it a cherished part of the Christian worship experience.

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The Power of Lyrics

Delving into the soul-stirring lyrics of “Remembrance” is like embarking on a lyrical journey of faith and gratitude. Each verse is a carefully crafted expression that goes beyond words and speaks to the heart. Take, for example, the lines that paint a vivid picture of the crucifixion:

“I take the bread of life, Broken for all my sin
Your body crucified, To make me whole again.”

These words serve as a poignant reminder of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, carrying a weight of redemption and liberation.

The lyrics further weave a narrative that invites us to reflect on the transformative nature of faith. Phrases like “You have been so, so good to me” resonate with a sense of gratitude, urging us to look back and acknowledge the goodness and grace that have shaped our spiritual journey. It’s a musical mirror, encouraging us to remember and be thankful for the profound love we believe comes from a higher source.

In essence, the power of “Remembrance” lies in its ability to articulate complex emotions and spiritual truths in a way that anyone, regardless of their level of faith, can grasp and feel deeply. The lyrics become a vessel for introspection, guiding us through moments of reflection, thanksgiving, and a profound connection with someone beyond ourselves.

Musical Elements

The magic of “Remembrance” extends beyond just its words, reaching into the realm of musical elements that create a captivating and emotional experience. The melody, with its gentle yet powerful notes, sets the stage for a journey of reflection and worship. The arrangement of the song is like a carefully crafted tapestry, building up gradually to moments of intensity and then gently guiding the listener back down. This dynamic ebb and flow contributes to the emotional impact, creating an atmosphere of reverence and introspection.

The instrumentation further enhances the song’s depth. From the opening chords that draw you into the subtle crescendos that mirror the emotional intensity of the lyrics, each instrument plays a vital role. The ethereal sound of the piano, the warmth of the acoustic guitar, and the orchestral swells – all work together to create a musical landscape that envelops the listener in a sense of awe and wonder. The arrangement is intentional, making every note and pause count, ensuring that the music becomes a conduit for a spiritual experience.

As the melody weaves seamlessly with the lyrics, the musical elements of “Remembrance” become a vehicle for worship, guiding the listener on a transcendent journey that goes beyond the auditory and taps into the spiritual.

Personal Testimony

One particular evening of worship stands out vividly. As I began to play the song on my guitar, a palpable sense of God’s nearness enveloped me. The music became a sacred dialogue, and with each strum, it was as if I could hear His voice speaking through the lyrics. It was a moment where the boundaries between the earthly and the heavenly seemed to dissolve, and I felt embraced by a divine presence.

In those precious moments of musical communion, I felt a deep wellspring of gratitude and peace. The lyrics, especially the acknowledgment of God’s goodness, became a source of reassurance amid life’s complexities. Playing the song became a spiritual practice, a way to draw nearer to God and experience a profound peace that covered my entire being.

“Remembrance” transcended its role as a song; it became a vessel for experiencing the tangible presence of God. Through its melody and lyrics, I discovered a sacred space where my soul could commune with the divine—a sanctuary of peace, gratitude, and an unmistakable awareness of God’s nearness. This song is one of a treasured chapter in my spiritual journey, a testament to the transformative power of worship and the palpable reality of encountering God through music.

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Theological Reflection

“Remembrance” stands as a theological masterpiece, weaving together profound themes that resonate at the core of Christian beliefs. At its essence, the song focuses on the act of remembrance—a call to reflect on the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ. This theme aligns seamlessly with the heart of Christianity, emphasizing the significance of the cross and the redemption it brings to humanity.

The lyrics vividly portray the transformative power of Christ’s sacrifice:

“I will recall the cup
Poured out in sacrifice
To trade this sinners’ end
For Your new covenant.”

These words encapsulate the theological essence of salvation through the atonement of Jesus. The act of remembering, as expressed in the song, goes beyond mere recollection; it becomes an invitation to partake in the spiritual reality of redemption and grace.

In Christian theology, remembrance is a cornerstone of faith. The Lord’s Supper, a sacrament observed by Christians worldwide, is a symbolic act of remembering Christ’s sacrifice. “Remembrance” beautifully echoes this theological concept, inviting believers to revisit the profound sacrifice on the cross and the subsequent victory over sin and death.

The theological richness of the song serves as a reminder of the central narrative of Christianity—the story of a loving God who, through the sacrifice of His Son, offers redemption and eternal life to those who believe. “Remembrance” becomes a melodic sermon, encapsulating the core tenets of Christian theology and inviting believers to continually reflect on the transformative power of the Gospel.

Encouraging Others

As I reflect on the profound impact “Remembrance” has had on my spiritual journey, I am compelled to extend an invitation to others to embark on a similar transformative experience. This song, with its beautiful melody and resonant lyrics, has the potential to touch the hearts of those who may not have encountered God in such a personal way.

To those who may be searching for meaning or grappling with life’s complexities, I encourage you to take a moment and listen to “Remembrance.” Allow the music to create a space for reflection, and let the lyrics penetrate your heart. In a world often filled with noise and distractions, this song serves as a gentle call to pause, remember, and connect with God.

There is a unique power in the way “Remembrance” draws us into a sacred space of gratitude and reverence. It can speak to the deepest parts of our souls, transcending differences and backgrounds. I hope that, through this song, others may find inspiration, solace, and a profound connection with the divine.

In the simple act of listening, may hearts be stirred, minds be opened, and spirits be moved. May “Remembrance” be more than a song; may it be a vessel for encountering the transformative love and grace that Christianity professes.

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Altar Call

As we stand on the precipice of this moment, I invite you to consider the profound message embedded in the transformative journey we’ve explored. The melodies of “Remembrance” have not only resonated through the air but also echoed the timeless truth of salvation through Jesus Christ.

If you’ve been stirred by the call to seek first the kingdom of God, to embrace the sacrifice of Jesus, and to embark on a journey of faith through Scripture and fellowship, this is a moment of decision. It’s an invitation to open your heart to the life-altering love and grace that Jesus offers.

In the quiet of your spirit, if you sense a longing for something more, if you feel a tug at your heart to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, this is your moment. The altar is not just a physical space but a sacred threshold where you can surrender your burdens, your questions, and your doubts to the One who loves you unconditionally.

If you desire to embark on a journey of faith, to walk in the light of God’s kingdom, and to experience the transformative power of salvation, I invite you to pray with me:

“Dear Lord Jesus, I come before you just as I am. I recognize that I need your love and forgiveness. I believe in your sacrifice on the cross for my sins, and I accept you as my Lord and Savior. Please come into my heart, guide my steps, and lead me in the path of your righteousness. Thank you for your grace and the gift of salvation. In your name, I pray. Amen.”

If you prayed this prayer sincerely, know that a celebration is happening in heaven (Luke 15:10). I encourage you to share this decision with someone you trust, to connect with a local church, and to explore the teachings of Jesus through the pages of the Bible. May this be the beginning of a beautiful journey of faith, love, and redemption. Welcome to the family of believers!

Closing Thoughts

As we conclude this contemplative journey with “Remembrance,” it serves as a resounding call to embrace the transformative message of salvation that the Lord Jesus extends to us. Beyond the melodic beauty and lyrical depth of the song lies an invitation to remember not just the music itself, but the profound sacrifice and redemptive love of Christ.

“Remembrance” is a spiritual compass pointing us toward the heart of salvation—the core tenet of Christianity. In its gentle notes and evocative lyrics, we find echoes of the broader call to seek first the kingdom of God, to delve into the richness of Scripture, and to partake in the sacred gathering of believers in church services.

This song holds a unique place in my heart as a reminder that, amidst life’s complexities, the path to salvation is an ever-present melody. It encourages us not only to remember the sacrifice of Jesus but also to actively engage in the practices that deepen our faith—reading the Bible, attending church services, and prioritizing the pursuit of God’s kingdom.

As you contemplate the harmonies of “Remembrance,” may it kindle a desire to delve into the pages of Scripture, to participate actively in worship within the community of believers, and to seek God’s kingdom above all else. Let this song be a catalyst for a profound journey of faith, an anthem that resonates not only in our ears but also in the very core of our being.

I encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences with others. May conversations about “Remembrance” become a gateway for exploring the transformative power of salvation, fostering a deeper connection with God and His kingdom. As we partake in these spiritual practices, may our lives harmonize with the eternal melody of grace and redemption, offered freely through the Lord Jesus.

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In this moment of reflection and gratitude, let us bow our heads in prayer. Gracious and loving Father, we thank You for the gift of music, for the melodies that stir our hearts, and for the lyrics that speak to the depths of our souls. Today, we lift our voices in gratitude for the transformative power encapsulated in “Remembrance.”

May this song be a vessel that carries our prayers, our hopes, and our longing for a deeper connection with You. As we listen and reflect, may Your presence be felt, and may the truths embedded in the lyrics resonate in the chambers of our hearts. Grant us the grace to remember Your goodness, to reflect on Your sacrifice, and to walk in the light of Your love.

We pray for all those who encounter “Remembrance” – that its melodies may bring comfort to the brokenhearted, hope to the weary, and a sense of awe to those who seek. May the echoes of this song continue to reverberate, connecting hearts and spirits in a harmonious symphony of worship and praise.

In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

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