God Promise to Give Strength to the Weary – Isaiah 40:31

God promise to give strength to the weary  Isaiah 4031

God Promise to Give Strength to the Weary – Isaiah 40:31

When we’re facing difficult circumstances in our lives it’s easy to feel like God has forgotten or has forsaken us. However, the Bible tells us that He is a God who never goes back on His Word or grows weary. He gives grace to humble believers and renews their strength.

This beautiful promise is found in Isaiah 40:31. It speaks of God’s mighty strength to overcome even the most formidable obstacles and bring His people back into His promised land.

The NT uses the word koah or power in this passage to describe God’s unfathomable power and glory. It’s a powerful word that is also used to refer to the strength and power of the Holy Spirit.

Isaiah 40:31 is part of a chapter called “The Lord Renews Your Strength” which is a message of hope to the Jewish exiles in Babylon who were being rescued from slavery. This was a time of dark judgment and wrath but in the future there would be restoration, peace, and the coming of Messiah.

Verse 31 states that those who wait on the Lord will inherit all these promises! It’s an amazing promise and one we should take to heart.

It is a reminder that even the strongest of men are weak and insignificant when compared to the mighty God who has created the world and destroys the enemy. This is the reason why those who trust in Him will be renewed with His strength and can face all kinds of trials with courage and hope.

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