God Promises Deliverance and Protection

God Promises Deliverance and Protection: The Bible is replete with examples of God’s promise of deliverance and protection. His servants are protected from life-threatening situations because He watches over them. God has promised deliverance and protection to those He commissions to carry out His work and witness for Him. Many stories in the Bible demonstrate how God protects His servants. Here are some of those examples:

God Promises Deliverance and Protection To Noah

Noah’s story is a remarkable example of God’s promise of protection and deliverance. The flood, which destroyed the world, displaced nearly all the human population, and God personally saved his family from drowning in the water. The flood is the story of God’s judgment upon mankind, but it also shows how He rescues His own. Noah is silent during the flood but speaks afterward.

God Promises Deliverance and Protection

Noah’s ark was the only thing that survived the flood. He was the only righteous man on earth, and the Lord rewarded him by giving him exact instructions on how to build an ark, which would ultimately save him and his family. He would later use this ark to replenish the earth. Moreover, Noah believed in God’s Word even when other people laughed at him. Although he was viewed by his fellow human race as a fool, Noah’s faith in God’s promise made him a dependable person.

Noah and his family survived the Flood for over six hundred years. They woke up the day of the Flood on the seventeenth day of the second month. Afterward, they watched the fountains of the great deep bursting forth. Noah and his family were protected from the flood because they had trusted the Lord with their lives. Noah’s story illustrates God’s love and mercy for his people and shows us that we can also trust Him with our lives.

God Promises Deliverance and Protection To Abraham and Sarah

God Promises Deliverance and Protection

Abraham and Sarah were in Egypt when God made great promises to them. He promised them land, blessings, and offspring, but did not specify a future heir through Sarah. Abraham and Sarah should have assumed that the heir would come through Sarah but fear motivated them. As a result, they reverted to the human ruse of half-truth, failing to believe in God’s promise of protection and deliverance.

After a decade or so, Abraham and Sarah moved to Canaan, the land that was far more fertile and productive than the surrounding region. Abraham was already a hundred years old and Sarah was ninety years old. God’s promise to them brought the blessings of a new life. In spite of his old age, Abraham was not hesitant to move to a new land, confident that God would fulfill His promise.

Many people have wondered if the promise is still relevant for those who are not members of Israel. In fact, Paul explains that the promise still applies to those who are in Christ. God will bless them, but he will also curse them. Hence, the promise is a universal one. Moreover, Abraham’s descendants are regarded as offspring of God. It is important to note that the promises to Abraham and Sarah are relevant not only for the people of Israel but for all those who are a part of Christ.

Abraham and Sarah’s promise of protection and deliverance to the descendants of Abraham and Sarai includes both physical and spiritual components. The physical part of God’s promise to Abraham and Sarah is a sign of salvation, while the spiritual portion reveals the coming of the Messiah. Understanding the descendants of Abraham and Sarah will help us understand the end-time prophecies more fully. The following articles provide key information about Abraham’s descendants.

God Protect Moses Using a Little Basket and the  Pharaoh’s Daughter

Exodus 2:6 “When she opened it, she saw the child, and behold, the baby was crying. She took pity on him and said, “This is one of the Hebrews’ children.”

God Promises Deliverance and Protection

Did God protect Moses using a little basket and a daughter of the Pharaoh? If so, the answer is a resounding yes. The story of the child’s birth and its hiding by Moses’ mother and her father are incredible stories, and they provide a beautiful picture of the power of God’s grace. While Moses’ father would not have approved of the child’s care, the princess was happy to take care of him.

While the Pharaoh’s daughter was nursing Moses, Miriam saw the baby in the basket and asked the daughter to nurse the child until he was weaned. This young boy was named Moses and raised in the house of the Pharaoh’s daughter. This story has many parallels to the life of Moses, who saved the Israelites from slavery in Egypt by hiding them in a little basket.

The little basket came at just the right moment for the young girl to discover it. The basket was then given to the baby’s mother, who was caring for the child. Moses was clearly saved by God through this amazing miracle, and God’s purpose for Moses and the Israelites through the incarnation of Jesus Christ was fulfilled. We can learn from the example of Moses that God uses to rescue us.

The child’s mother, Jochebed, was the first to have a baby and hid it from the Pharaoh’s daughter. Jochebed had the baby hidden for three months, waterproofed the basket with pitch and bitumen, and placed it on the Nile River. The Pharaoh’s daughter later found the baby in the basket and raised him as her own son. This miracle also helped Moses become a leader of the Exodus.

God Promises Deliverance and Protection To David

When we think about God’s promises, we may wonder what exactly He means by this. David’s life is a shining example of this promise, as his sin and the pursuit of peace led him into a dangerous situation. But what is God’s purpose in giving us a fear of the Lord? Can we learn from David’s example?

As a shepherd, David had some familiarity with God’s power, as he was the caretaker of his father’s sheep. Saul probably thought he had no experience in war, as he had never fought before. However, David’s shepherding experience had given him the confidence to face Goliath. The Lord would protect him and deliver him from his enemies. The promise of God’s protection and deliverance to David was given to him in the Old Testament. As David fought Goliath, he became a national hero and was beloved by the people of Israel.

God Promises Deliverance and Protection

The Hebrew Scriptures tell us a lot about David. We can read about him in the books of 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel, as well as in the book of 1 Kings and 1 Chronicle. The promise of God’s protection and deliverance to David, which he receives when he fears Him, is a reminder that we should fear God and obey Him. As David says, “Fear is the key to the good life,” this assurance is true in all areas of life.

But Saul was jealous of David and attempted to kill him. Psalm 59 tells the story of David’s protection by God and ends with the words, “You are my fortress.”

God Promises Deliverance and Protection To Daniel

How did God Promise Deliverance and Protection to Daniel? Daniel was a man of integrity. He was blameless in his personal life and official life. Yet God rewarded his faithfulness by giving him great protection. He kept his promise to God and remained faithful to his God. But when he faced adversity, he knew he needed to ask for help. So he went to God and prayed for protection.

God’s promise of deliverance and protection to Daniel is a strong message for those who seek help. He promised to protect Daniel if he obeys Him. His faithfulness and obedience to God will protect him from harm and persecution. The law imposed by Darius on Daniel’s family was a terrible affront to his faith. Nonetheless, the law was enforced and Darius prayed for God’s help.

Moreover, Daniel spent the night in the presence of God. During his captivity, the king had been unable to sleep and had been tricked by his ministers. However, God had not given up on Daniel. So, he made a new decree: “The people of the kingdom will tremble before the God of Daniel.” The God of Daniel is the eternal, living God who will deliver and protect him and will perform signs and wonders in heaven to protect him.

The Bible teaches us that God protects all his saints. Daniel’s godliness was a huge threat to his peers because his godliness threatened their sinful lifestyle. Daniel was a powerful example of how a holy life can challenge the sinful lifestyle of those around us. In the New Testament, the same principle is repeated and confirmed. It is possible that Daniel’s faith in God brought him protection from his enemies, but his faith in the Lord was what kept him alive.

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Impact of God’s promise of deliverance and protection on your life

The Bible gives us many examples and stories of God’s protection and deliverance, Job experienced many trials, but God protected him from greater harm or affliction. Despite his trials, he did not turn away from God or abandon his faith, which enabled him to stand firm in the midst of God’s protection.

But, the most amazing and incredible story is when Jesus Christ rescued you and me. He will be with us when we stand firm like Daniel, Moses, and David or when we run like Jonah. He transforms our lives from all the garbage and dirt and now we too are in the family of Jesus. We are a part of His story, and He is our deliverer and protector.

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