God Promises He Has Redeemed You – Colossians 1:13-14

God Promises He has redeemed you Colossians 11314

God Promises He has redeemed you

As part of his extended blessing to believers in Jesus Christ, Paul gives an account of how the Son of God brought them into His kingdom. This Kingdom is not just the future millennial reign of Jesus on earth, but it also encompasses a present spiritual reality that men have with God in this age through faith in His Son, who has paid their debt on the cross.

In the Fall, mankind rejected God’s authority, love and relationship, thereby separating himself from the eternal life that God offers to those who trust in Him. This resulted in a moral, spiritual, relational and material state of death which inevitably led to the judgment that God must bring against all evil and sin.


God initiated a plan to rescue mankind and the entire universe from this inevitable fate of judgment. This plan involves the incarnation of the life of God as a real human, the forgiveness of sins by His shed blood on the cross, and the regenerating of those who are saved by grace through faith in Him.

As a result of these events, those who are saved receive the Holy Spirit, resist temptation, and live with Jesus in His kingdom forever. This is how they are redeemed from their bondage of sin, and transferred into the kingdom of light. At the final judgment, those who are saved will be rewarded with a share of the inheritance of the Son of God.

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