God Speaks to Samuel

In the video titled “God Speaks to Samuel” by Saddleback Kids, we are introduced to the story of Samuel from 1 Samuel 3 in the Bible. Samuel, a young boy at the time, worked for Eli the priest, taking care of the candles in the tabernacle. One night, while Samuel was sleeping, he heard a voice calling his name. Confused, he ran to Eli, thinking it was the priest who had called him. However, Eli informed Samuel that he hadn’t called him and advised him to go back to bed. This happened a second time, and once again, Eli denied calling him. Finally, when the voice called to Samuel for the third time, Eli realized that it was God who was speaking to Samuel and instructed him to respond by saying, “I am listening.”

The story of God speaking to Samuel is a fascinating tale from the Bible. It showcases how God can communicate with individuals in unexpected ways, even through young children. This Saddleback Kids video provides an engaging interpretation of the story, making it an excellent resource for those interested in exploring biblical narratives, specifically from the book of 1 Samuel. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be inspired and enlightened by the divine encounter between God and Samuel.

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God Speaks to Samuel


The story of God speaking to Samuel is a well-known and significant event in the Bible. It showcases the faithfulness of God, the importance of listening to God’s voice, and the obedience of Samuel. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the story, including the background, the call of Samuel, the interaction with Eli, Samuel’s response, the lessons learned from the story, its relevance today, and its connection to other biblical accounts.



The story takes place during a time when Samuel was a young boy serving under Eli, the priest. Samuel’s responsibility was to keep the candles burning in the tabernacle. The tabernacle was a sacred place of worship where offerings were made and prayers were offered to God. The events unfold during the night while Samuel was sleeping in the tabernacle.


The key characters in this story are Samuel and Eli. Samuel, a young boy, was chosen by God to become a prophet and play a significant role in Israel’s history. Eli, an elderly priest, served as Samuel’s mentor and guardian in the tabernacle.

The Call of Samuel

Samuel’s Task

While Samuel was sleeping, he heard a voice calling out to him. Initially, he assumed it was Eli and went to him three times, only to be told each time that Eli had not called him. This confusion highlights Samuel’s dedication and willingness to serve Eli diligently.

The Voice Samuel Hears

Eventually, on the fourth occasion, when the voice called Samuel’s name again, Samuel went to Eli. This time, Eli realized that it was God who was speaking to Samuel. He instructed Samuel to respond, saying, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” Samuel’s ability to discern that it was God’s voice and his willingness to listen demonstrate his spiritual sensitivity.

Samuel’s Reaction

Samuel’s response to God’s call shows his humility and obedience. He acknowledged God’s presence and eagerly listened to the instructions given to him. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of Samuel’s prophetic ministry and his special relationship with God.

The Interaction with Eli

Samuel’s Confusion

Samuel’s confusion in understanding who was calling him reflects his young age and lack of experience in hearing God’s voice. His immediate assumption that it was Eli highlights his trust in his mentor and his eagerness to serve.

Eli’s Reminder

Eli, recognizing that it was God speaking to Samuel, instructed him to respond to God with openness and attentiveness. He reminded Samuel that the voice he was hearing was indeed the voice of God and encouraged him to listen intently.

Samuel’s Obedience

Samuel obediently followed Eli’s guidance and listened to God’s instructions. His willingness to trust and obey Eli’s advice demonstrated his humility and respect for his mentor’s wisdom.

Samuel’s Response

Instructions from Eli

Eli gave Samuel specific instructions on how to respond to God’s call. He taught Samuel to recognize God’s voice and to acknowledge his readiness to hear and obey.

Samuel’s Willingness to Listen

Samuel’s immediate response to Eli’s instructions revealed his willingness to be attentive and open to God’s message. He listened without hesitation, showing his desire to fulfill God’s purpose for his life.

God’s Message to Samuel

God revealed an important message to Samuel, which had serious consequences for Eli and his family. Despite the difficult nature of the message, Samuel faithfully relayed God’s words to Eli, illustrating his commitment to speaking truth in challenging situations.

Importance of the Story

Lessons Learned

This story teaches us several essential lessons. Firstly, it emphasizes the faithfulness of God in speaking to His people. God can communicate with us through different means, and it is crucial for us to be receptive and responsive. Secondly, the story highlights Samuel’s role as a prophet and his obedience to God’s call. It serves as an example of how we can listen and respond to God’s instructions in our own lives.

God’s Faithfulness

The story reveals God’s unwavering faithfulness in reaching out to Samuel, even at a young age. It demonstrates that age is not a barrier to hearing and obeying God’s voice, and that God can use anyone to carry out His plans.

Samuel’s Role

Samuel’s obedience and commitment to God’s call set him apart as an influential figure in Israel’s history. His role extended beyond being a prophet; he also became a judge and a spiritual leader for the nation. Samuel’s story reminds us that God can use ordinary individuals to accomplish His extraordinary purposes.

Relevance Today

God’s Communication

Just as God spoke to Samuel in the past, God continues to communicate with His people today. This story encourages us to remain attentive and open to His voice, whether through scripture, prayer, or the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Listening to God’s Voice

Samuel’s example teaches us the importance of actively listening for God’s guidance. By cultivating a sensitive heart and tuning in to His direction, we can discern His will for our lives and make choices that align with His plans.

Following God’s Instructions

Samuel’s obedience to God’s instructions serves as a model for us in following God’s guidance. When faced with challenging decisions or difficult messages, we can trust that God’s leading will bring about His purposes in our lives and the lives of others.

Other Biblical Accounts

Similar Encounters

The story of God speaking to Samuel is not the only instance of God calling individuals in the Bible. Many other biblical accounts, such as Moses at the burning bush and Isaiah’s vision in the temple, also illustrate God’s desire to communicate with His people and their responses to His call.

Prophetic Ministry

Samuel’s story is significant in the context of prophetic ministry in the Bible. It serves as a foundation for understanding the role of prophets and the ongoing relationship between God and His chosen messengers throughout biblical history.

Significance in Biblical History

The story of God speaking to Samuel marks a crucial juncture in Israel’s history. It initiates a transition from the era of judges to the establishment of kingship in Israel. Samuel played a vital role in anointing and guiding the first two kings, Saul and David, which significantly shaped the destiny of Israel.


Summary of God’s Call to Samuel

The story of God speaking to Samuel highlights the faithfulness of God, the importance of listening to His voice, and the obedience of Samuel. It portrays a young boy’s journey from confusion to clarity as he discerns and embraces his prophetic calling.

Application for Readers

This story serves as a reminder to us that God still speaks today and desires a personal relationship with each one of us. It encourages us to be attentive, obedient, and responsive to God’s voice in our lives.

Final Thoughts

The story of God speaking to Samuel invites us into a deeper understanding of God’s faithfulness and His desire to communicate with His people. May we be encouraged to listen intently, obey willingly, and faithfully carry out God’s purposes, just as Samuel did.

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