Let Him Ask in Faith – James 1:6

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Let Him Ask in Faith – James 1:6

James 1:6 gives us an admonition to never ask God for wisdom and then doubt that He will supply the wisdom needed. This can be an extremely dangerous and costly mistake.

The doubter is described as a double-minded man who is unstable in all his ways. He thinks two things at the same time, and he cannot decide which one to trust.

When you are facing a trial, it is critical that you come to God with full conviction and certitude. You will need to pray a lot and spend a lot of time in the Word, but you must come with total faith and a clear understanding of how your situation fits into the overall plan of God for your life.

Let Him Ask In Faith

In our study of James, we will look at this passage in detail and see what it means to ask with complete faith and assurance that He will supply the wisdom needed. We will also be looking at what the doubter does when he is tempted to doubt God’s willingness to provide.

This person has divided loyalty in his heart, so he is trying to be committed to two masters at the same time (God and the world or God and himself). He wants God’s wisdom and blessing one moment and then wants the world’s blessing the next.

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