Psalm 91 – Promises of God and a Powerful Prayer Of Protection

Psalm 91 – Promises of God and a Powerful Prayer of Protection

Psalm 91 is an effective prayer of protection for God’s family, offering assurances that no harm will come to those who take refuge in Him and make Him their dwelling place.

Satan quoted this verse when trying to tempt Jesus in the desert. Its words hold immense and hidden divine power.

1. Nothing Shall harm You

Psalmist David uses imagery of a refuge, fortress, shield and guardian angels to depict God as our protector and advocate. He promises that those who trust in him won’t be vulnerable against plague, sword or famine: even though thousands may perish around you if they trust in the Lord!

Keep in mind, however, this does not promise that you won’t ever die of disease or war; rather, it assures you will not face such trials due to sin; provided you make Christ your home and trust Him as your source.

2. Nothing Shall harm Your Child

Psalm 91 has become an indispensable verse for Christians during times of need and difficulty, while also serving as an excellent lesson to teach children facing danger or difficulties.

Psalmist David asserts that God provides protection and care to His littlest followers, who trust in His care. They will “abide” under His wings like an eagle spreads its wings over prey, gathering them on its wings for transport back up his shoulders.

No one knows who wrote Psalm 91; however, its contents were used by Satan in his attempt to tempt Jesus during His time in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-5 and Luke 4:9-12). Therefore it could have been written either Moses or David.

3. Nothing Shall harm Your House

Psalmist David proclaims that God’s people don’t need to fear any danger – whether from terror at night or an arrow flying during noonday – because when God commits Himself to protect, nothing can disrupt that safety.

This promise from Psalm 46 echoes other passages that affirm God as a source of safety, yet is more specific in its application. While not intended as an assurance that your life will always go smoothly (Jesus refuted such interpretation during Satan’s temptation of him in Matthew 4:5-7), instead this promise should provide comfort during hard times for believers.

4. Nothing Shall harm Your Land

Psalm 91 provides us with a beautiful account of God’s divine protection in verses 1-16, where He addresses humankind’s ongoing threats. Although originally written with military context in mind, its message can apply equally well across time and generations.

Psalmists use imagery of shelter, fortress, shield, and guardian angels to convey a theme of safety; however, these promises should not be taken literally.

Pastor Rodgers explores the promises, challenges, limitations, and appropriate applications of this powerful Messianic psalm. Tune in for encouragement! God’s protection is real – He will keep His word! Listen and feel encouraged that He is faithful in fulfilling these promises of protection!

Psalm 91 has historically been associated with Moses and represents an impressive declaration of God’s power and love for those who choose to dwell under His mighty shadow.

No matter what time or day a threat strikes – whether it’s horror, terror, pestilence, or destruction, or simply an aggressive fowler who traps and captures unsuspecting birds – God can protect us.

This doesn’t guarantee protection from disease, natural disasters, or military conflict – but it provides comfort knowing that God will safeguard you against all danger.


God promises his unfaltering protection to you and will send His angels to protect and safeguard against all forms of wickedness. Take comfort in knowing that no weapon formed against you will succeed.

Your life will be free from Fowler traps and noisome pestilence; He will cover you in His feathers and shelter you with His wings.

Psalm 23 can be an immensely comforting verse to read before bed, as its promises of protection provide peace of mind while helping calm any anxieties you may be experiencing. Praying this prayer at night may help ease worries, ease anxiety, and provide peace of mind when sleeping soundly – it will also remind you that God is with us and never abandons us.

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