Rest, God Wants You To

God Wants You to Rest Psalm 232

The good shepherd is a recurring theme in the Psalter. He’s the nudger, the shepherd of the sheep and people, and the harbinger of blessings. As such, this psalm is one of the most quoted of all time. Whether you’re a child or adult, the idea of a good Shepherd provides much-needed comfort.

The shepherd-king concept also links in with the pervasive theme of refuge in the Psalter. This is a fancy way of saying that God’s hand is upon you and His power is felt in your life. When you’re facing hardships, God is there to provide what you need.

The psalm makes a very specific and practical comparison between a shepherd and the Lord. In the biblical world, shepherds would lead their flocks on well-worn paths and wash them in quiet waters. They might even place a hand on their sheep’s back to ensure their safety.

One of the best parts of a good shepherd is that he’s not only a protector but a provider as well. As a shepherd, he might take the lead in leading a group of sheep to a new pasture or a day off from the field. If a coyote attacks, he’ll do what a shepherd would do. Likewise, when you’re in a tough spot, you can count on the Shepherd to lead you to the right solution.

The psalm is actually a prayer written by David, a man who had some pretty rough times. During his exile from Saul, David worried about his divided family. Fortunately, a Good Shepherd provided a safe haven and plentiful supplies. Not only that, but David could find rest in his Savior’s arms.

The psalm is a reminder that the best place to seek God’s guidance is in his Word. Although he’s always with us, it’s important to take a moment to be still in the presence of the Lord. Sometimes, you just need a break from the grind. Fortunately, God has a plan to help you get there.

The psalm is also a reminder of the miracles of God. Especially when you’re going through a rough patch, a visit from Jesus can be a game changer. Thankfully, the LORD is more than happy to be your shepherd.

In fact, He may even ask you to spend a few minutes resting in His presence. For a small fee, the shepherd-king will guide you to a place of refreshment and restoration. Just make sure to pay attention to the signs!

There are a few other psalms that might be worth a closer look, but the good shepherd psalm is a prime example. Rest is a crucial part of life, and God wants you to know it.

The other main reason this psalm is worthy of a mention is that it’s one of the most frequently quoted passages in Scripture. It is easy to overlook the importance of a shepherd-king, but he’s the guiding force behind many of the most important decisions in your life. So, whether you’re in a tough spot or in a blessed season, trust in the good shepherd to lead you to the next step.

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