Running – Hillsong Worship

You’re in for a treat with the latest release from Hillsong Worship called “Running”. This powerful and uplifting song is featured on their album “Cornerstone” and was released in July 2012. The video, created by Hillsong Worship, perfectly captures the essence of the song, with lyrics that inspire and melodies that stir the soul. “Running” speaks to the unwavering desire to chase after all that God is, and to never give up on the pursuit of His love. This captivating anthem will ignite a passion in your heart to press on, let go of past mistakes, and run with all your might towards the day when every heart confesses His name.

With each stride taken in faith and every step compelled by His grace, “Running” reminds us to fully surrender to God’s way, no matter the cost. This song encourages us to give our all, take up our cross, and seek to know Him more and more. The bridge of the song propels us onward, drawing us towards His light as we look beyond ourselves and fix our eyes on His love. Whether you’re in need of motivation, seeking a deeper connection with God, or simply looking for an uplifting and inspiring song, “Running” is the perfect choice. So lace up your running shoes, press play, and let the power of this song fuel your journey with God.

Running – Hillsong Worship


Welcome to this comprehensive article about the song “Running” by Hillsong Worship. In this article, we will explore the background, lyrics, meaning, composition, release and reception, live performances, and impact and legacy of this iconic worship song. Get ready to dive deep into the heart and soul of “Running” and discover why it holds such significance in the world of Christian worship music.


“Running” is a track from the album “Cornerstone” by Hillsong Worship, which was released in July 2012. The album features a collection of powerful worship songs, and “Running” stands out as one of the standout tracks. The song was co-written by Matt Crocker and Scott Ligertwood, who are known for their incredible talent in crafting heartfelt and impactful worship songs.


The lyrics of “Running” beautifully depict the journey of running towards God’s love and embracing His will. The song starts with the powerful verse, “Ready at the line looking out, looking out to all that’s ahead.” It speaks of being prepared and eager to embark on the path of faith. As the song progresses, it emphasizes the determination to let go of past mistakes, throw off the chains of restraint, and run with passion towards the name of Jesus.


The lyrics of “Running” hold both religious and spiritual significance. It captures the essence of perseverance and faith, urging believers to press on with an unyielding spirit towards God’s love and purpose for their lives. The song reminds listeners to let go of past failures and embrace the freedom that comes from surrendering to Christ. It encourages a continued pursuit of God’s heart, no matter the obstacles faced along the way.


Musically, “Running” showcases Hillsong Worship’s signature contemporary Christian style. The song is characterized by its uplifting melodies and strong instrumentation. The arrangement of the song complements the powerful message it carries, evoking a sense of energy and passion. From the driving rhythm to the soaring vocals, every element of the composition works together harmoniously to create an atmosphere of worship.

Release and Reception

“Running” was released as part of the album “Cornerstone” in 2012, and it quickly gained recognition among Hillsong Worship fans and the Christian music community. The track received positive reviews from both critics and listeners alike, praising its powerful lyrics and impactful message. On the charts, “Running” performed exceptionally well, further solidifying its place as a beloved worship song.

Live Performances

“Running” has become a staple in Hillsong Worship’s live worship sets, captivating audiences around the world. The song has been performed at various live events and concerts, with each performance leaving a lasting impact on those in attendance. The energy and passion exhibited by the worship team during these live performances further enhance the song’s powerful message and create an atmosphere of praise and adoration.

Impact and Legacy

Since its release, “Running” has had a profound influence on the world of Christian worship music. The song has become a favorite among worship leaders and congregations, who seek to express their devotion and commitment to God through music. Its popularity and continued relevance are a testament to the enduring impact of the song’s message. Additionally, “Running” has been covered by numerous artists and adapted into different languages, further demonstrating its widespread impact.


In conclusion, “Running” by Hillsong Worship is a powerful worship song that resonates with believers on a deep level. Its lyrics, composition, and live performances all contribute to its enduring impact and legacy in the realm of Christian worship music. The song’s ability to inspire and uplift listeners is a testament to the talent and passion of its songwriters. As you continue to run the race of faith, let the words of “Running” encourage you to press on towards God’s love and purpose for your life.

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