The Joshua and Caleb Dream

Despite the warning of Moses and the discouragement of the other spies, Caleb remains positive. He is still ready to storm a mountain and do battle. He is still confident that with God’s help they will possess the land.

Hebron eventually became Caleb’s inheritance and a symbol of redemptive history. How did he maintain his outlook and remain faithful for 45 years?

God’s Promise

God’s Word is filled cover to cover with promises that He will do certain things for us. If you read them, meditate on them and memorize them, they will give you hope. They can help you with everything from freedom from addictions, healing, financial provision, strength, and more.

Forty-five years had gone by since Caleb’s espionage trip at Kadesh Barnea, but he was still undeterred in his vision of God’s promise to him and Israel. He didn’t hanker for the leeks and onions of Egypt; he knew that the abundant fruit, fortified cities and great harvest of Canaan were theirs to take.

Caleb understood that his life was a constant battle to keep his eyes on God and not his circumstances. He didn’t listen to the spies who brought back a negative report; instead, he trusted God’s Word and His character to fulfill what He had promised. He was a man of faith who lived above his circumstances.

God’s Provision

The Bible gives us a picture of Joshua as a man who fights hard. His story is filled with blood and war. He is a man of action and he’s willing to do what it takes to follow God.

He was part of the group that Moses sent into Canaan to explore the land. Along with Caleb, he was the only one to bring back a good report about the land. Because of their faithfulness to God, Caleb and Joshua were the only two people that entered into the Promised Land after 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.

After the conquest of Canaan, Joshua’s next assignment was to allocate lands among the Israelite tribes. Hebron was granted to him, which demonstrates the blessings that are available to those who are patient, persevere, and believe. When you are pursuing what God has for you, there will always be vision vandals that want to derail your plans and destroy your faith.

God’s Waiting

Sometimes God has to wait before He can fulfill His promises. Abraham waited decades for his promised son. Joseph waited in prison for 13 years. Moses spent 40 years on the backside of the desert tending sheep before God entrusted him with leading the people out of slavery. Job waited through suffering. Paul waited in prison. But they never gave up on their dream.

Caleb still believed that God would give him and his brethren possession of the Promised Land 45 years later. He was still enthusiastic about the future and confident that they could defeat their enemies with God’s help.

Joshua and Caleb’s faith kept them from hankering for the past and stayed focused on fulfilling their future. They rehearsed God’s promises, prayed without ceasing, fulfilled their daily tasks, and served others. God was able to use them as He had planned because they were willing to wait. This is a key to success in waiting on God.

God’s Faithfulness

When it comes to God, He never withdraws from a covenant promise. He’s proven this over and over again throughout the Bible. Hebrews 6:18 says He’s a faithful God who keeps His promises.

Despite the negative report of their espionage trip, Caleb didn’t waver in his faith. He still believed God’s promise and continued to ask for the land that was promised to him.

His unswerving outlook was based on the small taste of Canaan that he and Joshua had received at Kadesh Barnea years earlier. He didn’t want to go back to a diet of leeks and onions!

The vastness of the creation points to the immensity of God’s faithfulness in salvation. Psalm 103:11 says that His faithfulness is as far as the heavens are from the earth—infinite! That’s why we can trust Him with our eternal salvation. His faithfulness is constant, even when we are unfaithful.

The Joshua and Caleb Dream

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