The Story of Christmas: Jesus and the Wise Men

The Story of Christmas: Jesus and the Wise Men is an animated Bible story video created by Saddleback Kids. This heartwarming tale follows the biblical account from Matthew 2, telling the story of Jesus’ birth and the visit of the Wise Men. Saddleback Kids, the children’s ministry at Saddleback Church, has developed these fun and creative ways to teach children about God’s word. Whether you are a parent looking to connect your child to the lessons taught at Saddleback Church or someone looking for stand-alone Bible lessons, this video offers an engaging and educational experience. Join in and discover the meaningful story of Christmas and the significance of Jesus’ birth.

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The Birth of Jesus

Jesus, the Son of God

The story of Christmas begins with Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph, and he would go on to do amazing things in his life. The birth of Jesus was a significant event that would change the world forever.

Birth in a Barn

Jesus was born in a humble setting, as there was no room for him anywhere else in Bethlehem. He was born in a barn, surrounded by animals and simple surroundings. This humble beginning was a reflection of the humble nature of Jesus and his mission on earth.

Bethlehem and King Herod

Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, was part of Judea, an area ruled by King Herod. When wise men from Eastern lands arrived in Jerusalem, inquiring about the newborn King of the Jews, Herod became upset. Herod was in Jerusalem at the time, and the news of another king being born troubled him and the people of Jerusalem.

The Arrival of the Wise Men

Wise Men from Eastern Lands

The wise men, who came from Eastern lands, saw a star that indicated the birth of a new King. They were filled with a sense of wonder and decided to follow the star to find the newborn King of the Jews. The wise men were drawn to Bethlehem by the light of the star and their desire to worship Jesus.

Inquiring about the New Born King

When the wise men arrived in Jerusalem, they inquired about the newborn King of the Jews. They approached the government and asked where they could find him. Their inquiry caused a stir among the people in Jerusalem, including King Herod, who feared the arrival of a potential rival.

Herod’s Reaction

King Herod was furious to hear of another king being born in Judea. He summoned the important priests and Jews and asked them where this king was supposed to be born. The Jews, who were familiar with the prophecies, told Herod that the King of the Jews, the savior of the world, would be born in Bethlehem.

Herod’s Plan

Calling the Priests and Jews

Herod’s plan was to gather information about the newborn King from the priests and Jews. He called a private meeting with them in an attempt to trick the wise men. By learning from the wise men when the King of the Jews star first appeared, Herod hoped to eliminate any potential threat to his power.

Tricking the Wise Men

Herod deceived the wise men by pretending to have genuine intentions to worship the newborn King. He instructed them to go to Bethlehem, search carefully for the child, and then return to inform him so that he could also go and worship Jesus. In reality, Herod wanted to know the location of the King of the Jews so that he could eliminate the perceived threat.

Herod’s Secret Intentions

Herod’s secret intentions were revealed through his actions. While he deceived the wise men and pretended to have good intentions, his true desire was to locate and get rid of the newborn King. Herod’s fear and insecurity drove him to extreme measures in order to protect his power and rule.

The Journey to Bethlehem

Following the Star

The wise men followed the star that led them to Bethlehem. The star went ahead of them, guiding their way to the place where Jesus was. The star was a divine sign that guided the wise men to the birthplace of the King of the Jews.

Joyful Encounter with Jesus

When the wise men arrived at the house where Jesus was, they were filled with joy. They encountered Mary and Jesus, and in awe and reverence, they bowed down and worshiped the baby Jesus. It was a moment of joy and wonder, as they realized that they were in the presence of the promised King.

Honoring Jesus with Gifts

As an expression of their worship and honor, the wise men presented Jesus with special gifts fit for a king. They offered gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These gifts symbolized the significance of Jesus’ birth and his future role as the King and Savior.

Divine Warnings and Guidance

God’s Warning to the Wise Men

After visiting Jesus, the wise men received a warning from God in a dream. They were instructed not to return to Herod, but to go home by a different way. This divine warning protected them from Herod’s evil intentions and ensured their safety.

Angel’s Warning to Joseph

Joseph, Mary’s husband, also received a warning from an angel in a dream. The angel told him to get up and take Mary and Jesus to Egypt because Herod was seeking to kill Jesus. Joseph acted upon the angel’s warning and took his family to Egypt, where they would be safe from harm.

Escape to Egypt

Joseph, Mary, and Jesus found safety in Egypt, away from Herod’s reach. They remained in Egypt until Herod’s reign ended and it was safe for them to return to Israel. Through divine warnings and guidance, God protected and guided Joseph, Mary, and Jesus throughout their journey.

Safety in Egypt

Joseph, Mary, and Jesus in Egypt

Joseph, Mary, and Jesus sought refuge in Egypt during the period of Herod’s reign. Egypt provided a safe haven where they could escape the danger and threat of Herod’s plan to kill Jesus. They stayed in Egypt until it was safe for them to return to Israel.

Waiting for Herod’s Departure

During their time in Egypt, Joseph, Mary, and Jesus waited for Herod’s departure. They remained patient and obedient, trusting in God’s plan for their lives. Their time in Egypt served as a period of protection and preparation for their eventual return to Israel.

The Return to Israel

Once Herod had passed away, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him that it was safe to return to Israel. Joseph, Mary, and Jesus made their way back to their homeland and continued their journey with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

New Ruler in Judea

Angel’s Warning Again

Upon their return to Israel, an angel once again warned Joseph in a dream. The angel informed Joseph about the new ruler of Judea, who was Herod’s son. This information prompted Joseph to make a decision for the safety of his family.

Joseph’s Decision

In light of the angel’s warning, Joseph made the decision to settle in the region of Galilee instead of returning to Bethlehem. He chose Nazareth as their new home, opting for a place where they could be safe from the new ruler’s potential harm. Joseph’s decision prioritized the safety of Jesus and his family.

Settling in Nazareth

Joseph, Mary, and Jesus settled in Nazareth, a town in Galilee. This became their new home, where Jesus would grow up and prepare for God’s plan for his life. Nazareth held significance in Jesus’ upbringing and would become a central location in his ministry.

Jesus’ Upbringing in Nazareth

Growing Up in Nazareth

Jesus spent his formative years growing up in Nazareth. It was in this town that he experienced childhood, family life, and the ordinary routines of daily living. Nazareth shaped Jesus’ character and provided a foundation for his future ministry.

Preparing for God’s Plan

During his time in Nazareth, Jesus was being prepared for the purpose that God had planned for him. He likely received teachings from his parents and was involved in the local community. As he grew older, Jesus developed the qualities and skills needed to fulfill his mission.

Jesus’ Amazing Future

The upbringing in Nazareth was a crucial part of Jesus’ journey. It laid the groundwork for the incredible future that awaited him. Jesus’ time in Nazareth prepared him for the ministry that would impact countless lives and ultimately lead to his sacrificial death and resurrection.

Lessons and Symbolism

Faith and Obedience

The story of Jesus’ birth and the wise men teaches the importance of faith and obedience. The wise men followed the star with faith, believing that it would lead them to the newborn King. Joseph and Mary, guided by divine warnings, displayed obedience in their actions, trusting in God’s plan and protection.

Worship and Honor

The wise men’s worship and honor shown to Jesus through their gifts reflect the importance of honoring Jesus as the King of Kings. Their act of worship symbolizes the reverence and adoration that should be offered to Jesus, recognizing his divine status and significance.

Protection and Guidance

Throughout the story, God provided divine protection and guidance to Joseph, Mary, and the wise men. This serves as a reminder of God’s faithfulness and his commitment to those who trust in him. The story emphasizes the importance of relying on God’s guidance, knowing that he is always there to lead and protect.


The Story of Christmas

The story of Christmas, with Jesus and the wise men, holds significant meaning and serves as a reminder of God’s plan for salvation. It is a story of faith, obedience, worship, and divine protection. The birth of Jesus marked a turning point in history and set the stage for his future ministry and sacrificial death.

Jesus, the Wise Men, and God’s Plan

Jesus, the Son of God, entered the world as a baby, born in a humble setting. The wise men, guided by a star, journeyed to find him and worship him. Their encounter with Jesus had profound implications, as they presented him with gifts fit for a king. Through divine warnings and guidance, God protected Jesus and his family, ensuring that his purpose would be fulfilled.

The story of Christmas reminds us of the incredible love and grace that God showed to the world through the birth of Jesus. It is a story that continues to inspire and bring hope to people of all ages and cultures. May we cherish and celebrate the story of Christmas, as we recognize the significance of Jesus and his role in God’s plan for salvation.

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