Endless Light – Hillsong Worship

There’s a song that has captured the hearts of many and continues to resonate with its powerful message. “Endless Light” by Hillsong Worship is a beautiful expression of love and adoration for the Savior. Released as part of their album “Cornerstone” in July 2012, this song reminds us of the immense love that Jesus has for us. From the highest throne to the earth below, He laid down His life for us, and His love is truly great. The lyrics take us on a journey of proclaiming His glory and the hope He brings to every heart. With heartfelt melodies and powerful lyrics, “Endless Light” is a powerful anthem of worship that will surely lift your spirits and inspire you to live for His glory. So join the chorus and let His name be lifted higher as you sing praises to the Lord of endless light!


Welcome to this article, where we will dive into the lyrics of the song “Endless Light” by Hillsong Worship. This powerful worship song is featured on their album “Cornerstone” and was released in July 2012. Throughout this article, we will explore the background of the song, the artist behind it, and the powerful messages conveyed in the lyrics.


Release Date

“Endless Light” was released in July 2012 as part of Hillsong Worship’s album “Cornerstone.” This album marked a significant moment for the band and their journey of creating uplifting and heartfelt worship music. With its release, “Endless Light” quickly became a favorite among listeners and a staple in worship services around the world.


The album “Cornerstone” features a collection of worship songs that aim to inspire and uplift listeners. Each track on the album showcases the talented musicians and heartfelt lyrics that Hillsong Worship has become known for. The album captures the essence of worship and creates an atmosphere where listeners can connect with God on a deeper level.


Hillsong Worship is a well-known Christian music group that originated from Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. This talented group of musicians and worship leaders has been creating powerful worship songs for decades. They have become influential figures in the Christian music industry and have inspired countless individuals through their music.

Verse 1

From the highest throne

The lyrics of “Endless Light” begin by describing the incredible sacrifice made by Jesus. The imagery of the highest throne represents the majesty and glory of God. It reminds us of Jesus’ divinity and the exalted position He holds.

To the earth below

The lyrics then bring our attention to the profound act of humility displayed by Jesus. Despite His exalted position, He chose to come down to earth and dwell among us. This highlights His great love for humanity and His willingness to bridge the gap between God and humanity.

You laid down Your life

The lyrics emphasize the gravity of Jesus’ sacrifice by stating that He laid down His life. This selfless act demonstrates His immense love for us and serves as a powerful reminder of His redemptive work on the cross.

Great Love

Great is the love of the Saviour

The lyrics emphasize the greatness of the love that Jesus has for each and every one of us. His love surpasses all boundaries and is unwavering. It is this love that compels us to respond and worship Him.

From a wounded heart

The lyrics acknowledge the pain and suffering that Jesus experienced during His crucifixion. Despite the wounds He endured, His love remained steadfast and unyielding. It is through His wounds that we find healing and restoration.

To a life made whole

The lyrics remind us that through Jesus’ sacrifice, we are offered the opportunity to experience wholeness and restoration. His love has the power to heal us both spiritually and emotionally, bringing us into a state of completeness.

Every human heart

The lyrics highlight that Jesus’ love is not limited to a select few but is available to every human heart. No matter who we are or what we have done, His love is all-encompassing and available to all who seek it.

Chorus 1

Lord of endless light

The chorus proclaims Jesus as the Lord of endless light. This imagery emphasizes His divine nature and the eternal radiance that emanates from Him. It is through His light that we find hope, guidance, and purpose.

Let Your glory shine forever

The lyrics express a desire for Jesus’ glory to shine forever. When we worship and praise Him, His glory is magnified and made evident in our lives. It is through Him that we can find true and lasting fulfillment.

All the earth

The lyrics acknowledge that Jesus’ glory is not limited to a specific group of people. It is meant to be experienced and proclaimed by all the earth. His love and light have the power to transform lives and bring about change on a global scale.

Will sing Your praise

The lyrics express the collective response of all creation to worship and praise Jesus. When we recognize His greatness and respond in worship, it draws us closer to Him and brings glory to His name.

Verse 2

From the mountain heights

The lyrics draw our attention to the vastness of creation and the handiwork of God. From the highest mountain peaks to the deepest valleys, we can see evidence of His creativity and power. It is a reminder of His sovereignty and control over all things.

To the valleys low

The lyrics continue to emphasize the diverse landscape of creation. The valleys represent the moments of struggle and hardship that we face in life. However, even in the lowest valleys, we can find hope and assurance in Jesus’ presence.

All created things

The lyrics remind us that everything in creation has a purpose and reflects the glory of God. From the smallest creatures to the grandest landscapes, each part of creation testifies to His greatness and creativity.

Given life to show

The lyrics highlight that creation serves as a testament to God’s goodness and love. Through the gift of life, we are able to experience the beauty and wonder of His creation. It is a reminder to cherish and care for the world around us.

Living for Glory

Jesus we live for Your glory

The lyrics express a heartfelt desire to live our lives for the glory of Jesus. When we align our lives with His purpose and seek to honor Him in all that we do, we can experience true fulfillment and joy.

From the rising sun

The lyrics remind us that each new day is an opportunity to live for Jesus’ glory. From the moment the sun rises to the stillness of night, we are called to live in a way that honors Him. Every waking moment is an opportunity to worship and serve Him.

To the still of night

The lyrics acknowledge the importance of rest and stillness in our lives. Even in the quiet moments, we can find solace and draw closer to Jesus. It is a reminder that worship is not limited to specific times or places but can be woven into every aspect of our lives.

Every waking moment

The lyrics emphasize the continuous nature of our worship and devotion to Jesus. Our lives are meant to be lived in a way that reflects His goodness and love. It is through our daily actions and interactions that we can point others towards Him.

Chorus 2

Hope of every heart

The lyrics declare Jesus as the hope of every heart. In a world filled with uncertainty and pain, He offers a source of hope and assurance. It is in Him that we find true peace and comfort.

Let Your name be lifted higher

The lyrics express a desire for Jesus’ name to be exalted and glorified. When we acknowledge His greatness and proclaim His name, His influence and impact are magnified. His name has the power to bring about transformation and change lives.

All our hearts

The lyrics emphasize the collective response of all believers in lifting up Jesus’ name. When we join together in worship and praise, it creates a powerful atmosphere for encountering His presence.

Will sing Your praise

The lyrics highlight that our praise is not limited to a particular setting or time. In all circumstances and seasons of life, we are called to sing His praise and acknowledge His goodness. It is through our worship that we can experience a deeper connection with Him.


God be exalted

The lyrics express a desire for God to be exalted in every aspect of our lives. When we prioritize His glory and seek to honor Him in all that we do, we can experience His presence in a profound way.

In everything

The lyrics emphasize the all-encompassing nature of our worship. Our entire lives are meant to be an act of worship and devotion to God. It is in the ordinary and mundane moments that we can bring glory to His name.

We live for Your glory

The lyrics reiterate the central message of the song – living for the glory of God. When we align our hearts and actions with His purposes, we can experience a sense of purpose and fulfillment that surpasses anything the world has to offer.

Live for Your glory

The lyrics encapsulate the essence of the song, reminding us of our ultimate purpose – to live for God’s glory. Our lives are a reflection of His love, and when we live in a way that honors Him, we can impact the world around us.


“Endless Light” by Hillsong Worship is a powerful worship song that calls us to recognize Jesus’ sacrificial love and live our lives for His glory. The lyrics remind us of His majesty, love, and the transformative power of His presence. As we reflect on the words of this song, may we be inspired to live in a way that brings glory to His name and proclaims His love to the world.

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